Dead Seas Plans

The Dead Seas Plans

The Dead Seas Plans were discovered in numerous archives from dusty boxes in D.C.; long gone, and forgotten web sites on the internet; and from the only book ever written about the "Little Ships That Could"...three sources between 2004, and 2005. The mostly faded, and fragmented plans are presented here as best as could be salvaged. They have been called the greatest ship's plans discovery of modern times.

After numerous requests, here's all that could be found. However, it's better than nothing, and could be of great assistance to anyone planning on building a model. Be advised that each image is unique to the scale shown on the image.

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Outboard Profile
Outboard Profile Drawing
Inboard Profile
Inboard Profile Drawing
Hold Plan
Hold Plan Drawing
Deck Arrangement Plan
Main Deck Arrangement Plan Drawing
Deck Plans
Upper Deck Plans Drawing
Typical Sections Drawing
Stern View Photo
Photo From Mr. Roberts
Photo From Mr. Roberts
Photo From Mr. Roberts

If you were directed to this page from my Mr. Roberts page, you have seen other drawings posted last year. I can only advise, having myself built a model using actual blue prints, that you draw your own templates using posted dimensions, not transferring these drawings.
Included on this page are photos taken aboard other similar vessels just to show for instance the Cowl Ventilators, Winches, and general views. If serious about building a model, would advise acquiring the "Mr Roberts" DVD, or record the movie when it shows on TV. Also, Navsource shows many AKL/FS photos.
It is unfortunate that more Typical Sections aren't shown, but "eyeballing" the remaining shape should not pose a problem, especially with the important Decks shown, plus the profiles. The masts, booms, standing, and running rigging are clearly shown, plus the photos do help.

Here are my "eyeballed" sections: Eyeballed Typical Sections

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