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The Derby Brown Show
The Most Loving Little Creature on Earth

db4 on backThis is D.Brown's usual
sleeping position just
before rising each day.
Getting a view of the
world upside down first
thing in the morning,
leaves no surprises.

db no eyesThere's
eyes in all
that fur.
Better to
C U with.

db6 eyesTold you!
Now, it would be
nice to know what those eyes are saying...
then again...
maybe not.

Alright...enough of that! The rest is just pictures. Pets are a
personal thing, everyone viewing them in their own way. One thing
for sure, they fill in the gaps in our lives which otherwise would
be taken up by non-sense, or foolishness. Ain't she cute though?

db1 maltese coat

db2 left view

db3 right view

On the 8th of January 2004 at 0900
Derby Was Recalled
See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

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