CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5453rd Company, Camp Wimer
Rogue River, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Akin, Clayton
Allen, Mayo E.
Andrews, Grant
Arrowood, Martin
Atwell, George B.
Barkley, Paul
Beach, Everett C.
Beard, Merritt E.
Bell, Marshall
Benifield, Tommie
Blaylock, Arnold W.
Bodenhamer, Ralph J.
Bolton, Clifford
Bookhart, Henry A.
Braswell, Charles
Brawley, Jay
Brawley, Mark
Brewer, Enouch
Brown, Melvin R.
Busbee, Hosea L.
Bush, Woodrow W.
Butts, Jonas P.
Cadenhead, Parker A.
Campbell, James M.
Caughman, John S.
Champion, Milford M.
Chunn, William W.
Clee, Robert E.
Cobb, Huber
Cole, Thomas L.
Cone, William W.
Connine, John D.
Cook, Thomas H.
Courtney, Edward D.
Crosby, Randolph G.
Currington, Robert W.
Davis, Jimmie A.
Davis, Edward J.
Deaton, Talmadge B.
Dunbrack, William F.
Erickson, Hilmer F.
Evans, Benjamin F.
Fain, Hoyt
Feagin, Oliver S.
Fink, Henry D.
Foxhall, Hans C.
Franklin, J. R.
Freeman, James H.
Garland, James H.
Garner, Joseph S.
Gee, Charlie E.
Gibson, George E.
Graddy, James D.
Green, Samuel C.
Griffen, Earl
Griffin, Leon H.
Hall, John W.
Hamrick, C. C.
Hanner, G. M.
Harcus, Mike M.
Howard, John C.
Human, Noah
Hutchinson, Homer L.
Ivey, Joseph
Jacobs, James
Jeffcoat, Sydney K.
Jenkins, Fred W.
Johnson, Charlie
Johnson, Albert A.
Keel, James P.
Keene, Emit D.
Keene, Woodrow W.
Kennington, L. C.
Kirkland, Johnie B.
Knight, Harold J.
Lang, August
Larrimore, Thomas E.
Lewis, Rufus C.
Lewis, Garrett
Lindsey, James D.
Lippian, Charles J.
Livingston, Earnest L.
Logan, Jesse K.
Long, C. J.
Long, Hugh L.
Luker, Edgar
Manor, Thomas
Mason, Cecil
Mathias, Ray P.
Messer, Jesse C.
Messer, Russel G.
Metcalf, Archie G.
Mitchell, Jefferson B.
Mitcheom, Julian
Moore, Adrain A. Jr.
Morrell, Alvin L.
Naftel, Robert L.
Nelson, John
Nowell, L. P.
Octon, G. A.
Ott, William F.
Padgett, Foy
Parks, Hugh
Patterson, Robert E.
Quick, Benton L.
Rainey, John H.
Ramsey, Alfred B.
Raulerson, Douglas
Riley, Raymond C.
Roberts, Bert Y.
Robinson, Jack C.
Rowe, Arthur W.
Sanders, James M.
Sapp, Leroy L.
Scott, Clarence F.
Slay, Willard M.
Smith, J. D.
Smith, Charles R.
Sowell, Lorenzo L.
Sparks, Curtis
Spencer, Alvin R.
Spikes, C. H.
Taft, Rufus H.
Taylor, Ray C.
Thomas, Tyler R.
Townsend, Clifford L.
Travis, James P.
Trippe, William H.
Tucker, Ralph J.
White, William A.
Willis, Robert E.
 Company 5453, a Fourth Corps Company, now in the Ninth Corps, was organized at Fort Benning, Georgia, May 13, 1936. Fourteen days were spent in organization work. Eight experienced men were selected at large, while the major portion of the company was made up of enrollees from the State of Alabama. The officers of the original company were Captain William W. Cone, CA-Res., and Lieut. John S. Caughman, Inf.-Res.

 On May 27, 1936, the company entrained for the site of Camp ANF-2 at Kellettville, Penn. The trip was made in 36 hours. Lieut. Leo A. Hellman, Med.-Res., was then attached to the company, as well as Educational Adviser George A. Snell. Lieut. J. Schluger, Med.-Res, later took the place of Lieut. Hellman. In September, Lieut. Schluger was transferred to another company and was succeeded by Lieut. H. R. Mayer, Med.-Res., who had previously been on duty at another camp.

 On October 23, 1936, 84 enrollee replacements were received from the state of Florida.
 The company remained at Kellettville, Pennsylvania, until December 4, 1937, when it was moved to Emporium, Pennsylvania, taking overstate Forest Camp s-144 Pennsylvania. The company occupied this camp until October 7, 1937, when orders came through starting them on a trip that would send them entirely across the United States. The orders designated Oregon as their next stop.

 On October 12, 1937, 98 men under the leadership of Capt. William W. Cone, CA-Res., commanding, and Lieut. John S. Caughman, Inf.-Res., as Mess Officer, arrived at Rogue River, Oregon.  State Forest Service trucks then took the men 11 more miles up Evans Creek to Camp Wimer, P-211, their new home. On October 21, 1937, 77 replacements arrived. Most of these men were from Florida. On December 15, 1937, 19 more men were added to the company from Camp Gunter.

 Campo Wimer is a State Forest Camp located on Pleasant Creek., 11 miles out of Rogue River, Oregon.

 The camp was first constructed in 1934. The first company to occupy the camp as an Oregon company, No. 964. They stayed until January 9, 1936, when they were replaced by Company 4742 from Missouri. This company stayed until October 15, 1937, when it was replaced by the present Company 5453.

 Work projects of the camp are: Truck trail construction and maintenance, telephone line construction and maintenance, lookout tower construction and maintenance, and fire hazard reduction.

 During the summer season fire fighting is the biggest problem. During the fire season of 1936 the men of Camp Wimer put in 7,266 man days of work on the fire line.

 Camp and community relations are excellent. Many local people attend camp activities, which include educational motion pictures, athletic contests, camp theatricals and a weekly talking motion picture show.

 The scenic beauty of surrounding country is a constant source of pleasure to everyone in camp.

 The chief local industries are farming, lumbering, and mining.

 The people of the community are mostly descendants of the old pioneer stock who originally settled the country.

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