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Rogues Gallery
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Subspook Evasion

Keep a good lookout... you never know who's "spookin' around.


Clockwise: Gene Si., Ed La., Dennis Go., me, Dick McKl.,
Earl Ha., and Bill the newly refurbished haunt.
Everything new, and shiny, but at the sacrifice of the hooch,
ice-cream machine, cold-cuts, desert tray.
The service from our gals is still great, but the rest is
beginning to cause us some concern. Hmmmmm.

Avast ye varmints. See what you're missin' when you don't attend the MMMM. Ha Ha.
Pictured here is yours truly, and Diane...our hostess with the mostest. Goes to show the cozy little corner we have here. Happy Holidays.

Ed, Gene, and me at the last MMMM. Dick took this picture with his new digital camera.
Looking forward to more shots
of the others soon.

Gus Ka., retired from MSC -
Electronics Branch, attends
the MMMM regularly. It is
good to see those from the
shore staff at home with us.

.......... ..........