CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5483rd Company Camp Oregon Caves
Kerby, OR
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

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Names History
Alderman, J.
Alexander, H.
Allday, D.
Barfield, W.
Baucom, H.
Benton, L.
Binford, H.
Bodine, G. M.
Bonner, J.
Bowles, J.
Brackett, F.
Branch, R.
Braxton, M.
Bretherick, G.
Brewer, D.
Brogden, R.
Brown, D.
Bunn, H.
Bush, J.
Carroll, J.
Cates, R.
Chandler, O.
Chapman, J.
Christopher, W.
Cochran, G.
Cole, R.
Collings, Maurice M.
Cosson, T.
Crews, J.
Crook, L.
Cusick, J.
Daniels, J.
Davis, R.
Day, G.
Dent, H.
Dickerson, R.
Dickinson, H.
Dixon, C.
Doty, William
English, G.
Eubanks, R.
Faubin. David
Fendlason, W.
Floyd, C.
Foy, L. N.
George, A.
Gonzalez, A.
Grant, H.
Greene, L.
Griffin, M.
Hand, V.
Harden, J.
Hare, E.
Hart, G.
Hartsfield, H.
Haynes, L.
Hicks, L.
Hodges, A.
Holt, T.
Hudson, W.
Israel, B.
Jackson, S.
Johnsa, P.
Johnson, C.
Jones, C.
Jones, J.
Justus, G.
Kelly, P.
Kilpatrick, N.
Kindler, G. A.
King, J.
Lewis, H.
Lisenbee, J.
Loban, Lawrence
Lowe, S.
Mallery, Albert L.
Manning, S.
McClure, H.
McGee, D.
McKinney, J.
McMichael, H.
McPherson, R.
Miller, M.
Mitchell, R.
Muse, R.
Nelson, W.
Norman, W.
Norton, G.
Parker, I.
Parrish, J.
Parrish, R.
Pendley, D. W.
Pendley, D. M.
Perdue, C.
Perkins, J.
Pettis, J.
Prevatt, C.
Pruitt, R.
Quick, O.
Reece, T.
Regan, Chas. E.
Renfroe, J.
Riley, C.
Rivers, W.
Rudd, J.
Saxon, Robert D.
Scobey, Joseph W.
Sewell, F.
Shiver, M.
Simmons, S.
Sims, H.
Sketo, G.
Smith, G.
Smith, R.
Stuart, C.
Sweat, T.
Thames, H.
Thigpen, L.
Thomas, C.
Thompson, J. T.
Ticknor, Harry J.
Tinsley, H.
Trantham, L.
Ulrich, J. A.
Wadkins, J.
Whaley, L.
Wheeler, E.
Wilson, B.
Wilson, H.
Wofford, C.
Yates, B.
Young, T.
 Company 5483, CCC, was organized October 1, 1936 at Fort Benning, Georgia. It was made p of new enrollees from the State of Georgia, combined with a nucleus of experienced rated men assigned from older companies. Captain F. C. Buckley, CA-Res., was assigned as Commanding Officer on October 5. Shortly afterward, Lieutenant R. D. Saxon, Inf. Res., was assigned as Junior Officers. After a short conditioning period, the company left on October 22 for Camp-P73, Roxbury, Virginia. Upon arrival there, the staff was joined by Lieut. H. E. Opsahl, Medical Officer, and R.A. O’Brian, Educational Adviser. C. R. Ballowe was Project Superintendent. Mr. O’Brian was later replaced by Raymond Blackwell.

 Work on the project was under the Forestry Service and consisted chiefly of building trails and bridges, and fighting fire. In addition, a number of notable improvements were made in the camp and its surroundings. Reading room, recreation hall and mess hall were refinished and provided with new equipment. The entire camp was landscaped and a company garden was developed that added $100 to the mess fund.

 Selected as one of the organizations to be transferred to the Ninth Corps Area, the company left Roxbury October 8 and arrived at Grants Pass, Oregon, after an interesting and enjoyable trip. At Camp Oregon Caves, they took up their abode with members of Company 3873, who had just begun the renovation of the camp preparatory to winter occupation. Afater a couple of days of getting acquainted, the camp was officially taken over on the 15th, when the 3873rd Company was disbanded and men left for Camp McKinley.

 For the veterans of 5483 as well as for the “rookies” who arrived November 1, the unusual scenery and weather of Oregon provided surprises and thrills, together with some discomforts, such as working on a steep side hill in the rain. But on the whole, everyone has enjoyed the privilege of a trip to the Pacific Coast country and a visit to the “Marble Halls of Oregon”.

 The work here is under the National Park Service with H.J. Ticknor as Project Superintendent. It includes the building of trails, an electric power line and the development of parking areas in the national monument. It is expected that during the summer the company will be moved to Crater Lake National Park, where considerable construction work and recreational work is to be done. Superintendent Ticknor is serving his fourth year with the CCC, having had charge of the work in these two camps since their establishment in 1934. The other members of the technical staff are L. N. Foy, J. A. Ulrich, H. H. Powell, Wm. Doty, C. H. Reagan, D. P. Faubion, Gustav Kindler, and George Bodine.

 Lieut. M. L. Collings, Med.-Res., serves as Camp Surgeon here as well as of Company 5478 at Camp Gasquet. A. L. Mallery is Educational Adviser with a record of over two years of service with four companies in this district.

 Many major projects have been completed by CCC companies in this location and at Crater Lake, Among them are the construction of a 70-foot tunnel in the Oregon Caves; erection of Park Ranger’s residence nearby; widening of entrance roadway with the construction of sidewalk and marble retaining wall; construction of community house, comfort stations and rustic bridge in Grayback Forest Camp; remodeling of Forest Ranger’s cottage and construction of three miles of truck trail.

 In Crater Lake National Park the same organizations have built six cabins for park employees, and a comfort station in the rim area, installed drainage and sewer systems, surfaced parking area, erected entrance motifs and marked boundaries. In addition, trail building, landscaping, and general campground development have been carried on in both areas during the past three years.

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