CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5470th Company Camp Klamath
Merrill, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Adams, John W.
Albert, Johnnie
Allen, Raymond
Andrew, Earl V.
Bailey, Harry
Bailey, James
Bailey, Tillman
Bair, Cecil
Baker, Cecil
Barbour, Balton
Barden, Floyd
Barlow, James
Barrow, Billy
Barrow, Lester
Beck, Charles
Beck, John
Belger, Marvin
Bell, David
Bell, James
Benton, George C.
Berry, Ottis
Bilbo, Broadus C.
Bishop, Jessie
Black, Thomas
Boyd, Lewis
Brooks, Cosby L.
Brooks, Virgil
Browne, Wilton
Bryson, Robert H.
Burch, Grady
Burgess, Loyd
Campbell, Newton
Carnley, Walter
Carter, Milton
Cherry, John
Cogdell, Walter
Crews, Herman
Crooks, John B.
Crowley, Jule
Culbreth, Howard
Currie, Malcolm
Daniels, Oliver
Davis, Heston
Davis, Rubin
Davis, Walter
Davis, Woodrow
Daw, Clyde
Dennard, Charles A.
Duncan, Ernest
Echols, Elliott
Edgil, Lonnie
Eiseman, Jack
Forester, Williard
Gay, Barney
Glenn, Jack
Gonzalez, Harry L.
Goodwin, Donald
Graham, Robert
Gravley, Richard
Griffin, Donald
Hall, Edward
Hamm, Robert
Hanan, W. Frank
Harris, Ellis
Harrison, James
Hite, John L.
Hodges, Enoch
Hollingsworth, Ercelle
Hubbert, Ellis
Jackson, Sylvester
Jernigan, Marion
Johnson, James D.
Johnson, Willie
Josey, George
Kay, Francis
Kersey, Gordon
Kornegay, LaMont
Lacock, Thomas
Lane, Billy
Langell, Fred C.
Leach, Walter
Lehman, Dick
Loomis, Gailord M.
Mann, Louis
McGraw, Romie
McLeod, Joseph
Medlin, Joseph
Mellichamp, Robert
Miller, Carl
Minter, Luther
Moore, Leonard
Moss, Louis
Newsome, Faires
Nichols, Luther
Oakes, Ronald W.
Ouzts, Albert
Parker, J. C.
Pauley, Gilbert
Payne, Bill
Pearce, John
Phillips, Wash
Porter, I. H.
Poulson, William R.
Powell, Roy
Randall, David
Rich, John
Robinson, James D.
Ross, John F.
Rourk, Norman
Sapp, William A.
Sewell, Alton
Sims, Samuel
Slaughter, Woodrow
Smith, Clarence
Smith, David
Smith, Freeman
Smith, Robert
Sowell, Louis
Sparks, Lee G.
Speer, Henry A.
Speigner, Jack
Spence, James
Spooner, John
Stewart, James
Stone, Herbert F.
Stone, Roy
Thomas, Henry
Tindle, Wesley
Tinney, Clarence
Turner, Elmer
Tuten, John
Varn, Albert
Walker, Milton
Walker, Percy
Walker, Randolph
Walker, Walter
Waters, Menzy
Wells, Woodrow
Wheeler, Hardin A.
Whitty, James
Wickstrom, Milledge
Wilkins, Charles
Williams, Carl D.
Williams, Edward
Williams, Edward L.
Williams, Harry H.
Williamson, Leamon
Williamson, Silas
Willis, Dewey
Wilson, Bruce
Wood, Wade
Woods, John W.
Workman, Dever
Wright, Wallace
Yawn, Drew W.
York, Thomas W.
Zajac, Joseph

 Company 5470 was organized October 6, 1936, when 141 tired and train-weary young men arrived at Fort Bragg, N.C. During the following few days the enrollees were busy drawing clothing and equipment and erecting tents for other men due to arrive later. During the 14 days that the men remained in the conditioning camp, there were many rumors of the transfer to Pennsylvania.

 Finally on October 20, 1936, the entire personnel of the company entrained and began the long journey to Clearfield, Pa., where they arrived on October 21. The group was met by the personnel of Company 1380, which had formerly occupied Camp S-118 to which Company 5470 had been assigned.

 After the arrival of the company, the enrollees encountered discouraging weather which added to the confusion of organizing an entirely new company made almost completely of new enrollees.

 Although the camp has been concerned chiefly with the building of forest roads for fire protection and is maintaining 50 miles of roads for such purposes, other constructive wok was also carried on.

 Enrollees were engaged in stand improvement, which necessitated cutting down and burning dead species of lumber. Through such activity 375 acres have been liberated to superior species which were being suppressed by inferior ones. In carrying on roadside clean-up members of the company gathered and burned all the debris as far as 50 feet on both sides of the road.

 Another project the members of the company engaged in was on the cleaning of land areas for planting. All debris from previous forest fires, dead trees and standing snags were cut, burned and prepared for new planting. A total of 130 acres has been cleared and a total of 375,000 trees planted. In addition stream improvement wok was also carried on to provide more food and protective shelter for fish. Three miles of such improvement have been completed along Sanderís Run. Two types of dams, The Deibler and Boulder, have been constructed. The former consists of poles and its chief object is to provide shelter while the Boulder Dam is made from rocks and is used to retard the velocity of stream flow and to make shelters.

 One 65-foot steel flag pole was erected by the company with an electric light on top which illuminated the camp area at night. And many other improvements were made which made the camp outstanding.

 On October 9, 1937, Company 5470 was transferred to the Ninth Corps Area and arrived at Camp Klamath BR-41, Merrill, Oregon, and on October 14, 1937. The group was met by the personnel of Company 568, which had formerly occupied Camp Klamath BR-41.

 The enrollees are engaged in reclamation work which consists of irrigating the land, building irrigation ditches, constructing bridges and water control structures, eradication of poisonous and noxious weeds, constructing roads, fighting forest fires, repairing breaks in canals and laterals to protect crop lands from water destruction. 

 The members of Company 5470 represent the states of the southeast of the United States, namely, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

 Camp life is proving most beneficial to the entire enrollee personnel. Opportunities educationally, recreationally, and vocationally are afforded in the daily routine of camp life.

 Capt. Broadus C. Bilbo, Commanding Officer, has been with the company since its organization.

 Staff: Capt. Broadus C. Bilbo, Inf.-Res., Commanding; First Lieut. George C. Benton, QM-Res., Transportation Officer; Mr. I. H. Porter, Project Superintendent; Mr. William R. Poulson, Educational Adviser.

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