CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5484th Company, Camp Rand
Galice, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Adams, M.
Alderman, W.
Bacon, W. P.
Bailey, H. T.
Baker, J. E.
Ballew, G.
Bargeron, S. M.
Bass, B.
Brogdon, J. E.
Brooks, R. L.
Brown, E.
Bunch, C.
Bush, C. R.
Cantrell, W. F.
Cartwright, M.
Carver, J. L.
Cauley, J.
Clark, J. C.
Cleveland, Van C.
Cloud, W. L.
Cochran, J. S.
Coldson, G.
Condrey, C.
Conner, M.
Cooper, S.
Cox, Noy
Creamer, J. B.
Crutchfield, P.
Cunningham, D.
Cushman, Willis D.
Davis, T. Z.
Davis, W. D.
Davis, J. F.
DeLoach, E. Y.
Derby, Howard J.
Dixon, G. B.
Doty, W. P.
Dozier, W. O.
Dudley, G.
Durden, H.
Eaton, J. T.
Edenfield, B.
Edenfield, R.
Edenfield, R. A.
Edgar, O. A.
Edwards, T. A.
Eunice, F.
Farmer, J. P.
Florence, L.
Foran, E. E.
Forehand, C.
Fountain, R.
Franklin, H. B.
Fryer, J. D.
Gainey, H.
Garrison, E. D.
Gilbert, B.
Gregg, W. O.
Griffin, L. E.
Griffin, C.
Griffith, E.
Hand, C.
Henderson, L.
Hendrick, R. A.
Hicks, J. W.
Hillard, J. M.
Hills, Frank J.
Hopson, S. D.
Horne, H. D.
Hunter, L. H.
Ivey, T. J.
Jenkins, S. T.
Johnson, H.
Johnson, A. B.
Johnson, B. J.
Jones, H. W.
Jones, S. W.
King, H. H.
Knight, G.
Lance, A.
Land, B.
Lanier, M.
Ledbetter, H.
Martin, W. A.
McCrary, A. L.
McGowen, P. L.
McKeithen, H.
McKendree, S. L.
McKenzie, H.
McLarty, J. S.
McLaurin, L. E.
McRae, Benjamin
Miles, A. B.
Moore, R. L.
Moore, J. H.
Morgan, J. S.
Morris, G. C.
Neel, W. A.
Neyman, D. H.
ONeal, F. A.
Parker, C. E.
Payne, L. A.
Payne, Lush
Peeples, Minor
Petty, A. B.
Phillips, D.
Phillips, O. P.
Pines, H. F.
Presley, H.
Price, John R.
Randles, Perry L.
Reeves, Ralph A.
Regins, L. W.
Retherford, C. E.
Rice, F.
Rigdon, C.
Roy, F. H.
Sanders, H. C.
Schofill, J. R.
Scott, J. A.
Scott, J. D.
Shaeffer, Christopher C.
Sivells, T. H.
Smith, W.
Snelgrove, C. M.
Souther, H. W.
Stafford, A. G.
Stansel, G. L.
Sutton, H. L.
Tate, R. M.
Tate, M.
Taylor, A.
Tennyson, K. L.
Thomas, A.
Thomas, C.
Thompson, A. B.
Tidwell, F. W.
Tidwell, W. V.
Tucker, A. L.
Ulmer, E. R.
Wakefield, L. B.
Waldrop, J. O.
Walker, H. R.
Wall, B. P.
Waller, H.
Walls, J.
Wamble, B. C.
Ward, W.
Ward, E.
Watson, R. M.
Weston, H. A.
Whitman, M. M.
Wightman, M. J.
Wilson, J. C.
Wintenburg, B.
Wirick, G.
Wooley, O.
Wooley, R. H.
Wright, A. L.
Yancey, J. L.
Yates, J.
 Company 5484 was organized at Fort Benning, Georgia, on October 1, 1936, and on October 23 was moved to Camp P-70, Fork Union, Virginia. This company has the good fortune and distinction of being one of very few companies which still retains the same officers who assumed command of a company at its beginning. These officers are Capt. L.E.McLaurin, Commanding, and First Lieut. Bernard S. Kantor, Junior Officer.

 Fork Union, the Virginia camp site, is a very old village dating back to pre-revolutionary days, and is in the midst of a very interesting section. One of its churches was built before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A few miles to the northwest is Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. Such historical spots as Washington, D. C., Richmond, Appomatox, and the “Wilderness” are within easy motoring distance of the old camp site.

 On October 8, 1937, the company entrained for its new home in the Ninth Corps Area, and after a trip of 4,001 miles arrived at Camp Rand situated in the heart of the Siskiyou National Forest. Here on November 1, the company received reinforcements of 62 men, bringing the total strength up to 167 men who hail from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Carolinas. Even Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma are represented.

 Camp Rand is located on the banks of the Rogue River, one of the famous fishing streams of the Northwest. Rand at one time the center of prosperous gold placer mining section, was named after the famous Rand District of South Africa. Even today after the winter rains bring the necessary supply of water, many hydraulic giants are to be seen washing out the gold from the hills.

 The main work project of this camp is road building, and this particular road is for the purpose of linking up other roads on the National Forest which are being built for the preservation of this vast area of “green gold”. This work is being done under the supervision of Project Superintendent H. J. Derby and his crew of experience foremen.

 The Army Staff is composed of L. E. McLaurin, Capt. Inf-Res., Camp Commander; Dr. J. S. Cochran, Camp Surgeon; Mr. John R. Price, Educational Adviser.

 The Technical Service personnel is comprised of: Mr. H.J. Derby, Project Superintendent; Mr. Benj. F. McRae, Mr. Frank J. Hills, Mr. Van C. Cleveland, Mr. Willis D. Cushman, Mr. Ralph A. Reeves, Mr. Perry L. Randles.

 The key-men of the company, at present are: A.. B. Cox, senior leader; Robert Hendrick, company clerk; Hugh Williams, supply sergeant; Richard Bailey, mess steward; Henry Waller, educational assistant; Floyd Rice, forest office clerk; Conray Thomas, hospital orderly; Kenneth Tennyson, Cecil Parker, Albert Johnson, James Bennett, Clifton Horton, and Sherwood McKendree, leaders; Frank O’Neal, Jasper Morgan, Riley Fourachrees, Albert Wright, Norris Coleman, Anderson Thomas, Charlie Griffen, Odell Wooley, Howard Johnson, H. C. Sanders, Edwin Ward, Lee Florence, and James Sschofill, assistant leaders.

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