Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections,

Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections,

Franklin and Marshall College,

Lancaster, PA

The original copy of this deed is on a 15 x 19 cream (aged) colored sheet of paper, the printed parts are black, the ink parts appear brown (possibly from age). It was necessary to photocopy and reduce this document to put it online. Unfortunately, this means you only get to view a black and white copy. The seal used as a link to this document is on the back side of the original deed.





Michael Sloyer senior


Michael Sloyer junior

For a Tract of Land situate in Lower Saucon

Township Northampton County

Containing 42 3/4 acres

and allowance

Recorded in the Office for Recording of deeds at Easton in and for the County of Northampton in Deed Book B. vol. 6. page 434

August 13th, 1836

26 June 54 Theordore A. Distler Gift to the Library, F & M C.


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