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"On The Road Again"
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Otitis Externa


Is Home Again

It's an anxious time when your pal is the hospital, especially for surgery, and you're awaiting that call that will tell you how the operation went. You hope, and pray probably more than you ever did, and when it comes, and you're told everything went fine, and your little pal is awake, and alert, you pray again...this time thanking, thanking, thanking.
That night you go bed picturing once again your little pal in her cage...hopefully sleeping...hopefully alright. The night is long, but morning comes, and the drive to pick her up is just a blur...your anticipation of gathering her up blotting out everything else.
You arrive at the hospital, and they bring her out to you...faces don't register, conversation is just noise, but her little face, and wagging tail brings you back to joyful can function once again. It's the same for your pal...her confidence in life restored, anxious to get out of there, and home.

Home After Right Ear Operation
Exhausted A Wave Of The Ear

After the one hour drive, it was just enough to find a nice cool, familiar floor, and fall asleep. Click on photo for enlargement..."Back" to Return.


Several days later Derby shows off her right ear. Click on the picture...Derby wants you to get a good look. Please Click "Back" to Return.

Home After Left Ear Operation
Food First Scrambled Eggs

No napping this's food first.
It's several weeks after her right ear was "done".


All gone...she just loves scrambled eggs.
Now it's time to be a left-side-baldy.

The Same Day
Clean Dish Overhead View

Derby belongs to the Clean Plate Club.


Note her left leg is shaved where the IV went in.

A Few Days Later
Stitches Out...Laying Nice See My New Stitches

You'd never know it...ain't that some ear?
Don't forget: Click for big pitcha!


Now it's the left ear's chance to heal.
Don't get lost...Click "Back".
Tee hee.

Derby Is Back To Her Young Self


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We are grateful to Derby's surgeon, and the Veterinary Center for a job well done.

On the 8th of January 2004 at 0900
Derby Was Recalled
See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

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