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This is my second page in this gallery dedicated to Derby Brown. My first page - The Derby Brown Show was constructed using photos taken when she was just a pup...about four years ago.
However, after she was diagnosed with diabetes, I posted my Killing Her Softly page.

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Here's my little pal on the drive way. Whenever outside she's always on a leash...I have one of those sixteen foot retractable leashes that give her plenty of freedom, or leeway.
Most of the time though, she's with me in the house, or the back yard, which isn't so bad...check out my Home Sweet Home page, and my Compound page.

Derby today - 10/22/01 is a well pal, though about a half-year ago she had a pancreatic attack. Ultrascans revealed her pancreas to be a solid masse...the Vet saying it was "hopeless". A second opinion produced the same prognosis.
Religion having nothing to do with it, but believing in prayer, I prayed simply, saying: "You gave me this little friend....Please let me have her a bit longer." Here she still new.
Since then, I've been ultra diligent in making sure she gets nothing but the proper dietary foods for diabetics.

This photo about sums up what Derby gets to eat.
The canned food is from Hill's, as well as her treats, and for a bit of variety, with her Vet's permission - Innovative Verterinary Diets - IVD treats.
On occasion she'll get some chicken, or an egg, mixed with cooked rice...which she loves.
Also, quite evident in the photo ( Click on to enlarge ) is the other big part in Derby's life - insulin, and syringes.

Here is something Derby will always have to contend with...her insulin shots.
Her insulin is the same as us humans get, though alot less...she is a small thing ( 17 pounds ), and the syringes are the same.
She get her "shots" at 0800, and 2000 days a week without fail. She knows when it's "shot" time, and likes to play difficult, rolling on her back so I can't get to the nape of her neck, but after a few minutes of patting her tummy, and scratching her chest, she'll roll, and present herself upright.
I have all this down to a science, and have devised a method of injecting her that's fool-proof as far as not getting the needle in too deep, or wrong, or missing altogether...she is quite furry.

Though the needles aren't that long to begin with, if one isn't adept at giving injections, or want a quick safe way of giving them, more or less "point, and shoot", I devised a simple method.
Note the two yellow objects: one shorter than the other. The short one is the long one with its closed end snipped off. Any scissor will do the job. The next photo will explain.

Clever...what? Even in the dark ( which it never is ), I can gently bunch up a bit of Derby's nape of the neck, and's done. The needle just gets below the skin, no chance of hitting bone, or anything, and I can feel it has gone in by the "guard" fetching up on the surface.
It's over in a split second, and she gets her treat. Another great thing about this "guard" is when drawing the dregs out of an almost empty vile...waste not, want not.
So...this about concludes this page, except for one more photo...the business end of this pal of mine - Derby Brown.

She's sooooooo good. Thanks to the diet she's on, she's as regular as regular can be.
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Sunset At Derby's Place

On the 8th of January 2004 at 0900
Derby Was Recalled
See my
Rainbow Bridge Page.



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