CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5478th Co. Camp Gasquet
Crescent City, CA
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

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Names History
Adams, Felton W.
Adams, Marvin O.
Adams, N. J.
Allred, Clinton
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, William F.
Asbell, C. E.
Askew, C. L.
Ayers, Morris W.
Barton, Claude
Beasley, Bennie L.
Bennett, H. D.
Bohannon, Buck
Booth, Clayton F.
Brake, Arvle R.
Bray, Preston
Bright, James A.
Brown, Llloyd
Bryant, J. L.
Bryant, Parker
Bunday, C. W.
Burnham, J. S.
Calloway, F. P.
Campbell, Vern
Capps, Bradley H.
Carroll, Earl
Carroll, J.
Carter, Arthur
Clements, Hubert
Coker, Paul D.
Coleman, Alfred E.
Collings, Maurice M.
Comerford, Ray
Conn, Carl
Costanza, Sam L.
Crittenden, Albert
Crosby, Cecil
Cushman, Jodie
Daniel, W. Ezra
Daugherty, Roy
Davis, Alto
Davis, Charlie
Dollahite, James V.
Downing, Billie E.
Downs, Raymond
Edgar. Grady
Evans, Alfred
Evans, D. L.
Farmer, Monroe
Farmer, W. D.
Feely, Hugh
Fuller, Warren E.
Futch, John D.
Gardner, Fred
Gardner, Kenneth
Garner, L. B.
Gaylard, Walter J.
George, John A.
Grantham, S. R.
Gray, Walter R.
Green, Roy
Griggs, Claude
Hammock, Eldon
Hancock, Robert
Hendrix, Lee
Henson, Bernard J.
Hines, William J.
Hobbs, G. B.
Hodges, W. J.
Hopper, Willis
Huggins, Sterlin H.
Hurst, Arley A.
Hurst, Thomas
Jackson, J. A.
Jenkins, J. R.
Jernigan, Raymond
Johnson, Gearlie
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, R. S.
Jones, A. B. Jr.
Jones, Cecil D. 
Jones, H. H.
Jones, Jewell
Kafer, C. J.
Kemp, Julius
Kemp, T. J.
Kirkland, M. G.
Knowles, Everett L.
LaMar, Andrew W.
Lambert, Houston
Land, Earl
Land, Haywood
Leibisch, Manfred
Love, A. W.
Mallett, Walter 
Marler, William
Marshall, Clarence
McBrayer, N. L. 
McCall, Clarence 
McCormick, Tom
McCoy, William
McDuffie, Roy
McGlammery, Beecher
McNeely, O. A.
Meadows, William H.
Medlin, Woodrow
Mercer, John D.
Missing, Earl
Moore, Hoyt E.
Morrell, S. W.
Morris, W. H.
Mull, Clinton
Murray, H. H.
Nelson, James
Oneal, C. W.
Porter, Luther
Powell, T. Jay
Price, William B.
Queen, Ross
Quinton, L. R.
Rhodes, Frank
Richardson, J. E.
Rowbotham, H. J.
Rowe, Sanders B.
Schneider, John
Shirley, Sam
Shultis, Rodney N.
Simmons, Jewel
Simoneaux, A. J.
Staten, William
Stewart, Willis
Strickland, Ephriam
Taylor, Levi
Vernon, C. K.
Ward, Ernest
Watson, H. E.
Watson, John C.
Wilson, Caldwell
York, Chester J.
 Company 5478 was organized in October, 1936 at the Conditioning Camp at Fort McPherson, Georgia with 14 members. The company was founded for the purpose of service in the Third Corps Area. Capt. Farish C. Chandler was assigned as the Commanding Officer, and Second Lieut. Gordon S. Justus as Junior officer.

 After a thorough conditioning, the company strength at 150, on October 23, was ready for movement to the Third corps Area.  Their work projects carried on were mainly truck trail construction, building and maintaining a public park.

 On September 28, 1937, orders were received that the company was to be transferred to the Ninth Corp Area, and preparations ere made for the move. The home of the company for the next six months was to be historical Gasquet, near the shore of the Pacific, in Northern California. Lieut. James V. Dollahite joined the company as Junior Officer on October 7, 1937, one day before the company moved West.

 One hundred and three members entrained at Happy Creek, Virginia, October 8, 1937, and in the course of the trip passed through fifteen states. The elapsed time was six days.

 Arriving at Grants Pass, Oregon, the company was transported to Gasquet and took over the camp,F-18, as Company 709 (disbanded) was moving out. Barracks were assigned, property moved in, and the orientation process begun.

 The opportunity to make the trip, that lacked only two hundred miles of being coast to coast was one that is given to but few. It was of great educational value, and here the men found a land rich in new experience, customs and types of work. The West, land of hardy pioneers, the Ď49ers, was vast in extent and raw materials.

 Work on the projects was begun the week following the arrival at Gasquet. The main jobs, a which the men occupied themselves, were construction of roads, erection of crew cabin and P. A. Office at Gasquet Ranger Station, landscaping and wall building, razing of Gold Beach CCC buildings and finishing the Gold Beach Ranger Station.

 Less than two weeks after the company had settled in its new surroundings, 64 more enrollees from the Fourth Corp Area arrived. These men had signed for service at Fort Benning, Georgia. 
 At camp an ambitious program of rebuilding has been undertaken to make the place more comfortable. Barracks are refloored, roofs repaired, workshops rebuilt and new equipment installed. A new recreation hall is nearing completion.

 Not alone with work have the men themselves been busy and hapy, but with the educational and recreational opportunities afforded them. All the hobbies dear to the hearts of the CCC boys, arts and crafts, movies, job training and vocational skills, the three Rís, citizenship, mountains near camp, the coast, the rivers, the redwoods, all go to make up the all-around development of health, mind and chacter so desirable in a useful citizen.
 And last, but not least, the country here will be a lasting testimony to the sincerity of their efforts. (as related in the camp history notes)

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