CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
3507th Company Camp Lava Beds
Merrill, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Allen, I.
Allman, Fred
Anderson, Harry
Banik, Justin
Barnett, George
Bishop, Arthur
Blankenhorn, Fred
Blanton, Thomas
Blenka, Edward
Bogard, Clayton
Boyer, John
Brewer, Blayne
Brooks, Max
Brown, Alfred
Burleson, Bruce
Burns, Edison
Childers, Paul
Church, Paul
Clary, Charles
Cochran, Charles
Copas, Charles
Corbin, Clyde
Cutshaw, Charles
Danielson, John
Davis, Earl
Davis, Harold
Davis, Thomas
Devol, Harold
Dobbins, Ernest
Donahue, Gerald
Donnally, Stanley
Duff, Raymond
Ellison, William
Ferency, Andrew
Fulkerson, Milton
Goheen, Howard
Goodrich, Walter
Gray. Jessie
Gregory, Gilbert
Gregory, Leo
Grimm, Wayne
Gullet, Millard
Gustin, Harry
Hamm, Marvin
Haynes, H.
Heinsohn, George
Hensler, Donald
Hensler, Edgar
Hixon, Winford
Hoey, Russell
Holback, Earl
Inkrot, Charles
Ireland, Frank
Isreal, John
Jackson, Maurice
Janes, Ralph
Johnson, L.
Jones, Eugene
Jones, Harold
Jones, John
Karr, Bert
Kemmett, Charles
Kiner, Alex
King, W.
Kinsolving, C. J. Dr.
Kirk, Lawrence
Kline, Thurman
Kost, Wayne
Lambert, Hubert
Lambert, Ira
Lambert, John
Lavy, Willard
Lenegar, Joe
Litterholzer, John
Lohoff, H.
Lyons, Clyde
Lyons, Harry
Marlin, Henry
Matau, Alex
McCarty, Elmer
McCorkle, Delgern
McGinnis, Gilbert
McKinley, Arthur
McKinley, Arthur
McKinnis, Earl
McNerlin, Spurgeon
Meadows, Leroy
Metcalf, Raymond
Meyers, Donald
Miller, Dorsel
Miller, Earnest
Miller, George
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Robert
Mitchel, James
Monk, John
Moody, Ernest
Moreley, Lawrence
Morris, Donald
Morton, Herman
Muncy, Dill
Napper, Kenneth
Nevins, Elmo
OLeary, Richard
Owens, Edwards
Parsons, N.
Patterson, William
Pendleton, Alva
Pennell, Vernon
Perry, Emory
Pickett, Lowell
Pierce, Alvin
Ponn, John
Powell, Howard
Radcliff, Howard
Ramsey, Donald
Rawlins, Vaulthmore
Rawlins, Warren
Raymond, C. S.
Reynolds, Raymond
Ridgeway, Edwin
Roberts, Adrian
Ryan, John
Semones, Charles
Shaw, M.
Sirback, Vincent
Smith, Arthur
Sopko, George
Sovell, Clifford
Spencer, B.
Spencer, Ernest
Terry, Gerald
Thompson, John
Timms, John
Toohig, T.
Towns, J.
Turner, R.
Vititoe, Richard
Wadak, F. S,
Warnock, Carl
Wells, H. A.
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Orval
Windon, Millard
Wiseman, Roy
Wiseman, Watson
Withem, Harold
Woodrum, Leonard
Zimmerman, Frank
 Company 3507 came into existence when a cadre of 23 men was organized from Company 507 on July 5, 1935, at Camp Zaleski, Ohio. Ten days later 147 men were recruited, bringing it to full strength.

 The first home of Company 3507 was Camp Vinton, McArthur, Ohio. The men worked on various projects. Timber was cruised, a sawmill was operated which furnished lumber for construction about camp and camps of others. Over 750,000 board feet of chestnut lumber was salvaged from dead trees given up as useless by commercial concerns. A nursery was built in which various species of trees were propagated for reforestation of burnt-over areas, for checking erosion in deep cullies and steep hills. Over 2,750,000 locust trees alone were planted in the biennium 1936-1937.  Built for recreational purposes were 228 picnic tables and 26 latrines, numerous bulletins, signs and fire permit registration booths were constructed for the Wayne Purchase Unit of the Wayne National Forest.

 This model camp had city-type sewerage, water, light system, concrete sidewalks, and commercial laundry, thanks to the willingness and hard work on the part of enrolled men during their spare time in the evenings.

 Company 3507 achieved an outstanding record in such sports as basketball, track, and baseball. The company team won the Ohio District baseball championship in 1936.
 Company 3507 did very creditable service during the Ohio River flood of January, 1937. In the short time of ten hours, 120 families were moved from flooded areas to places of safety. The company members did heroic work in aiding the reinforcing of embankments on the Ohio River about Portsmouth, Ohio.

 Another service was that of searching for lost people. On three occasions searching parties were formed and rescued four people.

 Company 3507 at Camp Vinton claimed the highest wooden flagpole in the State of Ohio, the same being 104 feet above the ground. On August 25, 1936, this tall bearer of the national emblem was struck down by lightning in a severe electrical storm. Three different trees were used in its construction. Upon being repaired, it was lengthened to 111 feet by aid of steel tubing. Project Superintendent H. R. Sherwood, of Camp Vinton, deserves mention in that he was a powerful influence on the young men; one of his most beneficial activities was to secure for enrollees good paying jobs in civilian life.

 Assistant Leader Thomas Cantor, under the direction of Project Superintendent H. R. Sherwood, built a very splendid three-section exhibit depicting the work of erosion on farm land and it correction by soil conservation. This model first pictured the Ohio country at the time of virgin forests and meadows, second depicting the present-day stage of erosion and finally showed the country-side as the result of proper soil conservation. This erosion-control exhibit, received nation-wide acclaim.

 On October 8, 1937, Company 3507 left Camp Vinton to go to Camp Greenville SCS-25, Greenville, Illinois. There the work was of soil conservation service. The members of the company operated a lime quarry. The limestone was used for sweetening sour soils about the country. Erosion-control dams were built in gullies, and then fences were built about these to prevent stock from injuring the planted trees for checking of soil-waste. Another interesting project was that of aiding in the surveying of section and county lines. On December 18, 1937, Company 3507 left for sunny California to aid in the up building of the Lava Beds National Monument.

 3507th Company’s present army staff consists of the following: C. S. Raymond, AA-Res., Camp Commander; John Mitterholzer, Jr., 2nd Lieut., CA-Res., Second n Command; Charles J. Kinsolving, M.D., Contract Surgeon, and Blayne M. Brewer, Camp Educational Adviser.

 The technical agency staff is manned by the following men: H. Haynes, Camp Superintendent; H. A. Wells, Senior Foreman; F. S. Wadak, Senior Forman; J. G. Towns, Senior Foreman; T. D. Toohig, Junior Foreman; W. W. Shaw, Junior Foreman; R. L. Turner, Blacksmith; L. H. Johnson, Mechanic; H. C. Loboff, Junior Technician; W. F. King, Mechanic’s Helper; I. M. Allen, Blacksmith’s Helper; B. Spencer, Mechanic’s Helper; B. Spencer, Mechanic’s Helper; N. U. Parsons, Blacksmith’s Helper.

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