In Memory Of Our Pals Recalled
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Derby Brown
Greta, and Carl's Pal.


0900 January 8, 2004
About Derby...
Regret to say she didn't respond to treatment, and this morning we found her awake, but not in this world, though she did manage a pee, and a very short walk in the garage from the front lawn. We let her lie in the sun, enjoying the warmth for a while, and then I took her up in my arms and carried her to the street for a look around, which it seemed she did. We returned her to the garage floor, and the sun, where she just looked out onto the drive way, her thoughts to herself. She was just bones, having refused food for days now, not even sipping water this morning...her kidneys gone. A decision had to be made, and an unselfish one, by both of us, to allow her to depart with dignity, while free of pain. We departed with her for the Vet at eight-thirty, and at nine she found peace...we were with her as she left...a brave, little, wonderful pal. No words can express how much we miss her. C.

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Derby, and Carl's Pal.


February 15, 2004
Our beautiful pal was recalled sometime before sunrise, his limp little body hanging vertically just above the bottom. His end did not come quickly, as hope was for his recovery, as was the situation a while back...check out his home page noted below.
His last days were a couple of weeks without eating, listlessness, and needing help each night to position him on his favorite branch at the surface, by his mirrored image/companion, so he wouldn't drown during the night.
Eventually, sometime during the night, he let his frail, but still beautiful little body slip silently away to the depths.
Carefully cradeling him in my fingers I checked him for signs of life, but none were evident as at previous times, and to be sure, I placed him in a Zip-Lock bag, and transferred him to the freezer...the suggested humane method of euthanasia in such cases.
Later in the day I transferred him in his case, opening it to allow drying, and left it in state in a dry place.
After a week, I placed some of his favorite branches, and colorful stones in the bag/case with him, and zipped it closed for eventual internment in the earth.
Emily will be missed, his beautiful little figure having adorned our computer desk for three years, at times providing entertainment during Video Conferences, though he saw the Video Camera's eye as another great fish, and would scamper to the other side. He had days in the sun with us as the winter sun would allow, streaming through the window. He knew his feeding times, and surely enjoyed our company too. Bye, bye little one...we shall meet again...say hello to Derby for us.

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Emily The Male Fighting Fish
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Princess Misty
Pat, and Peter's Pal.


February 15, 2004
Dear All,
It is with a very heavy heart, I have to tell you our Princess Misty cat was killed instantly on Saturday afternoon. She ran out from across the road in front of a parked car and was struck by a passing motorist. Neither cat nor motorist had a chance to avoid the collision. Poor Misty didn't have a chance.
Pat and I are devastated - we've only just buried her in our garden.
We'll be in touch later when we've come to terms with it.
Bye for now
Pat and peter

Princess Misty's Page
Princess Misty
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Bonny - Irene, and Willy's Pal.


Yesterday 17-06-2004 our dog Bonny past away at 8-0-clock in the evening.The last 14 days she was acting already strange,and we expected that it should take not so long before she would leave us. But that it should came so fast, we did not expect. As said yesterday evening we went with her to the doctor, but he could not save her. He have given her an injection in order to give bonny a peace-full end. The last couple of days she had several attacks, and we think that's the reasen for her sickness. We do not know yet if we will take a new dog. The future will show us.
Many greetings, Irene En Willy en Minni 18 year.

Irene's Place
Irene's Place
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Minni - Irene, and Willy's Pal.


Minni is ded 22-7-2004 at age eighteen years.

Irene's Place
Irene's Place
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Pat, and Peter's Pal.


Little Harvey (Baby Boots) who would have been 19 in August had to be put to sleep on Wednesday. He was very tired. Literally a bag of bones. So we took the advice of the vet who weighed him and confirmed he had lost a third of his body weight since his last check up in February.
He was showing all the classic symptoms of kidney failure: dry fur, (no 'body' in it), glazed unseeing eyes, rear legs unable to support him. So despite our personal wishes, it did seem the best course under the circumstances. Even when placed in his carrier, he just plonked himself down facing the stern. Normally he would always turn around so he coud see the wider world. So, it was very sad.
We no longer have space in our garden for him, since there are 6 in there as it is. So we decided on the cremation/casket option, so at least a part of him will still be with us.
The picture is the one I used for a T-shirt transfer.
Perhaps you might find room for him in the website among the others that have passed on?
Thanks for everything,

Peter & Pat

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