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Keaton Book

November 15, 1968

To the descendants of the Keaton family; The attached genealogy of the Keaton family was compiled by my father over a number of years until 1939. I have attempted to co-ordinate and edit, to some extent, the various records, but due to lack of time the account is not in as good of form as I would like. However, to not further the delay in passing it on to you, I am some copies without re-typing the changes and recording more recent data.

If you wish additional copies, perhaps you have access to a Xerox or other copy machine. I suggest you insert additional sheets of changes in your branch of the family since this record closed. If you will send me a copy of any changes you may wish to make I shall be glad to include them in a revision which I hope to prepare when time permits,

With best reguards,

Clarence A. Keaton 1645 Olympian Way, SW Atlanta, Ga. 30310 Ph. 753-6032

Atlanta, Ga. Jan. 1938

To the descendants of William Keaton; I, William Robert Keaton, present this record of William Keaton, my grandfather. I am the son of Keader I. Keaton, late, of Douglas County Ga. who was the son of Keader Keaton of Washington, Ga. who was supposedly the son of Cader Keaton of Washington or Wilkinson County Ga. At this date I have not been able to learn who the father of the first Cader Keaton, (sometimes spelled Kader, Keader) but it is supposed that he immigrated to Georgia a few years prior to the Revolutionary War. Whether he and Benoni came from one of the other colonies or came direct from Scotland to Georgia is not known, but there is known to be many Keatons in the northern states, we suppose he came from one of the other colonies

The record in the Ga. land office show that in the lottery of 1806 the orphans of Cader Keaton of Washington County drew lot #98_12th district, Wilkinson County. Charles Keaton, Wilkinson Cty. drew lot #127_6th district Baldwin County. Samuel Keaton, Wilkinson County, drew lot # 44_13th district Wilkinson County. Benjamin Keaton, Wilkinson County, drew lot #44_13th district in the lottery of 1827. Kader Keaton's orphans of Liberty Cty. drew lot #78_2nd district Carroll County. William Keaton's orphans of Washington County drew lot #14_15th district Carroll County, also lot # 189_1st district Lee County We do not know whether Kader, William, Samuel, Charles and Benjamin are all the sons of the first Cader Keaton or not, we are of the opinion that they are not, neither have we substantial evidence that Kader, who was Williams father, was the son of the first Cader, but we do know that the first Cader was a generation older than the second Kader, and we know that our grandfather William Keaton was related to William, Samuel and Charles.

Let it be known that the first Cader had orphans in 1806, therefore he died prior to that date. We know that the second Kader died between 1815 and 1820. The William whose orphans drew land in 1825-26 must have been of the same generation of the second Kader, but what relation we do not know.

Kader Keaton of Washington Cty. was the father of William Keaton of Carroll County, who was my grandfather. Kader Keaton of Washington Cty. was born about 1790 and died between 1810 and 1820, he is buried in Washington Cty. Wiliam was about 3 years old when his father died. His wife was Sarah Peacock, the daughter of Elder Isom Peacock, who served in the American Army with considerable distinction. The war records show that his services were mostly in the the Carolinas. After the war he settled either in Washington Cty. or nearby. he was born in Dodge Cty.Ga. in 1742 and died in Ware Cty Ga. in 1851 while on a visit to his grandchildren. He was an able Primitive Baptist preacher. It is not known by this writer how many times he married, but the pension records show that he married Lydia Bennett at the age of 93 years. I will take up the life of my grandfather, William Keaton, son of Kader Keaton of Washington Cty. Ga.

William Keaton of Carroll County Ga. was born in Washington Cty in 1813 from the best authority I have at hand, he was of a family of 13 children. We have no record of his father having but one wife.

The names of his father's children were:



John Never Married

Jessie Isham William 1813 1851 Susan D. Butler Celia ?? Johnson Rhoda ?? Martin Polly ?? Griffin Lydia Jim Easterling( 1st cousin ) Ann Never Married Sallie died during the Civil War Never Married

Soon after the death of their father the family moved from Washington Cty to Liberty Cty. In the lottery of 1827 drew for herself and orphans land lot #78 in Carroll county. They immediatly moved to the lot. Kader, Celia and Rhoda, who were married, came with their mother. William, John, Ann, Sallie, Benoni, Polly, Mollie, Lydia, Jessie and Isham never came to Carroll Cty. It is not known where Benoni lived but near Albany Ga. I remember hearing my father speaking of going to his home when he was a small boy.

Rhoda married a Martin and came to Carroll Cty. with the others, but did not stay but a few years then she sold her interest in the place and returned to Liberty or Tatnall County.

Rhoda's children were:

Jane, Anson, and Dicy

Polly married a Griffin and lived in Liberty or Tatnall county.

Molly married a Poppell and lived in Liberty county.

Lydia married Jim Easterling, her first cousin, and lived in Liberty county. Eld. Peacocks wife was a Easterling.

Jessie lived somewhere in south Ga.

Isham, I have no knowledge of.

Kader went to Texas before the Civil War and was never heard from afterwards. He formerly lived on what is now known as the Will Nally farm, about 2 miles east of Villa Rica Ga. Kader had two children when he left Ga.a son and a daughter. The girls name was either Polly or Molly. I remember the boy had an unusual name and I am almost sure that the Buster Keaton that is impersonated by Mr. Francis on the screen is the son of Kader Keaton. Buster's father has been shown on the motion picture screen as Joseph or Kader Keaton.

I remember my father speaking of the peculiar ways of the children. John, Ann and Sally never married.

Ann suddenly went insane while on their way from Liberty to Carroll Cty. Before they had any warning of her demented condition she siezed a flask of brandy and broke it on the wagon wheel, then began frailing William in the face with the broken piece. She was never of sound mind after that. John also went insane and they were both sent to the St. Insane Asylum where they died and were buried there.

Sallie never married and lived on the homestead with her mother until her death. She died during the Civil War. William's mother died 1867. William married Susan D. Butler of Paulding county, near Draketown