CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
1510th Company Camp South Fork Rogue River
Butte Falls, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Acton, Charles
Aisel, Roy
Allen, George
Allen, Robert Lee
Andrews, Frank A.
Asbell, Jesse
Baker, Charles
Baker, Thomas
Barnes, Conrad
Bastwick, Bruce
Beckwith, Acel B.
Bennett, Thurman T.
Bradshaw, Oren O.
Brannon, John W.
Brown, William
Bruce, Eldo
Brunson, Jesse
Bryant, Warren
Burgess, Robert
Burns, William
Burton, William
Butler, Willard
Buzzard, Thomas
Byers, Carl
Carr, Garold
Charnes, Wayne
Charters, Vincent
Childress, Willard
Clark, James
Clouse, Paul
Colburn, George
Cox, Bona M.
Crabtree, Reuben
Crowder, John
Crum, Isaac
Curts, Jesse
Curts, Paul
Dalbey, Walter
Darrah, Alfrred
Davis, Leonard
Dean, Robert
Dean, William
Dickey, Perry
Driscoll, Harold L.
Dulin, Lewis
Durie, Melcher
Dye, Howard
Eckles, Ralph
Espey, Laurence V.
Farrow, Kenneth
Faust, Frank J.
Feltz, Roy
Fettig, Joseph C.
Flaherty, William
Fleischman, James
Fleming, Gordon W.
Fraley, Milford
Frye, Robert M.
Fuller, Delmar
Gibson, Willard
Goodell, John J.
Green, Elmer
Gronas, Robert
Hanzey, Clarence A.
Hardsaw, Blaine
Harman, Robert
Harp, Floyd
Harpold, Orville
Hartline, William
Hawkins, Joseph
Hedges, Glenn
Heger, Roy L.
Hilt, Arthur
Hoermle, John
Hoffman, Alonzo
Hughes, Leonard
Isbell, Roger T.
Jackson, Charles
Jaggers, Edward
Jarnagin, Palestine
Jennings, John
Jennings, Ralph G.
Johnson, Earl A.
Judd, Earl M.
Kennedy, Robert J.
Kinnaman, Charles
Kinser, Eathel H.
Knear, Herman
Landers, Henry H.
Langston, Ralph B.
Lasley, Gilbery
Lee, Ralph
Lents, James
Lents, John
Lewis, George
Love, Roy J.
Lowe, Russell
Lucas, James
Malone, Robert
Mangia, Vincent
Marcum, Lloyd
Martin, John
Martin, Warren
Mauck, Byron
Mazura, Albert
McGinnis, Paul R.
McKeine, Harry
McPherson, Fred J.
Meiner, James
Miller, Russell
Milner, James
Mitchell, Vern
Monoogham, Lenord
Moore, James
Mosley, James
Nagy, Joseph
Neely, Robert
Nichols, Weldon
Pack, Harold
Parkes, Stanley
Parr, Richard
Pelfree, Emmett
Pierce, Howard
Reall, Loren
Reynolds, Chester
Riley, Charles
Roach, Raymond
Robbins, Loyd
Robe, Carol V.
Scofield, Alva B.
Shull, Ray C.
Silivan, Wilard
Sims, Robert
Sloas, Orecil
Sluss, Harold
Smith, Wilbur
Smither, Reuben
Stehenson, Earnest K
Stewart, Ernest
Stewart, Glen
Stinson, Marvin
Tendam, Richard
Ternahan, Leslie L.
Tharpe, Jesse
Timberlake, Howard
Warner, Ray
Wathen, Howard
Wilfong, Chester
Willey, Norman O.
Williams, Alva
Wininger, Carl C.
Wolfe, Walter
Woods, Homer D.
Wright, James
 Company 1510, CCC, initially took form at Fort Knox, Kentucky, on June 6, 1933, under the supervision of Lieutenant Howard, Inf.-USA. June 9, Captain Pickett, FA-USA, took command, and in turn was succeeded on June 12, by Capt. George E... Kraul. A cadre joined the company on the same day, and preparations were made for moving to Salem, Indiana.

 With the assistance of Capt. A.P.Fulton, Inf.-Res., and R.L.Goddin, 2nd Lieut. Inf.-Res., the move to Salem was effected on June 16. The company settled down in tents on the Washington County Fair Grounds. At first, preparations were made for a temporary camp but by the fall of 1933, the camp was fully established on a permanent basis. Much pioneer word was accomplished at the camp site before this point of permanency was reached. One difficulty encountered was the shortage of water supply which made itself felt, especially in the summer of 1934, when the company was forced to move temporarily to the Henryville State Forest, some twenty miles west of Salem.

 The men making up Company 1510 were in the beginning mainly Ohio men. Later, beginning in 1934, replacements came largely from Kentucky and Indiana.

 The project work at Salem had to do with soil erosion. In the beginning this work was more or less private in nature, under the supervision of the State Forestry Department. Later, it was organized under the Soil Conservation Service. Mr. Ellis Hawk was the first project Superintendent. His successors were Mr. Lester Binnie and Mr. Herbert J. Yake.

 The erosion work carried on was largely performed with the active support of the farmers of the county. This was naturally so, because their lands were benefitted by the conservation program. Being situated close to Salem, the camp also had the pleasure of close association with the various social and civic elements of the city. The marriage of several officers and a good many enrollees with Salem girls was evidence of this spirit of harmony and cooperation.

 Mr. John Densford was assigned as educational adviser to the company early in 1934. He later became supervisor of CCC educational activities for all the camps in Indiana. His immediate successor was Mr. Wm. H. Ross, who had advanced from the rank of enrollee.

 Perhaps the most outstanding incident in the history of Company 1510, was its participation in the Ohio flood relief work in the latter part of January, 1937. Capt. Louis E. Kruger was in command of the company at this time, having succeeded Capt. Carl W. Lambert, Inf.-Res., who in turn had succeeded Capt. A.P.Fulton. (The latter had taken over from Captain Kraul in October, 1933.) When called upon for flood relief, Captain Kruger dispatched all available personnel of the camp to the flooded area around New Albany and Jeffersonville, Indiana. The CCC men, with the use of ECW trucks at their disposal, hauled hundreds of people, and great deal of property to safety. They assisted in administering first aid treatment to refugees at the Salem Armory, which could accommodate 1,500 at a time. In addition, the boys took 21 refugees to camp, where they received all possible care.

 This spirit of sacrifice in the hearts of the men of 1510 had, just prior to their call for flood relief duty, been consecrated to high degree as the result of the death of an enrollee beloved by the entire company, Golden Lee Rudd, who died as a result of an air-tank explosion while he was working in the line of duty at camp.

 The men of Company 1510 were prominent in athletic activity. During the summer of 1937, they won both their sector and the Salem championships in softball play. As a result of their championship play, ten players received awards. The athletic activity culminated just as the Company Commander, Bruno G. Varnagaris, Ensign USNR, was relieved by James A. Campell, Ist Lieut., Inf.-Res.

 Shortly after Lieutenant Campell took command, the company was moved to Decatur, Illinois, on October 9. Here work proceeded on a soil conservation project until the company started it trek to Oregon on December 17. The company entrained under the command of Lyman D. Burkett, Ist Lieut. Fa-Res., with Norman O. Willey, 2nd Lieut. Inf.-Res, as second in command.

 The train trip west was a pleasant one. But disappointment awaited at the final end of the journey. Their new home, Camp South Fork Rogue River, as a long way from the city of Medford and the camp could in no way compare to what the men had left behind. It was December 21, just before Christmas. Everyone felt that Santa Claus had let him down. However, word was new and the climate one to appreciate. After a few days of personal adjustment, the keen edge of disappointment began to wear off.

 Now the members of Company 1510 look forward to new improvements in camp and new worlds to conquer in athletics and other things. They are ready to show how Indianans can do things.

 Present officers of the company include Norman O. Willey, 2nd Lieut. Inf-Res., Commanding (Lieutenant Burkett resigning as of  Dec. 31,to resume his position as County Engineer back in Indiana); Dr. L.A.Azorin, 12 Lieut. Med.-Res. Company Doctor; Leslie L. Ternahan, Educational Adviser.

 The technical staff personnel include Laurance V. Espey, project Superintendent, and the following foremen: Ralph Jennings, John Goodell, Ray Warner, F.J. McPherson, E.K. Stephenson, Ray Shull, Bert Langston, Henry Landers, and Homer Woods. And Acel C. Beckwith.

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