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Mary Sloan

Left a will in Iredell (or Rowan) Cty. NC Never married and resided with sister Jane Sloan Love.

Matilda N. Caroline Sloan

Matilda was Bearden's 3rd wife, there are other children not hers.
1. Census 1850: Cherokee Co. AL. Fam715 pg113 [Caroline, age18, SC.
2. Census 1860: Cherokee Co. AL. Fam612
3. Census 1870: Red River Co. Tx. [Matilda C. age 37, SC.
4. BEARS G.S. [dpom, spouse]
5. Sloan S. Mason 1997 research notes from Bearden descendant. [child]

Henry A. Sloan

10 Aug 1861, Coloma, AL. C.S.A. 19th. Inf. Co. I, Pvt and/or 2nd Lt.
Henry A. Sloan

Captains, and counties from which the companies came
Co. "I", Cherokee Rangers (Cherokee): James H. Savage (promoted to Major) .

1880: Thomas J. Adams 22 cousin w/fam 1880.
1885: BOXELDER, TEXAS. Boxelder is 71/2 miles south of Annona in
southeastern Red River County. The town was named for the trees found
along the bottoms of Shawnee and Crooked Branch creeks. Planters started
a scattered community at the site between 1840 and 1860. Henry A. Sloan
became postmaster when the office was established there in 1885.
1. Census 1850: Cherokee Co. AL. Fam715 pg113 [Henry, age ??, Ga.
2. Census 1860: Cherokee Co. AL. Fam612 [Narcissa H. age ??, Ga.
3. Census 1870: Red River Co. Tx. [Henry,age 32,
Ga. w/parents]
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5. BEARS G.S. [dpom, spouse]
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19th Alabama Infantry Regiment
The 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized at Huntsville, 14 August 1861, with men recruited from Blount, Cherokee, Chilton, Coosa, Jefferson, and Pickens counties. It was ordered to Mobile immediately. It remained there about three months, then was at Pensacola for two weeks. Ordered to Corinth, the 19th was brigaded under Gen'l Gladden of Louisiana, with the 22nd, 25th, and 50th regiments, and after Shiloh, the 17th Battalion, Sharpshooters, and the 39th regiment. At Shiloh, the 19th lost 110 k and 240 w, of the 650 engaged. Gen'l Frank Gardner soon after succeeded to command the brigade, leading it into Kentucky where it did not find the enemy. The regiment retired with the army to fight at Murfreesboro, losing about 151 k and w, about 1/4 of its strength. Thereafter, Gen'l Deas of Mobile succeeded to the command of the brigade, leading it at Chickamauga where it lost heavily, 192 k and w. There were few casualties at Missionary Ridge, and the 19th wintered at Dalton. In the almost incessant fighting from there to Atlanta, the regiment lost heavily in casualties, particularly at new Hope and near Marietta. The brigade, under the command of Gen'l Johnston of Perry, the 19th was badly cut up in the battles at Atlanta on 22 and 28 July. Losses were slight at Jonesboro. At the Battle of Franklin, the 19th lost only a few to battle wounds, but many were captured. It went to North Carolina and was engaged at Kinston and Bentonville, losing heavily in the latter affair. Then consolidated with the 40th and 46th Alabama regiments at Salisbury (with M. L. Woods as colonel and Ezekiel Gully of Sumter as lt. colonel), the 19th surrendered at that place, 76 strong.

Field and Staff Officers: Cols. Joseph Wheeler (Georgia; promoted); Samuel King McSpadden (Cherokee; captured, Resaca); Lt. Cols. Edward Dorr Tracy (Madison; promoted); George R. Kimbrough (Pickens); Nicholas Davis; Majors Samuel King McSpadden (promoted); George R. Kimbrough (promoted); Solomon Palmer (Blount); James H. Savage; and Adjutants William E. Ash (transferred to 17th AL Sharpshooters); Clifton Walker (Madison; wounded, Shiloh; transferred to Gen'l Tracy's staff); R. H. Hagood; Edwin D. Thomason; Charles G. Hale (wounded, Murfreesboro); William T. Bell

Captains, and counties from which the companies came:

Co. "A", Pickens Rough and Readys (Pickens): George R. Kimbrough (promoted to Lt. Col.); Robert J. Healy (KIA, Murfreesboro); Dyer C. Hods (wounded, Atlanta)
Co. "B", Blount Continentals (Blount): William R. D. McKenzie (KIA, Corinth); William R. Trice (resigned, 20 July 1863); Hugh L. Houston (KIA, Atlanta)
Co. "C", Jefferson Warriors (Jefferson): William F. Hanby (wounded, Shiloh)
Co. "D", Jake Curry Guards (Cherokee): William P. Hollingsworth (transferred to Gen'l Ed. D. Tracy's staff); Edward Thornton (KIA, Jonesboro); Benjamin L. Archer
Co. "E", Cherokee Guards (Cherokee): William E. Kirkpatrick (resigned, 17 Feb 62); Marvel M. Israel (wounded, Chickamauga; died, 8 April 64); Thomas J. Williamson (wounded, Atlanta)
Co. "F", Davis Guards (Cherokee): Rufus B. Rhea (resigned, 7 Sept 63); Smauel M. J. Howard
Co. "G", Cherokee Mountaineers (Cherokee): Jackson Millsaps (resigned, 31 July 62); John N. Barry (dismissed, 23 April 64); James H. Leath (wounded, Atlanta)
Co. "H", Cherokees (Cherokee): Joseph L. Cunningham (transferred to Gen'l Naglee's staff); Samuel B. Echols (resigned, 3 Sept 64; William B. Tripps; Samuel Marshall
Co. "I", Cherokee Rangers (Cherokee): James H. Savage (promoted to Major)
Co. "K", Blount Guards (Blount): James H. Skinner (retired, 1 July 62); Solomon Palmer (promoted to Major); Nathaniel J. Venable (KIA, Marietta); James K. Duffee

19th Alabama Infantry Regiment

They bore every burden : history of the 19th Alabama Regiment, Army of Tennessee, C.S.A. 3rd ed. Madison, AL : R.W. Smart, 1998 [1st edition bore title: Richard W. Smart. History of the 19th Alabama Regiment, Army of Tennessee, C.S.A. Madison, AL, 1991.
Roll and history of Company C, Nineteenth Alabama Regiment.[No place, 1904] [(Report from annual unit reunion;) reprinted, microfiche]
Company roll and a brief history of the war record of Company I, 19th Regiment Alabama Volunteers, C.S.A. [N.p., 1905?]