Warm Fuzzy Thing


There's A Message In Those Eyes

Here's My Warm Fuzzy Thing

It was a small bridge similar to one that compliments the pond at the entranceway to where I live, that came to me in a dream....I'd walk Derby over that bridge on occasion, each time thinking of the proverbial Rainbow Bridge.
In this dream I stood at the north end of the bridge, and on the other side was Derby....
"You can cross over this bridge, but not the Rainbow Bridge! ' said Derby.
So real-like...there was Derby speaking to me...I answered: "Why not?"
"Not until you purge yourself of all self-reference...conceit, and pride. '...my dearly departed pal was talking to me!
"You mean ego, and all that?" I asked.
"Yup...ego, and all that. It was no problem for me...kind, loving creatures like myself don't have egos like humans do...you have free will...you have a mind to choose. '
"Choose what?
"Choose to direct all your reference to the one who runs this place! ' she said...continuing: "This is paradise, pal, and no one with their own ideas is going to change anything here...all is perfect! '
"Perfect...how so?"
"All of us here just observe the boss doing magnificent things...it's like going to the movies...we're all an audience so to speak...all enjoying the show. '
"That sounds boring...to us humans, anyways"
"That's the problem! ' she said...continuing: " Humans try doing things their own way, but always fail...consider what they have done to their planet. '
I had to agree with that, but answered with: "The damn planet from the start, itself a confounding thing...one cataclysmic thing after another...which ever way we turn we are fighting nature! Don't you think we have to try something on our own to better the place?"
"Ha ha...don't get hot under the collar...I'm going to explain the purpose for it being difficult.
Primarily, it's to purposefully bring out the defiance prevelant in free-willed beings - humans. It's not to test, but to show, reveal what's attendant to being free-willed. More or less to engender a "dog eat dog" world...so to speak.
All free-willed beings, to a certain degree have ego...they're conceited, and have pride according to the circumstances surrounding them. Their character, or demeanor is developed by others, and the circumstances of nature. It's a random thing...like the developement of a tornado...the circumstances of different atmospheric conditions clashing, precipitating it. It's not the will of, nor an act of anyone...just a random, natural, thing.
The same with the character developement of humans...not the will, nor act of anyone, not even the individual...it's random, and natural...in concert with the rest of the confounded planet. Tornados, or people...just as unpredictable.
Derby said.
Breaking in, I said: "This is something new...but why go to all this trouble, inventing this planet, and cosmos just to show people what conceit is. Why not just give us humans/people an example while in the dimension you're in?"
"Can't! Not possible. In order to show conceit, ego, and so forth...the condition of directing one's reference to one's self can't be done here. In this dimension, the boss is the life source of all of us...any disconnect, no matter how brief, would cause a disconnect between the individual, and the boss, and it's bye-byes forever. Not even the boss could prevent it. That's the danger of being free-willed, and not a robot, or pet. The boss wants you "people" to want the boss as a friend willingly. However, the boss realizes the shortcomings of "people", and wants them to see those for themselves when their reference is only to themselves. It's only when in physical form as humans, that they can experiment with their free-willed nature without disconnecting...so to speak. '
"Okay...so we "see"...we see this show, and tell thing...what do we do with it?" I asked.
"You take it as a "heads up" thing...don't try to get here with an attitude. Leave your ego, conceit, and pride behind when it's time to cross the bridge. If you don't, you won't get in...in fact, you will just evaporate...like you never existed...like the planet, and its cosmos will some day, but I would sure miss you.
Start now...try to be kind, and loving to all...get your mind off yourself, and direct it to the boss now, as if you're about to step foot on the bridge. After all, like myself, you could be "gone" in a flash...nothing like being prepared.

"Thanks for the advice, but what about those who don't realize this...those who don't believe in the boss, and if so, that they can "get in" by being forgiven, or buy their way in?"
"That's not your concern...we're talking about you. Hey! Know this, that the boss isn't going to beg anyone to join him in his paradise...you have to want it. If perchance you're the only one to want the boss as a friend, what's it to you...to me it means everything that you do. You can't comprehend this place, nor the marvels the boss entertains us with, and forever...by the way. Just imagine, there's no rituals, nothing to study, nobody to have to know, just one thing, and that's that the boss is the boss. We're all equal here...there's no hierarchy, no politics, no schemes. We're just one big happy bunch of friends, all on the same wave-length, enjoying the marvels of the boss. Imagine having intellectual discourse with me...like in this dream, and every other being here, marveling in the boss's entertainment, and showing our appreciation to the boss for sharing with us...for eternity. There ain't nothin' we can dazzle the boss with, except our appreciation, and wanting to be friends. We're the boss's Warm Fuzzy Thing, as the boss is ours. You're gonna like it! '
"Thanks a million Derby...it all makes sense."
"What else...could anything be simpler. I'll be waiting...see you! '

I have discounted everything I have ever heard, read, or thought about previously as to why I am here, and what, or where I will be when I leave.

Here is my interpretation of this dream.

Being one who had established through observation that whatever exists had to be created for a purpose, but could never find a rational explanation as to why it is so convoluted, and confounding, I now, thanks to this dream, understand it very clearly.
One has to admit that life is a struggle...and if perchance, fortunate enough to be able to refute that claim, the time will come when it's over. We can put it this way: "For most, life is a struggle...for a few, it's a tease."
Now, what's the sense in it all, if it's temporary, as we know it is? Also, what's the sense behind this difficult, and confounding planet, which is also temporary? We know, as history teaches us, that there's nothing within our capabilities to stop this advance to oblivion...not even to slow it down. In fact, some believe we are hastening it...alluding to that what ever we do leads to destruction rather than construction.
It's evident we can make things, but not create things, and what we make are only from the elements already created, but made by us to the detriment of us, and nature. In other words, whatever we do is fruitless, and in all cases foolish, and to realize this is to understand the purpose of this confounded invention of humanness, and this cosmos, and planet. We are being shown that we ourselves are the creation of another, and which created everything else, and that we can never create, as we are a creation of another, but can only make, and what we make is foolishness...having no purpose.
So, the purpose of this invention of humanness, and cosmos by the boss ( creator ) is to show us our shortcomings, and our inherent defiance as free-willed creatures to accepting this revelation, and that "our way" is not the boss's ( creator's ) way.

You have heard it said" "Our form of government isn't the best, but it's the best we've got!", and you can believe it, only because the boss can create that. So, here we are as humans "doing it our way"...our egos, our conceit, and pride in ourselves, which we all have to different degrees, making as much out of this world as we can. However, along the way we have to conclude, that in the end, we haven't the capacity to survive outside of this physical world "doing it our way"...we are not a "life source" unto ourselves...we didn't create ourselves...the boss did.

Let's do a little observing into how the boss does things. First of all, the idea of us by the boss, was as friends, and company...willing friends...not robots. The "willing" thing is the clincher for us as humans now. It is here now that we understand the consequences of not having total reference to the boss, but to ourselves...we "see" what conceit in ourselves can bring...through observing ourselves, as well as others. We have here, on earth, as humans, this opportunity to play with ego without "disconnecting" from the boss...nature - this planet, being our life source. Off this planet, when we leave this human condition behind, our life source will be the boss...that is, if before we leave this planet we direct all our reference away from us, and to the boss, and accept him as our friend. In other words, accept the boss's terms that we do it the boss's way, and not our way. If however, in the next life, we choose for the slightest moment, to direct our reference from the boss to ourselves, and this choice the boss want's us to have as willing friends, we disconnect from our life source, which is the boss, and we will cease to exist. Chances are though, that what we learn here will be sufficient to prevent us from making such a mistake.

For me, life is clear...it all makes sense. Being one who believes there is more than just existing for a short spell, and then dying, with no consciousness, or sense of being thereafter, I can understand the message in my pal's compassionate, loyal eyes...a calling to friendship with God ( boss ), and all God's friends. You realize this calling when, like your pal put all its confidence in you, and reliance on you as a guardian, and friend, you do the same with the One who is calling you. Direct all your reference to God...put all of yourself in God's hands, like your pal relied on you...and without sacrifice, and ritual, you can cross over that Rainbow Bridge.

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