Jonathon's Pictures

Jonathon's Pictures

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8 Oct 2000

Just finished
hugging a sheep!
13 Oct

Sleeping in!
23 Oct

Watching model
trains go by with
Mommy & Grandpa.
25 Nov

Playing with Daddy!
New Hyde Park, NY
25 Nov

Relaxing with Grandma!
New Hyde Park, NY
3 Dec

Big grin!
25 Dec

Look at all my
new toys!
25 Dec

My new fire engine
and my good friend Alexa
25 Dec

Look... I'm sliding all
by myself!
30 Dec

Reading with
"Grandma Lois"!
Ocala, FL
14 Jan 2001

Hanging out with
Brevard Zoo, FL
17 Jan

Playing the piano
with Alexa!
19 Jan

Watching fireworks
at Disney
11 Feb

With my crazy
cousin Chris!
Rochester, NY
14 Feb

Cool hat Grandpa!
Syracuse, NY
16 Feb

Sledding with
Lake Pleasant, NY
15 Mar

Playing with Daddy!
23 Apr

My new glasses!