My Family

bullet Marian Dorothy KIRBY(595)

She was married to Mendall Garbutt FRAMPTON before 1905. Children were: John Kirby FRAMPTON, Calista May FRAMPTON, Robert Clement FRAMPTON , Helen Harvey FRAMPTON.

bullet William LANE(8) (9) was married to Sarah (#3) FRAMPTON on 13 Dec 1827.

bullet Martha LAUREMORE was born about 1760. She died after 1810 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. (596) Parents: Hugh LAUREMORE and Sarah SCHRYSFIELD.

She was married to Arthur (#1) FRAMPTON about 1780. Children were: John (#12) FRAMPTON, Sarah (#7) FRAMPTON, Mary (Polly) FRAMPTON, Betsy FRAMPTON, William (#10) FRAMPTON, Hugh FRAMPTON, Arthur (#3) FRAMPTON, David (#5) FRAMPTON, James (#6) FRAMPTON, Martha FRAMPTON, Isaac (#4) FRAMPTON.

bullet Julia Louise LEHNOFF(214) was born on 19 Jan 1866.

She was married to William Chariton FRAMPTON on 13 Jun 1893. Children were: Eleanor (Elinor) C. FRAMPTON , William L. FRAMPTON.

bullet Rachel Mariar LEMLEY was a Postmaster in 1892 in Rockwood, Ohio. (71)

She was married to James Robert FRAMPTON before 1892. Children were: Rachel Zanetta (#2) FRAMPTON , Eustace Gardner FRAMPTON, Gardner (Gard) FRAMPTON, Fred Clarence FRAMPTON , Alice Gertrude FRAMPTON, Sarah Ethel FRAMPTON, James Otis FRAMPTON, Frank Wolful (Wolf) FRAMPTON.

bullet Freedom LIPPINCOTT Marriage-Quaker 17th of 9th month, 1715. He resided in Evesham.

He was married to Elizabeth WILLS in 1715.

bullet Hannah LOBAUGH(14) (9) was born 25 Oct 1781. She died on 6 July 1857. She was Dutch.(597)

She was also known as Hannah LOWBALL.(598) She resided in Juniata Co., Pennsylvania.(599) Parents: Abraham LOBAUGH (LOBOUCH) and Mary SEIDEL.

She was married to David (#1) FRAMPTON in 1802 in Pennsylvania. Children were: William (#2) FRAMPTON, Abraham FRAMPTON, Major Jonathan FRAMPTON, David Lobough FRAMPTON, Samuel F. FRAMPTON, Sarah (#5) FRAMPTON, Mary Anna FRAMPTON, Eliza Jane FRAMPTON, Hannah (#3) FRAMPTON, Sabinah (Sabina) R. FRAMPTON, Hugh Reid FRAMPTON .

bullet Nancy LONG(24) was married to Samuel (#2) FRAMPTON.

bullet John LOWRY(67) was born on 4 Mar 1807. (78) He died on 28 Mar 1880. (78)

He was married to Eleanor CLUGH on 13 Feb 1834.(78) Children were: Mary Elizabeth LOWRY.

bullet Mary Elizabeth LOWRY(67) was born on 1 Jun 1837.(78) She died on 17 Nov 1923. (78) Parents: John LOWRY and Eleanor CLUGH.

She was married to John CUMMINGS on 2 Jun 1857. (78) Children were: Samuel Grant CUMMINGS .

bullet Mary Ellen LOWRY(600) was born in 1837. She died in 1910. She was married to Madsion ROLL .

bullet Georgia LUMLEY(8) was married to William Edward (Edgar) FRAMPTON. Children were: Charles FRAMPTON, Oscar FRAMPTON.

bullet William Adelbert LYON(5) was married to Peg SHIELDS.

bullet Mary Louise MACDONALD(8) (70) was born about 1870/1972 in Beatrice, Nebraska. (8)(601)(70) She was also known as Mary Louise Mc DONALD.(602)

She was married to Edward Theron Trowbridge FRAMPTON on 5 Dec 1889. Children were: Paul Jean FRAMPTON, Ruth Marguerita (Marquit) FRAMPTON.

bullet David Frampton MAGEE(603) was born in 1823. He died in 1906. Parents: John MAGEE and Sarah (#2) FRAMPTON.

He was married to Abigail RANKIN in 1844.(604) Children were: John Calvin MAGEE.

bullet Jessie E. MAGEE(605) Parents: John Calvin MAGEE and Jennie COLE.

bullet John MAGEE(9) was born in 1784. (606) He died in 1884.(607) Parents: Daniel MAGEE and Catherine KYZER.

He was married to Anna FRAMPTON before 1822.

He was married to Sarah (#2) FRAMPTON. Children were: David Frampton MAGEE .

bullet John Calvin MAGEE(608) was born in 1845. Parents: David Frampton MAGEE and Abigail RANKIN.

He was married to Jennie COLE .(609) Children were: Jessie E. MAGEE.

bullet Nancy Clover MAGEE(610) was born in 1806. She died in 1890.

She was married to William CLUGH . Children were: Thomas Magee CLUGH, James M. CLUGH.

bullet Pauline MAGEE(9) was born in 1827. She died in 1885.(22) She was buried in 1885.

She was married to Hugh Reid FRAMPTON. Children were: John Trimble FRAMPTON, David Marion FRAMPTON, Sarah Emma FRAMPTON, Thurston Harvey FRAMPTON, Mary F. FRAMPTON, Laura Belle FRAMPTON.

bullet W. A. MALLORY(611) was married to Eva F. WRIGHTNOUR.

bullet Jane MANN(9) (70) was born about 1790.(70) She was born in 1805 in Pennsylvania.(9) Parents: _____? MANN.

She was married to Isaac (#1) FRAMPTON. Children were: James William FRAMPTON , Ephraim Mann FRAMPTON, David (#3) FRAMPTON, Hiram FRAMPTON, Ora FRAMPTON, Isaac (#3) FRAMPTON, Rebecca Jane FRAMPTON.

bullet Sarah MANN(9) (70) was born between 1788 and 1801 in New Jersey. (70)(71) She resided before 1818 in Pennsylvania.(71) She died on 18 Nov 1869 in Symmes Creek (Lawrence Co.), Ohio. (71) Parents: _____? MANN.

She was married to Martin F. FRAMPTON Esc. in 1818 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. Children were: Sarah Jane FRAMPTON, Barbara Ann FRAMPTON, Mary Ann FRAMPTON, Elizabeth (Eliza) Isabel (Isobel) FRAMPTON, Rachel Zanetta (#1) FRAMPTON, Martin Mann FRAMPTON, William Gardiner FRAMPTON, James Robert FRAMPTON , Caroline Gertrude FRAMPTON, Isaac Gillen FRAMPTON, Lucinda Alice FRAMPTON.

bullet Anna Barbara MARTIN(15) (345)(9) (70)(130) was born on 19 Mar 1749 in Ludwigsburg, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemburg, Germany. (345) or on 26 Oct 1753 in Reading (Berks Co.), Pennsylvania. (132)(70) (130) She died in Aug 1822 in Burlington (Lawrence Co.), Ohio.(130) (612) Parents: Johann Eberhard MARTIN and Jacobina (Jacoberrea) Elizabeth WUNDERLICH.

She was married to John FRAMPTON jr. in 1780 in Derry twp. (Mifflin Co.), Pennsylvania. (613) Children were: Rachel (#1) FRAMPTON, Ephraim FRAMPTON, Rev. Elijah FRAMPTON sr., Martin F. FRAMPTON Esc. , Isaac (#1) FRAMPTON, Edward Hunt FRAMPTON, Sarah (#3) FRAMPTON, William (#3) FRAMPTON.

bullet Hiram Mc CRACKEN(23) Parents: William McCRACKEN and Mary Elizabeth BELL.

Children were: Robert Greenwood Mc CRACKEN.

bulletOlen Quay Mc CRACKEN(23). Parents: Robert Greenwood Mc CRACKEN. Children were: Daniel Greenwood Mc CRACKEN.

bulletRobert Greenwood Mc CRACKEN(23). Parents: Hiram Mc CRACKEN. Children were: Olen Quay Mc CRACKEN.

bulletFrancis Marion Mc CUNE(614) was born on 5 Aug 1868 in Marietta (Washington Co.), Ohio. Parents: Martin Mc CUNE and Mary CARROLL.

He was married to Cora Belle COMPTON on 11 Feb 1893.(615) They were divorced.(616)

bullet Mathilda (Matilda) Mc DOWELL(5) was born in 1807.(5) She died in 1883. (5)

She was married to Major Jonathan FRAMPTON . Children were: Amos FRAMPTON, David FRAMPTON, Hannah Jane FRAMPTON, John Hagan FRAMPTON, Mary Elizabeth FRAMPTON , Matilda (#2) FRAMPTON.

bullet Sarah Mc Eheny(17) was also known as Sarah Mc Ilheney. She was married to Benjamin FRAMPTON . Children were: Myrtie FRAMPTON.

bullet Clarissa McCLUTCHEN(3) (1) was a seamstress. Parents: David Mc CLUTCHEN and Sarah _____?.

She was married to Eli ROLL on 24 Jun 1858 in Elred twp. (Jefferson Co.), Pennsylvania.(617) Children were: Seth Clover ROLL, Fenimore Cooper ROLL, David ROLL.

bullet William McCRACKEN(23) was married to Mary Elizabeth BELL. Children were: Hiram Mc CRACKEN.

bullet Eva McCULLER(3) (1) was married to Seth Clover ROLL in Corning, New York. Children were: Sarah Beatrice ROLL, Raymond ROLL, Frank Kingsbury ROLL, Helen ROLL, Harry ROLL, Raymond ROLL, Dorothy ROLL.

bullet Susan McNAB(5) was married to Heber Rex SHIELDS. Children were: Vernon Frampton SHIELDS, Elbert Kent SHIELDS, Edith Claire SHIELDS, Rachel Ethel SHIELDS, Emma Margaret SHIELDS, Susan Rexine SHIELDS.

bullet George W. MEEKINS(9) (210) was married to Adda Arena (Irene) FRAMPTON. Children were: Laverne (Jack) MEEKINS .

bullet Laverne (Jack) MEEKINS(210) Parents: George W. MEEKINS and Adda Arena (Irene) FRAMPTON .

Children were: Lois Darlene MEEKINS.

bulletRomaine MEYERS(8). was married to William Henry BRYAN in 1851. Children were: Grace BRYAN, Ray L. BRYAN, Jessie R. BRYAN, Myrtle BRYAN.

bullet Nellie M. MOHNEY(14) (618) was born on 12 Jun 1862. She died on 12 Mar 1939. Parents: Peter MOHNEY.

She was married to Bryon (Bryan) Hayes (Hays) FRAMPTON on 12 Apr 1882.(619) Children were: James Villard FRAMPTON, Samuel FRAMPTON, Romaine FRAMPTON.

bullet _____? MONTGOMERY was born in 1792.(15) was married to Sarah (#4) FRAMPTON.

bullet _____? MOORE(16) was married to Vera FRAMPTON.

bullet Harold Boise MOORE(5) was born in 1904. (5) He died in 1977. (5) Parents: James E. MOORE and Mary Core SHIELDS.

bullet Howard Shields MOORE(5) was born in 1901. (5) He died in 1976. (5) Parents: James E. MOORE and Mary Core SHIELDS.

bullet James E. MOORE(5) died in 1908. (5) He was married to Mary Core SHIELDS . Children were: Howard Shields MOORE, Harold Boise MOORE.

bullet Allen G. MORRIS(8) Parents: E. J. MORRIS and Myrtle BRYAN.

bullet Brownie M. MORRIS(8) was born about 1890. Parents: E. J. MORRIS and Myrtle BRYAN.

She was married to Sewell G. WAITE in 1913.

bullet E. J. MORRIS(8) was born about 1860. He was married to Myrtle BRYAN in 1882. Children were: Allen G. MORRIS, Romaine MORRIS , Helen MORRIS, Brownie M. MORRIS.

bullet Helen MORRIS(8) was born about 1880. Parents: E. J. MORRIS and Myrtle BRYAN .

She was married to H. P. FISCHBACH M. D. in 1909.

bullet Romaine MORRIS(8) Parents: E. J. MORRIS and Myrtle BRYAN.

bullet Isabelle Boyd MORRISON(620) (621) was born in 1882.(622) She died in 1905.(623) She was buried in 1905 in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania.

She was married to Amos T. WILLIAMS.

bullet Eupemia Lucretia MOULTON

She was married to Thomas De Vera SMITH on 7 Sep 1898. Children were: Paul Moulton SMITH.


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