Winston Broodle Griffon ( PG )

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Broodle Griffon ( PG )
Brussels Griffon - Poodle
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The American Canine Hybrid Club

Born in October of 2003
Assumed guardianship from a Pet Store in January of 2004

These photos taken in January of 2004 at age three months

Winston is as his namesake, head strong, but friendly, and very alert.
He weighs in at five pounds...expected to reach nine.

This month - March, Winston will be five months old...we catch his profile...his jutting jaw being his strong point.

He is now nine-pounds at age 5 months.

Thursday May 27th 2004

Well, it's done. I still have mixed feelings about it, but after reading numerous opinions on the internet about neutering dogs, and so many recommending it if for only preventing cancer later in life, Winston is now a eunuch.
All is intact, except his little furry things are gone. However, before being separated from him, I photographed them:

Cute...what! Winston is seven months old now ( May '04 ), weighing fifteen pounds, and has for the past couple of months, on a daily basis, been very amourous with his little pillow, which is humorous, but also sad in a way. Sad in respect to having to watch this poor little guy trying so hard to "get it on", and probably confused by the whole's those hormones!
Well, those days are gone forever: .

His mistress - G took him in for this operation early morning, I myself not so disposed for such a thing. He was back home again after seven hours, or so, and with a big apetite...seemingly unaware of what of what was missing...thankfully. There was a bit of worry on my part, especially with what we had been through with poor Derby over the years.
So, that's done, and while under the anesthesia, the Vet removed Winston's hind legs' dew claws...this was the Vet's idea, and a surprise to us. Supposedly, these claws generally snag on things, and aren't necessary. Here's Winston with his bandaged two hind feet/legs:

Poor fella...but it doesn't seem to bother him...the bandages come off in two days. The Vet prescribed Rimadyl 25mg - half a tablet morning, and evening for five days. They're for pain, and swelling, but Winston shows no symptoms of any pain, or swelling, but then he can't tell us anyways, so he gets them.
I don't like any kind of medicines, or chemicals, for myself or my pal, and went through enough of that with poor Derby, who was a living chemical plant.
Unlike Derby, Winston hasn't had a thing wrong with him, and want to keep it that way...looks like he was put together right.

Happy Birthday Winston

One year old - October 2004 - above, and below

Winston turned into a great pal; wonderful to walk with; play with; sleep with, and be with. He has boundless energy, and inquisitiveness; doesn't like being alone; and participates in everything. Lovable, and cuddly, but can be overly frisky at times. Favorite toys ranges from stuffed animals, balls, to empty plastic bottles; loves making his sqeaky toys squeak. His appetite is normal, and usually finishes his food. He now weighs 20 lbs...ten more than advertised; however he's as solid as a rock. He's a winner. Oh yes...he loves to bark.


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