Sloyer Homestead

Sloyer Homestead

between Springtown, Bucks Co.


Hellertown, Northampton Co.


Description of the Area: The Globe-South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Saturday, November 14, 1908


Prepared by Jas. J. Hauser, Member of Lehigh County Historical Society

"Mountains and Hills"

Swabia Hills (Swoveberg), rise in the eastern part. They are so called because the first settlers came from Swabia, Germany. The early settlers of Suabia Hills (Swoveberg) were mostly weavers, old looms can still be seen in many of the old families, and many of their descendants are still living there, the Christines, Reichards, Kuntzmans, Zeiners, Reisers, Wersts, Wassers, Rentzheiners, and Schloyers. Richard Freeman, the ancestor of the Freemans of Freemansburg, settled at Shimersville. The Hess family came from Springfield, Bucks County, PA. Nicholas Hess is the ancestor of the family, and his son George, who settled in Lower Saucon is the ancestor of the family living in the Township."



contributed by Peggy Padgett, photo taken in 1978

Henry Sloyer describes the homestead in The Schleier-Schloyer-Sloyer Family Association (established Aug. 31, 1912) Manuscript in this way:

The original house, built of stone, one story and

basement is today in almost perfect condition.

Known as the "springhouse" from the spring of

sparkling water along side of the building, there is

running water thru the basement.  As far as the

walls and construction - original windows, and so

on are concerned, there is perhaps no better

preserved sample of masonry in Bucks county

than this building - now over 200 years old.  Three

generations had their abode here.

A second building (since replaced by a more modern

one) was built of frame and was the abode of three

generations.  This second building had double doors -

similar to barn doors...

William & Judia (Christine) Sloyer Home (the frame home has burned down)

contributed by Debbie Poe

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