CCC Hayfork, CA
Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
3854th Company Camp Peanut F-28
Hayfork, CA
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)
Andresik, J. 
Arp, H. 
Autry, V. 
Baily, L. 
Baldwin, Henry C. 
Barrier, A. 
Berry, W. 
Bledsoe, Carl A. 
Bothe, A. 
Brown, C. 
Burks, F. 
Cagle, J. 
Campbell, G. 
Cardenas, J. 
Casey, V. 
Chafin, L. 
Champion, C. 
Chapin, G. 
Christopher, Woodrow H. 
Claiborne, E. 
Clear, L. 
Cochran, M. 
Cook, A. 
Covington, M. 
Cowart, W. 
Crawford, D. 
Crouch, Tuval B. 
Dannar, A. 
Davis, W. 
Dewitt, W. 
Dixon, L. 
Dixon, Lee 
Duff, T. 
Dycus, J. 
Eggleston, G. 
Faught, W. 
Fingleman, F. 
Ford, A. 
Garrison, H. 
Gibbs, J. 
Gilley, Woodard 
Goble, B. 
Goines, G. 
Gowin, George A. 
Graves, D. 
Grinstead, Wilford 
Haga, C. 
Hall, L. 
Hammers, Eugene 
Hammons, C. 
Harding, K. 
Harris, R. 
Harris, S. 
Harrison, W. 
Hartman, J. 
Hatton, J. 
Hawthorne, H. 
Henry, R. 
Hicks, Lindsey 
Hill, J. 
Honeycutt, J. 
Irvin, T. 
Jackson, C. 
Jensen, O. 
Johnson, John W. 
Jones, J. 
Ketcher, C. 
Kilgore, L. 
Kimbley, Charles S. 
King, C. 
Lambert, A. 
Lane, J. 
Ledger, Raymond 
Ligon, Flavel 
Livingston, S. 
Lopez, J. 
Lucio, J. 
Luke, E. 
Mannin, D. 
Marsh, H. 
Martin, L. 
Martin, Luther 
Mason, R. 
McCann, C. 
McFarland, Jesse M. 
McKee, T. 
Miller, H. 
Monroe, E. 
Moon, W. 
Morrison, D. 
Morrison, E. 
Mosher, Charles 
Northam, L. 
Odom, J. 
Patton, J. 
Perry, Eugene 
Peschel, L. 
Pollard, Ebert 
Pugh, T. 
Purcell, B. 
Raleigh, Frank W. 
Rasor, C. 
Reeves, S. 
Rice, E. 
Ripkowski, F. 
Roberts, F. 
Rogers, Bill G. 
Rogers, F. 
Rose, W. 
Rose, Willie 
Ross, Raymond 
Rushing, Burtis L. 
Scafe, R. 
Scott, C. 
Scott, H. 
Scott, H. 
Scott, T. 
Sebring, F. 
Shamblin, Claude L. 
Shultz, Floyd E. 
Simmons, J. 
Sipes, P. 
Slate, W. 
Smith, L. D. 
Smith, W. R. 
Smith, Warren O. 
Snow, Douglas A. 
South, W. 
Speers, J. 
Springfield, James H. 
St.Coeur, R 
Staller, S. 
Stuart, Elbin 
Studie, L. 
Surber, David F. 
Svitak, J. 
Thomas, J. 
Tipton, Wallace 
Toney, C. 
Trammell, L. 
Tranthum, L. 
Trevino, R. 
Tucker, G. 
Venglar, J. 
Veteto, A. 
Wallace, L. 
Walters, W. 
Watson, J. 
West, A. 
Whetstone, D. 
White, J. 
Whitfield, D. 
Whitten, Fred A. 
Whittet, R. 
Wilder, R. 
Willett, C. 
Williams, J. 
Williams, M. 
Williams, W. 
Williamson, Mack O. 
Willie, P. 
Willie, Perry F. 
Willoughby, J. 
Wilson, J. 
Witt, J. 
Wolfe, John W. 
Wood, C. 
Woodruff, J. 
Young, Hobart 
Young, M. 
October 6, 1936, this company arrived from Yukon, Oklahoma, under the command of Lieut. Bruce Beesley with Lieut. Claton P. Brasswell as Camp Adjutant. Mr. James Cameron was chosen as Educational Adviser. Mr. William Kauffman was the Project Superintendent. The average company strength was one hundred and fifty (150) men during the first few months of existence. 

This bunch of "Oklahoma Wildcats" buckled down to work with a will, and soon the affairs of Company 3854, Hayfork, California, were running smoothly. During the winter of 1936, a great deal of snow fell on Camp Peanut, making it impossible for the boys to have regular recreation trips to town. However, the boys amused themselves with many indoor games and in the educational building. 

Lieut. Beesley was transferred and Lieut. Powell was put in command. Lieutenant Powell was Company Commander for only a short time, when Lieutenant Harold E. Kuhlman took command. Spring was now in the air and with a hard-working lieutenant like Kuhlman, with Ensign Chandler P. North, USNR., as Adjutant, the company soon forgot the hardships of the past winter and began to develop a fine camp spirit which carried the boys through the rainy season in a happy frame of mind. During the summer months, many recreational and educational trips were planned and carried out by Lieutenant Kuhlman, who had no educational adviser. 

In October, the company strength was augmented with replacements from four other companies, namely: Mud Creek, Panther Springs, Deer Creek, and Old Boundary Springs. Captain Russell C. Harpole was chosen as Commanding Officer. Captain Harpole was formerly in command at Old Boundary and also for a short time he assisted in getting Camp Panther ready for disbandment. Prior to that time, Captain Harpole served in the Los Angeles District. Immediately upon his arrival, Captain Harpole began a clean-up and paint-up campaign and he now has the company buildings beginning to shine. Captain Harpole also purchased a public address system, which has greatly augmented the Educational Department, as current events, music, and many other activities are broadcast, and this adds greatly to the company spirits. 

Mr. Buck took the place of Mr. Kauffman in the Forestry Department, and his place was taken by Mr. Scharschmidt. With such a fine Commanding Officer as Captain Harpole, with such a splendid Superintendent as Scharschmidt, and Lieutenant Kuhlman as Adjutant, Ted Irving and Jack Anderson as Foremen, Dr. Shubitz as Camp Doctor, Jack Vincent as Educational Adviser, and with one hundred and fifty (150) of the finest enrollees in the CCC, bids fair to becoming one of the finest and happiest camps of the CCC's. 


Harpole, Capt. Russell C. Inf-Res - Commanding Officer 
Shubitz, Dr. Simon M.  - Camp Surgeon 
Vincent, Jack H.  -  CEA 

Technical Personnel

Anderson, Jack C. 
Cafferata, Leo D. 
Crawford, Clyde W. 
Dehnhoff, Wm. A. 
Desmond, A. J. 
Farmer, Harvey 
Irving, T. E. 
Scharschmidt, Guy H.  - Project Superintendent 
Sneed, V. L. 
Waller, G. W. 



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