CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
503rd Company Camp Silver Lake
Silver Lake, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Adoba, Mike
Alby, Frank
Allman, Carl
Altheide, Henry
Anders, Homer
Anderson, Robert
Ashcraft, Denny
Ault, Charles
Badger, Alburtis
Baldwin, Walter
Bandy, Raymond
Beitelschies, Franklin
Bennett, Allen
Berry, Carl
Bery, Kenneth
Blackson, Carl
Blackson, Harold
Blakeman, Henry
Blanchard, Hal D.
Bloomer, Haskell
Bokary, Frank
Bostwick, Homer
Bottoms, Albert
Boyd, Edward
Brannan, Thomas
Brown, Chester
Brumfield, Woodrow
Burchfield, Pearl
Burns, Louis
Callahan, Francis
Christy, George
Clark, Bob
Clark, Bob
Clark, Robert
Clay, Leon
Climer, Oscar
Cline, Edmund
Conley, John
Cook, Luther L.
Cottrill, Lawrence
Crutchfield, Harley
Cutright, James
Cyrus, Walter
Darnell, James
Denoy, Vincent
Donaldson, Edward
Dyer, Harry
Ellifritt, Glen
Embrey, William
Fink, Amos
Fisk, Franklin
Floor, John
Fotopoulas, Christ
Fry, Hobert
Fuller, Harry R.
Fultz, Robert
George, Norman
Glass, Birgie
Gowdy, James H.
Green, Edward
Hanna, Arthur
Hardin, Ralph B.
Hertenstein, Wayne
Hiles, Earl

Hurley, John
Johnson, Walter
Jolley, James
Jones, Cleveland
Jones, William
Joseph, Hagar
Kearns, Carl
Kimball, Ernest
Kincade, Charles
Leidel, Frederick
Lent, William
Looney, Rudolph
Lucas, Cecil
Lydon, James
Lykins, Harold
Mallot, Lewis
Matheny, Edward
McDonald, Robert
McKnabb, Virgil
McManaway, Walter
McQuary, Loyd
McQuay, Lloyd
Mechlin, Herbert
Moore, Kenneth
Morris, Robert
Murphy, James N.
Newman, Charles
Nowakowski, Casimer
Null, William 
Nunley, Harrison
OBrien, Ralph
Owney, Malone
Patterson, Frank
Patterson, Robert
Pennington, Ray
Peoples, James
Poole, Millard
Powell, Wilbur
Pugley, Clifford D.
Pyett, Jessie
Rapp, Chester
Rapp, Thomas
Register, Clarence
Rickey, Wilmer
Rife, Harold
Riggs, Ross
Roberts, Paul
Rogers, Robert
Rupe, Charles
Saltzman, Alfred E.
Sanders, Duncan
Savel, Ludwig
Schooley, Darma
Schrader, Edward
Schrake, Warren
Scott, Robert
Seese, Franklin
Settle, Carl
Shanks, Clarence
Shewalter, Earl
Shingler, Howard
Short, Earl
Showalter, Pearl
Smith, Chester
Smith, Chester R.
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Jack
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Ora
Smith, Rollie
Smith, Virgil
Snyder, Merle
Staly, Earl
Stanhope, Thomas
Stanley, Ottie
Sterling, Conley
Swift, Arnold
Swords, Walter
Tarlton, Robert
Taulbee, Merlin
Thompson, Paul
VanDyke, Robert
Wadian, George
Weekly, William
Weldon, Charles
Wheeler, Parker
Whitaker, Walter
Wilson, Ardee
Winchell, Sylvester
Wise, Gerald
Woolum, Lonnie
Yager, Charles
Zbuke, Emil

 One of the oldest Fifth Corps Area companies in the Medford District, Company 503, was organized at Fort Knox, Kentucky, April 12, 1933.

 Since that time, the company has been moved about and has seen a good share of the United States, serving in Kentucky, California, Ohio, Illinois, and finally in Oregon. It has been engaged in many interesting work projects, one of the most interesting being its present project with the Department of Grazing.

 After being organized at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the company remained there until May 21, 1933 when it made its first trek west to Truckee, California until October 15, 1933, when it returned to Fort Knox for two months. On December 3, 1933, the company set up at Camp S-70, Morgantown, Ohio, where it remained nearly four years, pulling up stakes October 8, 1937, transferring to Camp SCS-38, Edwardsville, Illinois.

 The company remained here but a few weeks, however, departing December 18, 1937, for Camp Silver Lake DG-62, Oregon, where it arrived December 22, 1937.

 The camp is one of three Division of Grazing camps in Oregon. It is engaged in many interesting projects beneficial to the grazing industry of eastern Oregon.

 Most important of these are telephone line construction for communication between grazing areas; truck tracks for the transportation of stock, feed and supplies; water supply development, which includes development and improvement of springs, with adequate watering troughs, and the construction of dams and reservoirs; drift fences to protect the grass and prevent over-grazing; the eradication of poisonous weeds injurious to livestock, such as larkspur, loco and death cammas; rodent control, which in this section is chiefly the work of eradicating the kangaroo rat, so destructive to field and grass crops.

 Besides Lieutenant Frederick Leidel, the army staff includes 1st Lieut. Alfred E. Salzman, Inf-Res. Junior Officer; Dr. Irving A. Lewe, Camp Surgeon, and Ralph B. Hardin, Educational Advisor.

 H. R. Fuller is Project Superintendent, with C. D. Pugsley, Duncan Sanders, and J. H. Gowdy as non-technical foremen; Hal Blanchard s mechanic, Car Settle as clerk’s helper, James Murphy as blacksmith’s helper, and Luther L. Cook as machine operator’s helper.

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