Daniel Sloyer Sr

Daniel Sloyer Sr. Family

courtesy of Binney & Smith Inc.

seated (left to right: Daniel A. Sloyer sr., Mary A. (Wilson) Sloyer, Daniel A. Sloyer Jr.

standing: Marion & Mabel Sloyer

NOTE: From interview in mid 1960s with Mrs. Daniel [Mary] Sloyer, Sr. and Luther Sloyer
10/2002 with Jay Willis
In 1904, Daniel rented this farm house from the Binney & Smith Co., the makers of Crayola crayons. The property was next to the Easton plant on the Bushkill Creek by the bridge. The house was a very large limestone farm house with one hallway and room used by the superintendent of Binney & Smith Co., the remainder by the Sloyer family.. Luther Sloyer relates the story that prior to working for Binney & Smith Co. [then known as the pencil mill], Daniel was hauling wood for his relative Mr. Snyder to his limestone kiln about a mile past the mill.  The superintendent of Binney & Smith Co., Mr. Cress[SP?] was impressed with the
amount of work and diligence of Daniel that he asked if he was paid by the week or hour.  The response was week and he said come work for us we will pay by the hour. In 1907 Daniel started in the Blackmill. He later started to farm property owned by the Binney & Smith Co. In 1921 the Company put the first running water and electricity into the house. It was a very large limestone farm house divided into two sections in 1948 and members of the family lived in both sides. The family lived in the house for 70+ years. Most members of
the family work for Binney & Smith at one time or the other; Daniel Sloyer Bennett
currently employed being the fourth generation to do so.

Jay Willis thinks the 1930 date on this picture is incorrec based on the ages of the people in it.  He dates the picture c. 1914.

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