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The following summary was written by the Sloyer Family Reunion Historian, Harvey F. Sloyer, around 1953.

Johan Michael Schleier, the ancestor, was born in Swabia, Germany, April 20, 1722.  he emigrated from Rotterdam, coming to Philadelphia September 26, 1752 on the ship Richard and Mary, John Moore, Master.

From the Pennsylvania German Pioneers, by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, edited by William J. Hinke; published by the Pennsylvania German Society, Vol. XLII of the proceedings of the Society, 1934; we again find reference to our ancestor's landing. Michael Schlayer is listed on page 487, List 183C, as being among the foreigners from the ship Richard and Mary taking the Qualifications to the Government, before Joshua Maddox, Esquire, on September 26, 1752.

In remembrance of Johann Michael Schleyer's landing in his new country, six Sloyer descendants gathered at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia to celebrate this significant anniversary.

September 26, 2002

250th Anniversary

of Our Immigrant Ancestor,

Johann Michael Schleyer,

at Penns Landing,

Philadelphia, PA


left to right:

Colin Lloyd Miller (7th great-grandson)

Douglas Edward Lilly (5th great-grandson)

Linda Sue (Lilly) Iaccio (5th great-granndaughter)

Margaret Adonis (Lilly) Padgett (5th great-granddaughter)

Katelyn Elizabeth Willis (6th great-granddaughter)

Jay Harry Willis (5th great-grandson)

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