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She-She's Coming-out

Suzy, and Dale's feasty little "darling", poses temporarily for her debut photo.

princess1 ed's boat approaching
Not all of us walk dogs....Here Ed is departing his
dock on the way to the boat yard for a bottom job.

princess2 ed's boat abeam
Ed's yacht "Princess" draws abeam of my place.

princess3 ed's boat leaving
How many times have I watched the Princess sail
away, only to have it remind me of all the times it
was me leaving for months....It's better this way.

gal2dog4.jpg Mary, Caren Mary -left, tending BoBo, and
Caren managing her Cricket, and
Cookie - Ann, and Floydds pal.
I'm trying to take the picture,
while Derby Brown keeps tugging
at the leash. It's not easy to
arrange four dogs for a photo
opportunity, but it's fun.These
four are old pals, so neither one
cared who got top billing.

gal1dog3.jpg eileen, dogsAyla ( left ), and Jondalar...Eilleen's two Pals - Black Labradors, their names taken from the book "The Clan Of The Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel. Derby Brown, and Cricket in the foreground.
Getting all subjects to look at the camera is hopeless, getting all subjects in frame is miraculous. Most of these shots are taken one-handed, while the other hand restrains a pooch.
I hope they appreciate this...the furry ones...that is.

Eilleen sadly reported the passing of Jondalar in February of 2003. See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

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