CCC Salt Creek
Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
919th Company, Camp Salt Creek F-351
Pollock, CA
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

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Albert, C. 
Allen, F. 
Allison, T. 
Anderson, A. 
Anderson, T. 
Bailey, D. 
Ballard, C. 
Barragan, W. 
Bauerman, R. 
Becerra, A. 
Beesley, M. 
Bennet, P. 
Berger, R. 
Bianco, T. 
Billig, M. 
Bland, J. 
Blankenship, D. 
Bloberger, F. 
Bogart, D. 
Bouvier, A. 
Bozigian, G. 
Bradt, H. 
Brooks, C. 
Brown, J. 
Broxson, H. 
Burke, R. 
Burton, J. 
Buscaglia, A. 
Byers, F. 
Camden, F. 
Carlson, E. 
Chavey, T. 
Cheney, J. 
Chorro, M. 
Cochran, G. 
Collins, E. 
Combs, L. 
Combs, L. 
Conley, R. 
Cook, D. 
Copeland, R. 
Courtn, -- 
Courtney, A. 
Covaia, H. 
Cox, O. 
Culbertson, D. 
Cutler, L. 
David, I. 
Davis, G. 
Davison, D. 
Deecken, P. 
Degler, E. 
Dewhirst, E. 
Dewhirst, E. 
DeWitt, O. 
Donaldson, D. 
Dorway, H. 
Erickson, F. 
Everson, T. 
Falk, G. 
Ferguson, D. 
Fleischman, R. 
Foster, J. 
Fox, G. 
Fritter, C. 
Garcia, T. 
Garden, B. 
Giacone, J. 
Grant, P. 
Gray, L. 
Hansen, T. 
Harrell, G. 
Harris, E. 
Harrison, M. 
Hartman,  J. 
Hayward, J. 
Hernandez, H. 
Hewlett, B. 
Hillengass, W. 
Hipple, L. 
Hirsh, I. 
Hoffman, B. 
Holt, T. 
Homeres, V. 
Houston, R. 
Hunt, L. 
Hunt, L. 
Hutchinson, E. 
Iwataki, J. 
Jacobs, M. 
Jacovina, M. 
Jacoway, E. 
Joseph, H. 
Kellog, B. 
Kennedy, B. 
Kennedy, R. 
Kollert, J. 
Kyle, W. 
Leauthier, A. 
Lester, C. 
Logan, W. 
Logan, W. 
Long, L. 
Loveless, J. 
Madison, K. 
Malito, R. 
Mareck, E. 
Mareck, E. 
Marencia, E. 
Maurice, J. 
Mayer, A. 
Medeiros, A. 
Medeiros, R. 
Merkelbach, H. 
Miller, A. 
Millino, F. 
Mitchell, E. 
Moe, N. 
Moniz, T. 
Nichols, C. 
Parfitt, C. 
Parker, H. 
Petrosky, F. 
Petrosky, F. 
Ponzini, D. 
Poulos, G. 
Prentiss, S. 
Pritchard, W. 
Raabe, E. 
Radcovich, J. 
Renner, V. 
Reven, T. 
Rodriques, J. 
Royce, B. 
Scalf, R. 
Schmolke, O. 
Schurr, J. 
Serianni, F. 
Sharon, F. 
Small, W. 
Smith, E. 
Smith, J. 
Southard, R. 
Souza, S. 
Starr, J. 
Stevens, R. 
Street, D. 
Talent, S. 
Taylor, E. 
Thompson, C. 
Van Dusen, D. 
Van Loan, R. 
Vasquez, C. 
Verngren, F. 
Walker, R. 
Walrath, C. 
Webster, J. 
Williams, B. 
Williams, B. 
Williams, H. 
Williams, J. 
Williams, R. 
Wright, H. 
Yogi, W. 
Although Company 919 is now comfortably established at Camp Salt Creek, on the Pacific Highway north of Redding, California, its most interesting achievements are connected with Camp Leaf, where it was located for so long a period. The company moved from Leaf to Salt Creek in January, 1938, and has just started to dig in on its new projects. 

An excerpt from the camp newspaper of Company 919 when it was located at Camp Challenge in April, 1935, reveals the beginning of its experiences at Camp Leaf. The newspaper reads: "Camp Challenge is slated to move on May 20, 1935, to Bray, California, in the Redding Disrict, according to information contained in the new directory. Bray is located near the California-Oregon line, about 45 miles south of Klamath Falls. Following receipt of the news, the little town has sprung into the limelight as far as local enrollees are concerned. Although Bray has an elevation of 4,685 feet, the country is not mountainous as the general level of the district is high. Hunting and fishing are good, according to one or two enrollees who have made their homes in the neighborhood of Klamath Falls. What the town has to offer socially is a question, and a movie is hoped for." 

Under Capt. Richard Cummings, the company was transferred and settled down at Leaf. Expectations as to Bray were dimmed when it was found that no movie was available closer than 30 miles, and the recreation center for Bray was at Weed, same distance. 

After Captain Cummings had begun the organization of the new camp, he was transferred and Lieut. Omar Brown was placed in command. On August 3, 1935, Capt. James N. Grivas was put in as Commanding Officer, in which capacity he has remained to date. Arthur Flint was educational adviser when the company was transferred and until the fall of 1936. Phillip Yeomans served as camp adviser until January, 1937, when Robert M. Lee was transferred and assumed the duties from that time to date. 

Doctors and junior officers have come and gone, with Dr. Henry S. Liebenberg serving for two years. Dr. Hollingsworth served five months, and before moving to Salt Creek, the company was served by Dr. Downing. Capt. Herkimer E. Adams has been with the company since July in the role of adjutant. 

Absorbing Camp Mud Creek in November, 1935; Fawn Lodge in October, 1936; Big Springs in October, 1937, and Hackamore, October, 1937; has swelled and enriched the camp roster and company funds. 

"Host of the Coast" is the title earned by members and staff of Company 919. Looking through the scrapbook we find that the American Legion of eight northern California posts held a joint installation of officers at Leaf in September, 1936. Sponsoring the first Boy Scout troop in Weed, California, is another point of pride in our record. 1st Sgt. John Bowers was picked as the outstanding enrollee of the Redding District. A "Show Me" trip was conducted for some 200 members of the Odd Fellows Lodge of northern California. This consisted of living with and partaking of the life and recreation of a CCC enrollee for one day. 

Being in the heart of the best hunting and fishing area in the state made Camp Leaf a headquarters for Ninth Corps area officials when they wanted to get away for a few days. 

One of the greatest sources of pride to the company is the fact that for 18 straight months we carried off the prize for the honor camp of the Redding District. 

Alva F. Green was project superintendent from the time the camp was occupied until October, 1936, when J. P. Davis took over the duties and has remained since then, moving with his staff to Salt Creek when the company moved. 

Actual road construction has covered more than 30 miles, while the road maintenance will shade the 300 mile mark. Telephone lines, drift fences and cattle guards have also occupied the time of the men while at work. 

The company was transferred to the Medford District Nov. 1, 1937. The present staff of officers includes Capt. James N. Grivas, Commanding; Capt. Herkimer E. Adams; Adviser Robert M. Lee; Supt. J. P. Davis; Foremen Conrad Nystram, Frank Peterson, Guy Fitzgerald, and Bill Wattenpaugh. 


Adams, Herkimer E. Capt. FA-Res. Adjutant 
Azorin, Louis A. First Lt. Med-Res. Camp Surgeon 
Grivas, James N. Capt. Inf-Res. Commanding Officer 
Lee, Robert A.  CEA 

Technical Personnel

Davis, J. P. - Project Superintendent 
Fitzgerald, Guy;  Barr, Herman 
Petersen, H. E.;  Kelly, William 
Watenpaugh, L H.; Nystrom, Conrad 

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