CCC Tule Lake Merrill, OR
Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
1578th Company Camp Tule Lake BR-20
Merrill, OR
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)
Akers, Morgan 
Baker, Albert 
Baker, James 
Ball, Carl 
Barker, Oscar 
Barnett, Louny 
Barrett, James C. 
Beck, Neil 
Bennett, Wilson 
Bentley, Allen C. 
Berry, Cecil 
Biller, Eugene 
Blankenship, Medrow 
Bowling, Joe 
Branham, Earl 
Broughton, Chester 
Bruce, Bernard 
Bunch Earl S. 
Burchett, Clyde 
Caddell, Amos 
Caldwell, George 
Callahan, Bill 
Campbell, James 
Chesteen, John 
Coleman, Junior 
Collins, Charlie 
Collins, William 
Conley, Paul E. 
Cornett, Estill 
Cornett, Evan 
Couch, Lester, 
Cox, Arthur 
Creech, Frank 
Creekmore, John W. 
Crum, Ercell 
Cyrus, Albert 
Davidson, Carl 
Deaton, Fred 
Dunbar, Ray H. 
Duncil, Floyd E. 
Early, Cephas 
Early, Cephas 
Eastham, Arnold 
Elliott, Clark F. 
Elliott, Clark F. 
Ellis, Raymond 
Elrod, Lester 
Fields, Carl 
Flinchum, Herbert 
Ford, Stanley, L. 
Ford, Stanley, L. 
Francis, Hubbard 
Fuller, Elijah 
Gibson, Alex 
Graves, Raymond F. 
Hall, Ernest 
Hall, Ernest 
Hall, Lawrence 
Hall, Lawrence 
Harvey, Ed P. 
Helton, Hubert 
Hill, Auty 
Hill, Auty 
Hill, Silas 
Hogston, French 
Holt, Harlan 
Holt, Harlan 
Howard, Andy 
Howard, Vess 
Hundley, Homer 
Hutson, John. C. 
John, Leo P. 
Johnson, Charlie 
Jones, Floyd W. 
Jones, Herbert 
Jones, Millard 
Jones, Pleasie 
Keek, Clark B. 
Kendrick, Everett 
Knuckles, Robert 
Laferty, Floyd 
Lail, Henry 
Lawson, Gillis 
Lewis, Joe B. 
Lozier, Elmer 
Marsee, Ellis D. 
Martin, Paul E. 
Maye, Woodrow 
Maynard, Jak 
McCoy, Junior 
Miller, Henry 
Moore, Cleard 
Morgan, Sam 
Moses, Claiborn 
Mullins, Chester 
Napier, John 
Nunley, William 
Patton, Robert 
Peek, Talmadge 
Pence, Ralph 
Phillips, Edward 
Poklinkowski, Donald 
Powell, Allen 
Powell, Ed 
Profitt, Earl J. 
Puckett, Burlet 
Ray, Okie 
Reynolds, Joe T. 
Roark, Daris S. 
Roberts, Hemmer B. 
Rowe, Elmer 
Rowland, Woodrow 
Roysdon, Bill 
Salyers, Stanford 
Short, Felix A. 
Smallwood, Mitchell 
Smith, Arnold 
Smith, Austin 
Spencer, Frank 
Spiva, Emory 
Steele, Glenn 
Sullivan, David W. 
Taylor, George 
Teel, Frank H. 
Turner, Edgar 
Vansant, William R. 
Vaughn, John J. 
Walker, Ralph John 
Wardlow, Elza 
Warinner, Fred 
Warren, Edward 
Watson, Rovert 
Weddle, Earl 
White, Elroy 
Williams, John 
Williams, John 
Willis, Charles 
Willoughby, Lonnie 
Wilson, Arnold 
Wilson, Ray 
Wolf, Rudolph, 
Woodruff, Robert J. 
Wright, Roy 
York, Clarence 
Zima, Gustav J. 
Zygmunt, Stanley M. 
Company 1578 was organized as a veteran company on July 1, 1935, with a cadre of 23 enrollees from company 1562, Camp SCS-15, Madisonville, Kentucky, with Capt. Norman S. Wiggs in Command and Lieut. E.H. Druley, a Junior Officer. 

On July 3, 1935, Company 1578 arrived at Camp SP-1, Corbin, Kentucky, with its cadre and officers. The enrolled personnel of veteran Company 1578 arrived on July 24 and 25, making a full strength company. 

Camp SP-1 had been occupied by Company 509 prior to the organization of Company 1578. The work at Camp SP-1 was the improvement of the Cumberland Falls State Park, consisting of approximately 600 acres of land donated to the State of Kentucky by Mr. Coleman Dr Pont, originally of Louisville, Kentucky. 

In this park were many beautiful places of scenery. The most important was the Cumberland Falls, with a water fall of approximately 85 feet, and the only place in the United States where a moon bow could be seen. Tourists from every State in the union have visited this beautiful waterfall in the past three years. 

The veterans completed several projects started by Company 509, such as the Du Pont Lodge, which was constructed of stone and hewed logs, which has accommodations for about 250 people and is open all year. 

Captain Wiggs was promoted to Sector Commander of the Cumberland, Kentucky, Sector on June 28, 1936, and Lieutenant Druley assumed command of Company 1578. Lieut. Harold C. Gors was transferred from Buckhorn, Kentucky, on June 29, as Junior Officers. 

Veteran Company 1578 was reorganized on July 4, 1936, as a junior company, with a cadre of 22 enrollees selected from companies of the Fort Thomas District, and by July 15 Company 1578 was up to full strength. 

Taking up where the veterans had left off the junior company occupied Camp SP-1, and continued the improvement of the Cumberland Falls State Park, completing a large parking area at the Falls, about 32 miles of foot trails, several shelter houses, overnight cabins, and stone steps from the Du Pont Lodge to the Cumberland River, a distance of about sixteen hundred feet. 


Mr. Harold E. Wentworth, of Corbin, Kentucky, was the Superintendent of the Cumberland Falls State Park during the period July 1, 1935, to October 1, 1937. 

Lieutenant Walter F. Diesem relieved Lieutenant Gors as Junior Officer on October 30, 1936, and continued until September 5, 1937, when he was relieved by Lieut. Brewster C. O’Shea, who served until October 1, 1937, being transferred to company 509. Then came Lieut. Joseph S. Rodkey, who served until December 3, 1937. Lieut. Lynn A. Breece, the present Junior Officer, joined the company on December 5, 1937. 

Lieutenant Druley, Commanding Officer, was transferred to Buckhorn, Kentucky, and Lieut. Herbert S. Danner assumed command on March 10, 1937, when Lieutenant Thomas B. Caldwell, the present commanding officer, assumed command. 

During the period July 16, 1936 to September 28, 1937, Company 1578 had three different Educational Advisers. The first was Mr. William Cotttingham, of Ashland, Kentucky. Mr. Mark T. Ratliff, of Pikeville, Kentucky, relieved Mr. Cottingham on September 18, 1936, and served until March 9, 1937, when he was relieved by Arthur “Pop” Johnson, of Winchester, Kentucky. “Pop” Johnson, as he liked to be called
served until September 28, 1937. 

Each educational adviser devoted all his time to the educational program, and the enrollees of Company 1578, consisting of Lieutenant Caldwell, Lieutenant Rodkey, and 170 enrollees moved to Camp Grayville SCS-6, Grayville, Illinois, remaining there until
December 18, 1937. The work at Camp Grayville, soil conservation service,
was  under the supervision of Carl A. Lindston, Camp Superintendnet. Russell E. Rigg was Educational Adviser at Camp Grayville. 

On December 18, 1937 Company 1578, consisting of Lieutenant Caldwell, Lieutenant Breece, and 158 enrollees, departed from Grayville, Illinois, for Camp Tule Lake BR-20, Merrill, Oregon, arriving here on the night of December 21, 1937, and were meet by Lieut. Joe B. Odeneal, former commander of Camp Tule Lake BR-20. 

Company 1578 still has four of the enrollee who helped to make up the cadre of the junior company on July 4, 1936, they are :  Eugene Biller, Frank Creech, Talmadge Peek, and Woodrow Rowland. 

After getting settled down at Camp Tule Lake, with George H. Durfee, Camp Superintendent, and Frank Corbett, Camp Educational Adviser, Company 1578 is enjoying the Ninth Corps Area. 


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