CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
2904th Company Camp South Umpqua Falls
Tiller, Oregon
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)
Names History
Allen, E.
Allen, M.
Baker, J.
Baker, Thomas C.
Balfour, W.
Banks, A.
Bean, J.
Beaty, D.
Bell, H.
Bellenbrock, D.
Bergstrom, D.
Bloore, G.
Bodewig, B.
Bonney, D.
Bonney, G.
Boorman, W.
Boyd, G.
Brannock, A.
Bruton, R.
Bruton, T.
Bundy, E.
Burns, B.
Byrd, K. M.
Campbell, J.
Cantrell, T.
Carr, R.
Charlton, J.
Cherry, H.
Clark, G.
Cleveland, A.
Coltrane, C.
Conklin, R.
Cook, K.
Coy, T.
Crabtree, M.
Crenshaw, D.
Crouch, W.
Crummett, F.
Davis, V.
Deets, Joe
Denny, A.
DeVries, N.
Doren, J.
Doyle, R.
DuMont, E.
Fall, M.
Farr, J.
Fetter, W.
Feyerisn, Kelly
Flaherty, N.
Fogelquist, Charles
Foster, H.
Fry, O.
Galloway, A.
Geoglein, M.
George, H.
Gibson, E.
Godsey, William E.
Golden, H.
Graham, G.
Haines, A.
Hansen, P.
Hanson, Stephen
Hardman, W.
Harris, F.
Haslam, J.
Heintz, R.
Hickey, B.
Hill, B.
Hodgson, L.
Holbrook, Walter H.
Householder, E.
Huggins, H.
Ingledue, F.
James, J.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, B.
Johnson, H.
Johnson, K.
Johnson, R.
Johnson, V.
Joines, E.
Kennon, S.
Kinoshita, Robert S.
Kirk, Glen
Kurz, L.
Leighton, L.
LuCore, W.
McAlister, E.
McNeil, E.
McNeil, K.
Meek, M.
Miller, W.
Mohr, S.
Montgomery, James W.
Montgomery, John R.
Naas, C.
Niel, J.
Noe, W.
Olson, Dick
Parke, W.
Parsons, E.
Patterson, R.
Patton, L.
Perdue, R.
Perdue, R.
Poindexter, B.
Portwine, R.
Putman, E.
Rayner, E.
Redding, E.
Reece, W.
Reimann, C.
Reis, R.
Rice, W.
Rife, R.
Rolls, D.
Rondeau, John
Ross, L.
Ryder, R.
Schreiber, J.
Sewa, C.
Sherk, G.
Shobert, H.
Silence, J.
Simmons, M.
Simpson, R.
Slaughter, L.
Smith, L.
Snyder, D.
Southall, E.
Spruill, H.
Statzer, A.
Steinbacher, R.
Stubbs, D.
Sylvia, F.
Tanzer, H.
Tapp, E.
Taylor, J.
Thompson, G.
Thompson, O.
Toler, C.
Toler, L.
True, G.
Truelove, J.
Tuttle, P.
Unden, Ragnar
Vess, J.
Vogt, F.
Wagner, H.
Walker, J.
West, E.
Wheat, K.
Whitmore, I.
Wiley, G.
Wilkes, C.
Willis, H.
Wimer, C.
Wright, A.
Wright, N.
Wright, W.
 Among the oldest companies of the Medford District stands Company 2904. It justly makes the claim of having traveled the greatest distance from home and not once returning to its home Corps. Organized in Fort George Meade, Maryland, May 20, 1933, by paragraph 5, S. O. No. 28, Headquarters CCC Fort George G. Meade, with Captain Tow, Inf. D. O. L. was in command.

 This Company 1305, destined to become a Ninth Corps Company, with Captain Tow in command, 21 enrollees from Pennsylvania, and four enlisted men from the 66th Infantry, entrained May 21, 1933, for Camp Beaver Dick Lake, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

 The arrival of 25 local experience men, natives of Idaho, and exhilarated by the invigorating air of the Wyoming Mountains, the men, fell to work with a will and during the short stay at this camp lake-shore clean-up and camp beautification occupied the time of the men.

 Relieved of this duty in June 1933, they constructed a semi-permanent camp at Crane Flats in the Baker District. Local experience men arrived during the early summer, bringing the company to full strength and the summer was spent in constructing and maintaining roads, rodent control, and fire suppression.

 In October, 1933, Lieut. L.S.Tichnor, in command of 171 Oregonians, big farewell to Captain Tow and the Pennsylvania enrollees and entrained for Camp Devil Flat, F-36, Azalea, Oregon in the Eugene District. They were greeted on arrival by U. V. McLaughlin, project superintendent, a newly completed camp and a corps of efficient foremen, many of whom remain with the company to this day.

 During the winter and summer months of 1933, 1934, and 1935, the company made an enviable record as road builders and fire fighters, upholding the traditional name of “FIRE EATERS” for the CCC’s. Not only this, but extra work and a desire to excel brought to Camp Devil’s Flat the District Flag, and by a small margin the loss of the Corps Area Flag.

 In April, 1935, the company was re-numbered Company 2904 and assigned Camp No. F-117. The local experience men, mostly of western Oregon, were reclassified as junior and one of the last L. E. M. companies makes a bow to the Juniors.

 About this time a very exciting incident happens. Mechanic George Felt, who was somewhat air-minded, with fiancé from Roseburg, flew over camp taking pictures, flapping his wings in adieu to friends of the company he levels off for Roseburg. A roar of the motor, a back-fire, quietness, he soars for a landing field above camp. Ambulance, men, stretchers and fire extinguishers make a hasty pursuit and on arrival find a badly cracked up plane, but mechanic Felt and his fiancé were making pictures of the wreckage.

 Having completed its work in the Azalea District, an advance cadre was sent to Camp South Umpqua Falls in the early summer of 1935 to break ground for a new summer home. On completion of the tent camp word was received to construct a permanent camp. By the middle of the summer the new camp was occupied and since that date Company 2904 has remained in the Umpqua Valley.

 The chief work of the company during this time has been the construction of and maintenance of roads, construction of ranger dwellings and guard stations, lookout houses, shelters and fire suppression. Always ready for a fire and see it through has been the motto of the company.

 The company has maintained a good educational program and a number of men have left the company to accept worthwhile jobs in commerce with technical agencies, during the past year ten men having been placed with technical service.

 The company has participated in various activities, having supported basketball and baseball teams in full uniforms, and contributed to the district boxing cards. Hunting and fishing in season and well planned trips to recreational centers and pots of scenic beauty have provided the men with well-rounded recreational opportunities. 

 Of the older members of Company 2904, a few remain with the company. W. E. Godsey, blacksmith; Kelly Fereisn and John Rondeau, Jr., foremen; H. O. Willis, mess steward, Ray Rife, senior foreman.


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