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bullet William (#2) FRAMPTON(5) (475) was born on 11 Sep 1803. (5)(476) Parents: David (#1) FRAMPTON and Hannah LOBAUGH.

He was married to Mary WILLIAMS. Children were: Eliza Jane FRAMPTON, Nancy Williams FRAMPTON , James Fulton FRAMPTON, Samuel Ard FRAMPTON, Amos Jasper FRAMPTON, Hannah Phylistia FRAMPTON, Mary Eloner FRAMPTON , Sarah Emily FRAMPTON, Martha Anna FRAMPTON.

bullet William (#3) FRAMPTON(8) (9)(70) was born on 29 Sep 1798 in Lewistown (Mifflin Co.), Pennsylvania. He died in 1829 in Burlington (Burlington Co.), Ohio.(8) (477) He was a Baptist. Parents: John FRAMPTON jr. and Anna Barbara MARTIN.

He is listed on LDS records. LDS Batch #: 5001637, Sheet #: 08, Source Call #: 1396477.

bullet William (#4) FRAMPTON(9) was born in 1786 in Lewistown (Mifflin Co.), Pennsylvania.(15) Parents: Samuel (#1) FRAMPTON and Nancy Agnes (Elizabeth) KELLY.

bulletWilliam (#5) FRAMPTON(15) (279) was born on 27 Aug 1820 in Pennsylvania. (15) Parents: David (#2) FRAMPTON and Rachel BRUSH.

He was married to Sarah Ann MUNKRES . Children were: Malinda FRAMPTON, Mary Ann FRAMPTON, Elizabeth FRAMPTON, Martha FRAMPTON.

bullet William (#7) FRAMPTON(8) was born about 1850. Parents: William Walker FRAMPTON and Mary E. ANDERSON.

bullet William (#8) FRAMPTON(209) (9) was born on 5 Jun 1814 in Burlington (Burlington Co.), New Jersey. He resided in 1850 in Valier, Perry twp. (Jefferson Co.), Pennsylvania. (478) He resided in 1860 in North Mahoning twp. (Indiana Co.), Pennsylvania.(479) He died on 22 Nov 1867. Parents: John (#3) FRAMPTON and Mary DICKEY.

He was married to Mary GEARHART. Children were: John (#11) FRAMPTON , George (#1) FRAMPTON, Samuel (#6) FRAMPTON, Benjamin (#2) FRAMPTON, Oliver Scott FRAMPTON, Maranda FRAMPTON, Martin L. FRAMPTON, Nancy Jane FRAMPTON, Mary A. FRAMPTON, William Reid FRAMPTON.

bullet William (#9) FRAMPTON(480) was born in 1830. Parents: Abraham FRAMPTON and Sarah ELLIOTT.

bullet William (William Kent) FRAMPTON(481) (482)(483) (70) (484)(130) (485)(486) (487)(488) (489) was born in 1646 in England.(15) (490)(70) He was named in Robert Story's will on 25 Dec 1683 in New York. He resided in 1684 in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Co.), Pennsylvania.(491) William was a Register General for Pennsylvania and was made a justice of the peace on 5 May 1686 in Pennsylvania.(492)(493)

William was a brewer, merchant, importer & exporter in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Co.), Pennsylvania. (494)(495) He was Quaker and a friend of William Penn.

He died in July 1686 in Philadelphia(284)(15) His will was proved on 8 Sep 1686 in Pennsylvania. He was buried in Friends Burying Grounds, Philadelphia.(50)

He was named in wills of other men between 1709 and 1725 in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Co.), Pennsylvania. However, he was already dead at this time, so these may have been debts owed to his estate.

He was married to Elizabeth H. POTTER on 27 July 1681 in Rhode Island. Children were: Elizabeth H. FRAMPTON, Thomas FRAMPTON, Sarah (#1) FRAMPTON.

bullet William Albert FRAMPTON(496) (147) was born on 26 Mar 1856 in Buchanan Co., Missouri. He was buried in 1928 in Sweet Home cemetery; Ravenwood (Nodaway Co.), Missouri. (497) He died on 21 Mar 1928. He resided in Ravenwood (Nodaway Co.), Missouri. Parents: Samuel (#4) FRAMPTON and Rachel MUNKRES.

He was married to Minnerva Jane DAVID. Children were: Edna Ruth FRAMPTON, Ida Rachael FRAMPTON, Flora Alice FRAMPTON, Effie Caroline FRAMPTON.

He was married to Jemima HARRY.

bullet William Chariton FRAMPTON(214) was born on 23 Mar 1864 in Chariton (Lucas Co.), Iowa. He died on 15 June 1936 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Parents: George Vernon FRAMPTON and Jane HIGHET.

He was married to Julia Louise LEHNOFF on 13 Jun 1893. Children were: Eleanor (Elinor) C. FRAMPTON , William L. FRAMPTON.

bullet William David FRAMPTON(498) (147) was born on 24 Dec 1892 in Ravenwood (Nodaway Co.), Missouri. He died on 7 Oct 1894 and was buried in 1894 in Sweet Home cemetery; Ravenwood. Parents: Richard David FRAMPTON and Mary Elizabeth SMITH.

bullet William Edward (Edgar) FRAMPTON(8) (499) was born in 1868.(500) Parents: Isaac Gillen FRAMPTON and Elizabeth (Eliza) NEWMAN.

He was married to Georgia LUMLEY. Children were: Charles FRAMPTON, Oscar FRAMPTON.

bullet William G. FRAMPTON(8) Parents: Martin Mann FRAMPTON and Melissa STALEY.

bullet William Gardiner FRAMPTON(8) (9) was born on 2 Dec 1830.(501) He died about 1880. Parents: Martin F. FRAMPTON Esc. and Sarah MANN.

bullet William Gillet FRAMPTON(244) was born on 16 May 1839 in Ohio.(165) He died on 1 Sep 1888 in Taylorville (Christian Co), Illinois. (165) Parents: Nathaniel (#2) FRAMPTON and Lara GILLETT.

He was married to Diana E. STETZEL in 1858.

He was married to Liza Jane STETZEL on 11 Jan 1864. Children were: James Henry FRAMPTON.

bullet William Henry FRAMPTON(502) was born in 1834. Parents: David Lobough FRAMPTON and Sarah Jane HENRY.

bullet William L. FRAMPTON(214) was born on 20 Sep 1899 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Parents: William Chariton FRAMPTON and Julia Louise LEHNOFF.

bullet William Martindale H. FRAMPTON(15) (503) was born on 20 Sep 1831 in Scioto Co., Ohio. (15)(504) He died on 23 May 1906 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah.(15).(505) He was buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery; Utah Co., Utah. (506) Parents: Nathaniel (#2) FRAMPTON and Laura FARNSWORTH.

He was married to Mary Abby TERRY on 27 May 1855 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah. Children were: Mary Alice FRAMPTON, William Reynolds FRAMPTON, Harrison Martindale FRAMPTON , Eliza Ann FRAMPTON, Joseph Franklin FRAMPTON, Flora Marie (Maria) FRAMPTON , Annie Laura FRAMPTON, Eva May FRAMPTON, Otto Lyman FRAMPTON, Caroline Minerva FRAMPTON.

bullet William Mead FRAMPTON(9) was born on 26 June 1899 in Kanawha, West Virginia. He died on 10 May 1966 in Somerset (Somerset), Pennsylvania. Parents: William Sidney FRAMPTON and Ida Catherine HENRY.

He was married to Gertrude HAYES in West Virginia. Children were: Juanita FRAMPTON, Della Mae FRAMPTON, Doyle Richard FRAMPTON, Leslie Meade FRAMPTON, Freddie Lee FRAMPTON, Arley Otis FRAMPTON, Pearl Viola FRAMPTON, James Russell FRAMPTON, Howard Edward FRAMPTON.

bullet William Otto FRAMPTON(15) was born on 14 Sep 1885 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah.(15) He died on 27 Aug 1963.(507) and was buried in Provo. cemetery; Utah Co., Utah. (508) Parents: William Reynolds FRAMPTON and Catherine Lucy BECK.

bulletWilliam Reid FRAMPTON(209) (9) was born in 1843 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. He resided in 1860 in North Mahoning twp. (Indiana Co.), Pennsylvania. (509) He died on 25 Apr 1887 in Montgomery twp. (Indiana Co.), Pennsylvania.

He served in the Civil War in Pennsylvania. Parents: William (#8) FRAMPTON and Mary GEARHART.

He was married to Catharine MOUNTAIN. Children were: Maggie M. FRAMPTON, Adda Arena (Irene) FRAMPTON, David Jeromes FRAMPTON, Wesley FRAMPTON, Samuel (#7) FRAMPTON, Daniel FRAMPTON, William Sidney FRAMPTON.

bullet William Reynolds FRAMPTON(15) was born on 1 Sept 1859/1860 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah.(15)(510)(511) He died on 25 Jan 1923 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah(15) (512)(513) and was buried in the Pleasant Grove cemetery.(514) Parents: William Martindale H. FRAMPTON and Mary Abby TERRY.

He was married to Catherine Lucy BECK on 29 Oct 1884 in Logan Cache, Utah. Children were: William Otto FRAMPTON, Flossie FRAMPTON, Burton Beck FRAMPTON.

bullet William Sidney FRAMPTON(209) (9) was born on 18 Feb 1868 in Shelocta, Pennsylvania. (209) He resided about 1875 in Indiana Co., Pennsylvania. (209) He died in Somerset (Somerset), Pennsylvania. Parents: William Reid FRAMPTON and Catharine MOUNTAIN .

He was married to Ida Catherine HENRY. Children were: Arthur (#2) FRAMPTON, Mead FRAMPTON, Howard FRAMPTON, Mabel FRAMPTON, Murray Jay FRAMPTON, Arthur FRAMPTON, William Mead FRAMPTON.

bullet William Walker FRAMPTON(8) (9)(13) (70) was born on 5 Dec 1824 in Chillicothe (Ross Co.), Ohio. He died on 9 May 1912 in DeSoto, Kansas.

He appeared on the census in 1870.(13)He served in the military Civil War. (8) He was a sawyer, stationary engineer. (8) Parents: Rev. Elijah FRAMPTON sr. and Rebecca CLARK.

He was married to Mary E. ANDERSON on 11 Mar 1849 in Adams Co., Illinois. Children were: Cora FRAMPTON, Lulu FRAMPTON, America FRAMPTON, William (#7) FRAMPTON, Charles E. (#2) FRAMPTON.

He was married to Martha Ann THOMAS on 24 Feb 1866 in DeSoto, Kansas. Children were: Miles FRAMPTON, Wilbur FRAMPTON, Helena (Lena) FRAMPTON.

He was married to Ella ECKMAN after 1866.

bullet Woodley Earl FRAMPTON(8) was born on 25 May 1914. Parents: Earl Charles FRAMPTON and Ruby Esther CRISPIN.

bullet Cochran FULTON(9) (1) married to Nancy ROLL.

bullet James FULTON(515) married to Cynthia Ellen FETZER. Children were: Wade Wayland FULTON.

bullet Wade Wayland FULTON(516) was born in 1852. Parents: James FULTON and Cynthia Ellen FETZER.

bullet Maria Teodore Bustos GARCIA(211) Parents: Pablo GARCIA and Getrudes BUSTO.

She was married to Lachoneus FRAMPTON. Children were: Alice FRAMPTON , George Vernon FRAMPTON.

bullet Benjamin GARDINER(5) (517) was married to Sarah (#5) FRAMPTON in 1843. Children were: Sarah Marie GARDINER, Ella Sabina GARDINER, William Reid GARDINER.

bullet Ella Sabina GARDINER(5) Parents: Benjamin GARDINER and Sarah (#5) FRAMPTON.

bullet Sarah Marie GARDINER(5) (518) was born in 1843.(519) Parents: Benjamin GARDINER and Sarah (#5) FRAMPTON.

bullet William Reid GARDINER(5) (520) Parents: Benjamin GARDINER and Sarah (#5) FRAMPTON.

bullet Ernest Edward GASHORN was born on 11 Nov 1894 in Decatur (Adam Co.), Indiana. He died on 23 Oct 1895. He was buried in Avon (Fulton Co.), Illinois. Parents: Franklin James GASHORN and Cora Belle COMPTON.

bullet Franklin James GASHORN(521) was born on 11 Aug 1873 in Saugatuch, Michigan. He was buried in Elmwood cemetery; Chicago, Illinois. Parents: Samuel GASHORN and Fredericka LUNGREN.

He was married to Cora Belle COMPTON between 1894 and 1918. Children were: Ernest Edward GASHORN, Halford Bennett GASHORN, Grace Luella GASHORN .

bullet Grace Luella GASHORN(522) was born on 18 Oct 1901 in Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. Parents: Franklin James GASHORN and Cora Belle COMPTON.

bullet Halford Bennett GASHORN(523) was born on 10 Jun 1906 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois. Parents: Franklin James GASHORN and Cora Belle COMPTON.

bullet Mary GEARHART(209) (9) was born in 1816 in Westmoreland (Westmoreland Co.), Pennsylvania.

She was married to William (#8) FRAMPTON. Children were: John (#11) FRAMPTON, George (#1) FRAMPTON, Samuel (#6) FRAMPTON, Benjamin (#2) FRAMPTON, Oliver Scott FRAMPTON , Maranda FRAMPTON, Martin L. FRAMPTON, Nancy Jane FRAMPTON, Mary A. FRAMPTON, William Reid FRAMPTON.

bullet David GILLEN(24) (9) was born about 1752.(15) was married to Rachel (#2) FRAMPTON.

bullet William GILLEN(9) (70) was born about 1781.(70) was married to Rachel (#1) FRAMPTON in Feb 1803. (9)

bullet Lara GILLETT(244) (211) was born on 11 Jan 1806 in Milton (Chittenden), Vermont. (211) She died on 24 Jun 1881 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah.(211)

She was married to Nathaniel (#2) FRAMPTON about 1839. Children were: George Vernon FRAMPTON, William Gillet FRAMPTON, Lachoneus FRAMPTON, Josephine FRAMPTON, David A. FRAMPTON.

bullet Cynthia GRAHAM(524) was married to William (#10) FRAMPTON.

bullet Sophie GRIMLING(244) was born on 24 Nov 1870 in Delphas, Ohio.(165) She died on 22 Apr 1952 in Jacksonville, Illinois.(165)

She was married to James Henry FRAMPTON on 18 Oct 1888. Children were: Charles William FRAMPTON , Nellie FRAMPTON, John Gustice FRAMPTON.

bullet Jane Glover GRIMSHAW(525) was married to John Ross FRAMPTON before 1909. Children were: Jean Campbell FRAMPTON, John Ross FRAMPTON, Faith Wittaker FRAMPTON.

bullet Elizabeth GRO(24) was married to Samuel (#2) FRAMPTON.

bullet Susan GRO(24) was married to Samuel (#2) FRAMPTON.

bullet Jennie GUZMAN(9) was born in 1892. She died in 1965. She was married to Joseph K. PHY on 22 Jan 1912 in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Co.), California.

bullet Sarah Walker HANON(8) (526)(70) was born in 1831 in Burlington (Lawrence Co.), Ohio.(70) She was born about 1831 in Greenbush twp. (Warren Co.), Illinois. (527) She died on 27 July 1864(528) and was buried in Greenbush twp. (Warren Co.), Illinois.(529) She was also known as Sarah Walker HANAN. (8)

She was married to Elijah Gillen FRAMPTON on 1 Nov 1855 in Avon (Fulton Co.), Illinois. (9)(530) Children were: Ida Cornelia FRAMPTON, Edward Theron Trowbridge FRAMPTON, Nettie Hanon FRAMPTON .

bullet Flora Belle HARDIN(531) (532) was born before 1890 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois. (533) She died on 27 July 1921.(534) She was buried in Elmwood cemetery; Chicago, Illinois. (535)

She was married to Leon Clark COMPTON on 11 Oct 1903 in Piatt Co., Illinois. Children were: (infant) COMPTON, Violet Alberta COMPTON.

bullet Jemima HARRY(147) resided in Nodaway Co., Missouri. Parents: Leroy HARRY and Mary SMITH.


She was married to William Albert FRAMPTON.

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