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Monday 8 May 2000 - Published Weakly
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It looks like summer has finally arrived for us here on the Space Coast. The forecast for the remainder of this week is for temperatures in the eighties during the day, and down into the sixties, or possibly seventies for the nights. It's payback time.



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TODAY'S MMMM 8 May 2000

The day started out cool, clear, and calm, giving way to hot at noon. The MMMM opened with all hands present almost on the bell. Attending this day we had Bill V., Dick, Earl, Gary, Bill Q., Gene Si., and Carl. Except for a few other patrons, we had the whold place to ourselves. No show, and tell...Earl having not printed out the past couple of weeks photos/graphics, but promises to do so for next monday.
Carl asked Gene if he could, the next time he is in Brooklyn, take some photos of the old cannon in Fort Hamilton, including the balls. This launched a discussion into large guns, their weight, size, and purpose from Civil War to WW2 days. It then continued into who designed, and manufactured them. Anyways, Gene assured Carl that he would, but he wouldn't be taking the Fifth Ave Trolley as Carl suggested, as that has been gone for half-a_century. The meeting adjourned promptly at 1300.
There isn't much to this edition, but even a little is better than nothing.


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