This genealogy data set identifies many Slade families who lived in the coastal counties of North Carolina during the mid 1700s and 1800s. The earliest and largest of the related family groups are the descendants of Henry Slade who died c 1721 in Hyde County, North Carolina.  It is suspected that many of the other families herein are also related to this progenitor, however, some of those relations have not yet been proven.  You can find them under the "Lost NC" tab above.

Some descendants of these early Slade families still remain in North Carolina, however others have migrated into South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Kentucky and elsewhere.  We have attempted to identify as many descendants as possible and included them in this dataset. We have not intentionally included details about any living person, only their names are shown. 

Several family groups are represented in this dataset.  Some are suspected to be related due to close geographic location.  Others are known to be related due to DNA test results, even though the physical link has not yet been proven.   We have identified several  "end of line" brick walls for whom we have not yet identified their parents.  You may find them linked under the "end of line" tab on the menu bar above.

Much of the information contained herein has been gleaned from public records, historical books, land and tax records, wills, census, family bibles, letters, documents, recolections of old timers and correspondence with other researchers.  This database is an ongoing project. Information will be continually added and updated as it becomes available. Readers are encouraged to contact the us with updates and changes to their family information so that the underlying database is kept current.

When a date is preceded by a 'c' or 'circa', it implies that the date is not exact, but within a few years, such as might be assumed from census age, and similar sources.  If the date is preceded with 'est' or 'say', it means that the date was estimated based on an educated guess, using any clues available.  Be aware that these dates might be off by a decade or more, and are only used in order to establish a reasonable time line of events.

The Slade Surname DNA Project provides an opportunity to verify which branch you belong to and to confirm suppositions of conventional research methods. This study has been instrumental in proving several connections in this dataset.

 Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of the people in this database or if you can add more information about any of these people or their families.