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The Four Corners Of 52nd And Fifth



The corner at 52nd, and Fifth...where we used to hang out on as seen today. In our day - the forties, and fifties, the avenue was paved with cobble stones ( Belgiam Blocks ), and trolleys ran regularly. In the photo following, where you see the Pizza/Icecream place, there was a florist.


Up the street a ways we see the entrance to the corner apartment building...that looks the same. Seems the building has been kept up nicely. Next to the entrance to the apartment building, where you see a Mini Market, was a Japanese Restaurant owned by the Noda family. Next to that was a Chinese Laundry, and next to that a Tailor Shop. We see next up the street the start of the tenements.
We pan to our left in the next photo:


Behind the lampost, up the street a bit, is a red painted structure...most likely the iron stairs that led up to a shirt factory which was over Carl's Men's Store - Army/Navy Surplus, which today is occupied by a McDonald's. Where Radio Shack is, was Hankin's Candy Store - Newpapers, Cigarettes, Etc. It looks like there's a Penny Arcade over the restaurant...though there's not much for a penny these days...presume the iron stairs lead to that.


As kids we would toboggen down those iron stairs on cardboard boxes. The stairs also served as a gathering place mostly because we used the wall for wasn't painted in those days.
The view now shifts to across Fifth:


Notice the Pharmacy...there's been one there since the turn of the last mother was born above it in one of those apartments in 1906. Down the street a ways was a Fruit, and Vegetable store run by the Xanacas family, and along the avenue was a Five And Dime - Kreskey's, or McCrory's, one or the other...the other being the next block up along Fifth. There were no large signs posted over windows like we see today.
In the view below, we see the apartments my mother was born in in more detail:


Considering these buildings are over a century old, they seem to be holding up nicely.
Panning to our left, and viewing SW, we now see the last corner in this series:


Forget what was on this corner...either it was the Penney's discount store...when Penney's was small, or the Army Navy store where ribbons, and medals were sold. Either way, both stores are gone, replaced by an Electronics Store, and Shoe Store.
In the enlargement below:


we see at the left of the photo a change in building design, and height...that structure housed the H. L. Green "Five And Dime"...we called it "Green's"...they had stairs going down to a lower level...unique for a five, and dime.
There were four "Five And Dime" stores, one block after the other, Woolworth's being on the next block to the left down ( or up ) the avenue from this photo. Streets along Fifth Avenue were numbered from "One" to One Hundred...One Hundreth Street being on the Narrows at Fort Hamilton. "Down Town was were "One" Street was...if there was a "One" Street. Anyways, "Down Town" was were A&S's ( Abraham And Strauss ) was...we didn't go there much, though it was only a nickle on the trolley to get there.

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