CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
3431st Company Camp Gunter
Drain, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Alexander, Hoyt
Allred, Clinton
Andrew, Earl V.
Andrew, Grant
Barrett, Vaughn
Beasley, Bennie
Beavers, Elisha
Blaylock, Arnold
Bloodworth, Thomas
Boyd, Lawrence L.
Brackett, Fred
Brawley, Jay
Brawley, Mark
Brown, Clarence
Brown, Troice
Bruce, Frank
Burke, Jimmie
Cadle, Clarence
Caldwell, Hugh
Cantrell, Boyd
Cantrell, Hugh
Cantrell, William
Canup, Clyde
Carroll, Roy
Carroll, Trammell
Carter, Ira
Carver, Joseph
Clements, Hubert
Coker, Paul D.
Corn, Merlet
Crosby, C.
Crosby, E. H.
Davenport, Fred
Dickerson, John
Dingler, Melvin
Dooley, Carroll
Douglas, Earl
Duncan, Arvil
Edalgo, Talmadge
Ensley, Arthur
Erwin, John
Evans, Alfred
Fain, Hoyt
Faulk, Jeff
Fox, Ralph
French, Willie
Fuller, Ernest
Gandolph, Leo
Garland, James
Garrison, Emory
Gayton, William
Gee, Elmer
Gibson, Ralph
Gilliam, Hobert
Green, Samuel
Hamrick, C. C.
Hancock, Robert
Hembree, Quinton
Hill, Fain
Holder, Loyd
Holt, Theodore
Honea, Furman
Hughes, Buster
Hull, O.
Human, Noah
Huskey, Cecil
Hutson, Jay E.
Ingram, Will
Isaacs, Robert
Jackson, Lee
Jessup, Cadwell
Johnson, Buster
Johnson, Charlie
Johnson, Gearlie
Jones, Harold
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Jewel
Justus, Glenn
Kaylor, Samuel
Kelley, Paul
Key, Winston
Kinser, William
Lanagan, H. V.
Lance, Auborn
LeRoy, Warren S.
Lindsey, Richard
Long, C. J.
Maxwell, J. D.
Mayne, Eugene
McBurnett, Joseph
McClure, Walter
McCoy, Ivan
McKensie, James
McMichael, Carl
Miller, W. L.
Mize, Joe
Mortimer, C. H.
Mullinax, Paul
Nelson, Cecil
Nicholson, Dewey
Olson, W. O.
ONeal, Chas. W.
Orton, Gober
Owenby, Arthur
Parks, Hugh
Patterson, Jesse
Payne, Leonard
Payne, Lush
Pendley, Dillard
Petty, B. M.
Phillips, Dorsey
Pinyan, Hugh
Pope, Lenore
Popham, Albert
Porter, Luther
Powell, T. J.
Price, William
Queen, Ross
Quinton, Lawrence
Rainey, John 
Rainwater, Lawrence
Ray, Vinson
Richards, Howard
Rogers, Woodrow
Royston, Grover
Self, Jay B.
Shepherd, James
Sikes, John D.
Smith, Felder
Smith, Worth
Soesbee, Grady
Souther, Hubert
Starnes, Homer L.
Stewart, Leemar
Talley, Howard
Thomas, Fred
Thomas, Willie F.
Tracer, Aden A.
Trippe, William
Wakefield, Lawrence
Walters, Glen
Walton, Paul
Watkins, Floyd
Wheeler, James
White, Warren
Williams, Ernest
Wilson, H. S. Jr.
Wimberely, Windell
 Company 3431 was organized August 14, 1935, at Higdons Store, Georgia, in the Fourth Corps Areas’ District “BP with headquarters at Fort McPherson. Twenty-five South Carolina men and 128 Georgians under the command of Lieut. Geo. C. Benton made up this original company.

 Camp was located in the Cherokee National Forest, which was later changed to the Chattahooochee National Forest. Forty-eight Georgia men joined the company August 23rd, to bring the organization to full strength.

 There were no hardships to encounter during the early months of company 3431, as all buildings were new with a complete set of new equipment. Eating out of mess kits for the first few months was the most unhomely-like discomfort encountered.

 On October 15, Lieutenant Benton was relieved as Company Commander by Capt. Clarence R. Trotter. Road construction was the main work on the project during the winter months, under the direction of Mr. J. A. Abercrombie, Project Superintendent.  Captain Trotter served his tour of six months’ duty and was relieved by Lieut. Virgil Comer, March 15, 1936.

 During the summer of 1936, much attention was turned to the baseball team, which won second place in the Cherokee CCC League.

 Lieutenant Comer was relieved September 24, 1936, by Lieut. Marseille Boullement who was in command until March 24, 1937, being replaced by Lieut. Lawrence L. Boyd, who later gained his captain’s commission and is still commanding the organization.

 Project Superintendent Abercrombie, who had been with the company since it was organized, was replaced by Mr. Nat Hancock on July 8, 1937.

 Twenty-six months stay of Company 3431 at Higdons Store, Georgia, resulted in twenty miles of new road building, thirty-five miles of telephone lines, one game warden dwelling, besides considerable timber survey, trees planted, bridge building, lake surveying, and planting of fish and game.

 Men of this organization were conquerors of several forest fires during fire season, also two of the members were sent to the flooded area as relief truck drivers in the spring of 1937.

 On August 15, 1937, the company was awarded a Blue Flag as the outstanding camp in its sub-district, and was still flying the flag when transferred to the Ninth Corps Area October 12th.

 Company 3431 arrived at Drain, Oregon, October 16, 1937, and became the tenth organization to occupy Camp Gunter GF-1. Its main work for the winter will be road construction. Previous companies at this site have constructed the following: 21 miles horse trial, 20 miles of truck trail, 75 miles telephone, 13 bridges (average length of 40 feet), one 100-foot lookout tower, and a warehouse and a crew house for the Douglas County Fire Association.

 The present staff of Company 3431 in its new location, Camp Gunter, Drain, Oregon, follows: Captain Boyd, Commanding; Lieut. Stephen Hanson, Junior Officers; Capt. Earl V. Andrew, Camp Surgeon; Edgar B. Grimes, Educational Adviser; E. H. Crosby, Project Superintendent, and Leo Gandolph, Henry Lanagan, Charlie Mortimer, William Olson, Clifford Crosby, Oscar Hull, Robert Isaacs, and Aden Tracer, Technicians.


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