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Next Of Kin

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"Some family trees have beautiful leaves,
but some just have a bunch of nuts.
Remember it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking."
~ Unknown ~

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CRFjr. Jan '99

The view from J&T's place...snow, snow everywhere.

Elise, and Christian on their skis. A good heavy snowfall is a kids friend.

two - Elise, left,
and right, and
Christian ready to



Sven, and Kari with little Gina.

Two little beauties...
Gina - left, and Elise - right. They ought to be in the movies, but isn't that what we all think of our grandchildren?

Derby Brown, my Yorkypoo, and Pjuskin, June's Forest Cat. They have never met, and that's just as well, as Derby has never met a cat bigger than she, and has no wishes to do so. Ha Ha.

In an email from June, Pjusken was recalled recently in June of 2000. See my Rainbow Bridge Page.

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