This genealogy identifies many of the descendants of Samuel Slade of Southampton County, Virginia. Spouses and spouse's parents names are also included, when known.

Almost everything we know about a deceased family member is shown. Information about living persons born after 1913 has been suppressed in respect for their privacy. Only their names names might be shown as children of their parents, or as a spouse.

A woman is identified primarily by her maiden name throughout this genealogy. That occurs when she was enumerated as head of household in a census after she was married, as well as other events. However, she will be listed in the index under both her married and maiden names.

Readers are encouraged to contact the author with updates and changes to their family information so that the underlying database is kept current. It is our hope that the database will continue to grow and will be maintained by future generations.

If you have information or pictures to add, please contact us so it can be included in the next update.

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