I just read it...there is none other...let the author take you aboard a U.S. Coast Guard manned Army FS during WW2. It's all factual...true. If the "Bucket" - the AKL ( FS ) used in the movie "Mr. Roberts" intriqued you, and that was fiction, this certainly will. Just to note: AKLs and FSs are identical, usually AKLs starting out as FSs - Army "boats"..."AKL" is the Navy's designator for FSs - Small Freight Ships.
Instead of Navy manned, this little gem of a ship was manned by Coast Guard, and they worked for the Army. Follow the author around the South Pacific with stories, photos, and documentation about the War, the Area, and the Ship. Ship's characteristics are supplied, as well as ship drawings - blue prints that show the layout of the ship. 150+ pages...most double spaced, it is an easy read.

Thanks to the author, these little ( actually - "great little" ) ships finally got the recognition they deserve. Whether an arm-chair sailor, or a professional of thirty-seven years at sea like myself, you will enjoy reading about how youngsters, never having seen a ship before, drove these ships around such places as Borneo; the Phillipines, all the South Sea Islands...some so remote never heard of. The name of the game was supply...from soup to nuts. The author, as an added bonus includes numerous stories of actual events on other FSs. He also touches on the Militaries' strategies used in the taking of some of the major islands in the theatre of war in the will really enjoy it, and cherish it as a piece of history...real, and factual.

The book can be purchased for $20 postage prepaid via priority mail. It can be purchased by contacting the author - George Alton by phone, 510 351 6869, please no collect calls, or by requesting an order by email; or regular mail. The regular mail should be addressed to the author's home as follows: George Alton, 2524 Longview Dr. San Leandro Calif. 94577.

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