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bullet Gertrude Mary STRAUSSMYER(702) (147) was born on 30 Mar 1885. She died on 29 July 1967 and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery; Maryville, Missouri.

She resided in Ravenwood (Nodaway Co.), Missouri. Parents: Andrew (#2) STRAUSSMYER and Anna Mary BREMER (BRENNER).

She was married to Lewis Edward FRAMPTON. Children were: Leo Raymond FRAMPTON, Leslie David FRAMPTON, Victoria Mildred FRAMPTON, Florence Elizabeth FRAMPTON , Leona Gertrude FRAMPTON, Oran Samuel FRAMPTON, Sylvester Norbert FRAMPTON , Leo R. FRAMPTON, Leslie D. FRAMPTON, Victoria M. FRAMPTON, Florence E. FRAMPTON, Leona G. FRAMPTON.

bullet (infant) STROBLE(703) was born on 15 Mar 1892 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois. She died on 15 Mar 1892 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois. Parents: Warren Bruce STROBLE and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gertrude COMPTON.

bullet Warren Bruce STROBLE(704) was born on 10 Dec 1871 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois.(705) He died on 24 Mar 1923.(706) He was buried in Grand View cemetery; Los Angeles, California. (707) Parents: Jack STROBLE and Lucinda FREEMAN.

He was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gertrude COMPTON on 19 Jun 1891. (708) Children were: (infant) STROBLE.

bullet Philip STROUP(9) was born in 1766. (15)

He was married to Margaret (#1) FRAMPTON . Children were: William STROUP, Sophia STROUP.

bullet Sophia STROUP was born in 1814. She died in 1887. Parents: Philip STROUP and Margaret (#1) FRAMPTON.

bullet William STROUP Parents: Philip STROUP and Margaret (#1) FRAMPTON.

bullet Elizabeth Agnes SUTCH(14) was married to Clyde Leslie CURLL.

bullet Charles (Chuck) Thomas TAYLOR(20) was born on 20 Apr 1919 in Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. He died before 1990. Parents: Thomas TAYLOR and Martha BROOKLING.

He was married to Dorothy Liberty Belle SMETTERS on 8 Nov 1941. Children were: Charles Thomas TAYLOR, Robert David TAYLOR.

bullet Charles Thomas TAYLOR(20) was born on 29 Feb 1944 in Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. Parents: Charles (Chuck) Thomas TAYLOR and Dorothy Liberty Belle SMETTERS .

Child: Peter TAYLOR.

He was married to Cheryl _____?.

bullet Robert David TAYLOR was born on 31 Oct 1945 in Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. Parents: Charles (Chuck) Thomas TAYLOR and Dorothy Liberty Belle SMETTERS.

He was married to Pat ANDERSON. Children were: Cary TAYLOR, Dean TAYLOR, Todd TAYLOR, Rob TAYLOR, Jesse TAYLOR.

bullet Mary Abby TERRY(15) was born on 12 Jul 1840 in Crooked Creek, Iowa.(15) (709) She died on 5 Dec 1917 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah.(15) (710) Parents: William Reynolds TERRY and Mary Allen PHILLIPS.

She was married to William Martindale H. FRAMPTON on 27 May 1855 in Pleasant Grove (Utah Co.), Utah. Children were: Mary Alice FRAMPTON, William Reynolds FRAMPTON , Harrison Martindale FRAMPTON, Eliza Ann FRAMPTON, Joseph Franklin FRAMPTON, Flora Marie (Maria) FRAMPTON, Annie Laura FRAMPTON , Eva May FRAMPTON, Otto Lyman FRAMPTON, Caroline Minerva FRAMPTON.

bullet Martha Ann THOMAS(8) (711)(9) was born in 1834. She was born in 1834/35. (70) She died in Nov 1886/1887(70) in DeSoto, Kansas. (712) .

She was married to Thomas C. JOHNSON before 1860. Children were: Mary JOHNSON, T.C. JOHNSON.

She was married to William Walker FRAMPTON on 24 Feb 1866 in DeSoto, Kansas. Children were: Miles FRAMPTON, Wilbur FRAMPTON, Helena (Lena) FRAMPTON.

bullet Nelia May THOMAS(147) was buried in Sweet Home cemetery; Ravenwood (Nodaway Co.), Missouri. Parents: Lott THOMAS and Kate ALLEN.

She was married to Everett Samuel FRAMPTON . Children were: Rachel Catherine FRAMPTON, Dora Elizabeth FRAMPTON, Mabel Clara FRAMPTON , Roberyta Maye FRAMPTON.

bullet Alexander Irving THOMPSON(14) was born on 15 Aug 1834.(14) He died in Feb 1912. (14) Parents: William THOMPSON and Mary Ann BLOOM.

He was married to Catherine HARSHORN on 2 Feb 1860. Child: William Lytle THOMPSON.

bullet Andrew Raymond THOMPSON(14) was born on 17 May 1898.(14) Parents: William Lytle THOMPSON and Grace Alice JACKSON .

He was married to Margaret Mathilde GEDDERT on 5 June 1923.

bullet William THOMPSON(14) was born in 1812. (14) He died in 1854. (14)

He was married to Mary Ann BLOOM in 1830. Children were: Alexander Irving THOMPSON.

bullet William Lytle THOMPSON(14) was born on 29 Mar 1870.(14) He died on 26 Jan 1935. (14) Parents: Alexander Irving THOMPSON and Catherine HARSHORN.

He was married to Grace Alice JACKSON on 3 Feb 1897. Children were: Andrew Raymond THOMPSON.

bullet Jean (Jennie) TRIGG(713) was born on 24 Apr 1873 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois. She died on 3 Feb 1950 in Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. She was buried on 7 Feb 1950 in Bement (Piatt Co.), Illinois. (714) She was born in Lincoln (Logan Co.), Illinois.(715) Parents: William TRIGG and Elizabeth CUTLIP.

She was married to Charles Edward COMPTON on 3 Feb 1901 in Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. (716)

bullet Lucinda TROWBRIDGE(717) (9)(70) (130)(61) was born on 8 Apr 1811 in Ulysses twp. (Tompkins Co.), New York.(63) (70) (130) Parents: Heman TROWBRIDGE and Abigail Comfort PRITCHARD.

She was married to Rev. Elijah FRAMPTON sr. on 8 May 1828 in Burlington (Lawrence Co.), Ohio.(63) (70) Children were: Elijah Gillen FRAMPTON, John Martin FRAMPTON, Rachel Jane FRAMPTON, Isabelle Rogers FRAMPTON .

bullet Stanford TUTWILER(8) was married to Romaine JOHNSON in 1914.

bullet John Francis Van WAGNER was married to Eliza Luvernia SMITH on 16 Jun 1886.

bullet Sewell G. WAITE(8) was married to Brownie M. MORRIS in 1913.

bullet Robert Sylvester WALKER(15) (718) was born on 19 Feb 1861 in Draper (Salt Lake), Utah. (15)

bullet_____? WEDDELL(18). was married to Janet Estella FRAMPTON. Child: Janet Frampton WEDDELL.

bullet Janet Frampton WEDDELL(18) resided in 1998 in Florida.(18) Parents: _____? WEDDELL and Janet Estella FRAMPTON.

She was married to (first husband) TRUMBLE.

She was married to (second husband) PETERS.

bullet Dr. Fred S. WELLS(5) was married to Edith Zella SHIELDS. Children were: Frederick L. WELLS.

bullet Frederick L. WELLS(5) was born in 1920. (5) Parents: Dr. Fred S. WELLS and Edith Zella SHIELDS.

bullet John Jesse WELLS(238) was born on 23 Nov 1836 in Pluiville, Pennsylvania. He was buried in 1909 in Marion Center, Pennsylvania. He died on 15 Jan 1909. Parents: Rev. Levi WELLS and Olivia (?) LUCKHARDT.

He was married to Mary Annis FRAMPTON on 31 Mar 1862.

bullet Thelma WEST(15) was married to Burton Beck FRAMPTON.

bullet Othelia W. WHITE(5) was married to Jack SHIELDS. Child: John Frampton SHIELDS .

bullet Mary WHITSELL(9) was married to George (#2) FRAMPTON. Children were: Cecilia FRAMPTON , Myrtle FRAMPTON, Rebecca FRAMPTON, Attila S. FRAMPTON.

bullet Amanda (Amatha) WHITTAKER(8) (719) was married to John Martin FRAMPTON on 25 Dec 1872. Children were: Mendall Garbutt FRAMPTON , John Ross FRAMPTON.

bullet Rosa Jane WILCOX(147) resided in Nodaway Co., Missouri. She resided in Eunice (Texas Co.), Missouri. Parents: Andrew WILCOX and Ida DICKSON.

She was married to Alpha Roy FRAMPTON. Children were: Raymond Alvin FRAMPTON , Roy Ernest FRAMPTON, Loran David FRAMPTON, Edna May FRAMPTON, Neva Fay FRAMPTON, Dorothy FRAMPTON, (infant) FRAMPTON, Elmer Lawrence FRAMPTON.

bullet (Lucinda) Mary WILLIAMS(238) was born on 4 Oct 1819 in Wellesville, Ohio. She was buried in 1902 in Marion Center, Pennsylvania. (720) She died on 8 Aug 1902. Parents: John C. (James John) WILLIAMS and Annis MAYHEW.

She was married to John (#10) FRAMPTON on 3 Sep 1840.(721) Children were: Levi Porter FRAMPTON, Mary Annis FRAMPTON, Charles Augustus FRAMPTON , John W. FRAMPTON.

She was married to Charles POUNDS. Children were: William POUNDS, Clover POUNDS, Franklin POUNDS.

bullet Agnes WILLIAMS(5) was married to Major Jonathan FRAMPTON.

bullet Amos T. WILLIAMS(50) was born in Apr 1872 in Clarion Co., Pennsylvania. He was buried in 1907 in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania. He died on 18 Feb 1907.(722) Parents: Dr. Walter L. WILLIAMS and Anna Belle FRAMPTON.

He was married to Isabelle Boyd MORRISON.

bullet Mary WILLIAMS(5) was married to William (#2) FRAMPTON. Children were: Eliza Jane FRAMPTON, Nancy Williams FRAMPTON, James Fulton FRAMPTON, Samuel Ard FRAMPTON, Amos Jasper FRAMPTON, Hannah Phylistia FRAMPTON , Mary Eloner FRAMPTON, Sarah Emily FRAMPTON, Martha Anna FRAMPTON.

bullet Samuel Walter WILLIAMS(723) (724) Parents: Dr. Walter L. WILLIAMS and Anna Belle FRAMPTON.

He was married to Pauline A. _____? on 1 Sep 1892.(725)

bullet Dr. Walter L. WILLIAMS(726) (727) was born on 13 Apr 1844 in Williamsburg. He died on 7 Nov 1913. He resided in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania.(728)

He was married to Anna Belle FRAMPTON. (50) Children were: Amos T. WILLIAMS, Samuel Walter WILLIAMS.

bullet Mabel WILLIFORD(244) died in 1974 in Oakland (Alameda), California.(165)

She was married to John Gustice FRAMPTON in Jul 1910. Children were: John Myrl FRAMPTON, Opal Irene FRAMPTON.

bullet Elizabeth WILLS was born about 17 Sep 1707.(220) Parents: John (#2) WILLS and Elizabeth H. FRAMPTON.

She was married to Freedom LIPPINCOTT in 1715.

She was married to Bartholemew HORNER in 1721.

bullet Hester WILLS(729) was born before 1714. Parents: John (#2) WILLS and Elizabeth H. FRAMPTON.

She was married to John DEACON in 1726. Children were: George DEACON , John DEACON.

bullet James WILLS(730) was born about 1702. Parents: John (#2) WILLS and Elizabeth H. FRAMPTON.

He was married to Sarah CLEMENT in 1724 in Hadonfield Meeting House.

bullet John (#2) WILLS(15) (50)(9) was born in 1681 in Burlington (Burlington Co.), New Jersey.(15) He resided about 1700 in Burlington (Burlington Co.), New Jersey. He died between 1707 and 1714.

He was a cooper (barrel maker). (731) Parents: John (#1) WILLS.

He was married to Elizabeth H. FRAMPTON in 1701 in Quaker meeting.. Children were: James WILLS, William WILLS, Elizabeth WILLS, Hester WILLS.

bullet William WILLS(732) was born between 1702 and 1707. Parents: John (#2) WILLS and Elizabeth H. FRAMPTON.

bullet E. H. WILSHIRE(733) was married to Mary E. BITTENBENDER before 1898. (734)

bullet Carolyn Minerva WILSON(735) was born about 1906 in Clarion Co., Pennsylvania. Parents: Charles Callen WILSON.

She was married to _____? O'MALLEY. Child: Carol Susan O'MALLEY.

bullet Charles Callen WILSON(394) (735) was born in 1877. Parents: Hon. John Harvey WILSON and Minerva Jane FRAMPTON.

Child: Carolyn Minerva WILSON.

bulletEster Clara WILSON(394) was born on 6 Sep 1899 in Sligo (Clarion Co.), Pennsylvania. She died in Apr 1983 in Knox (Clarion Co.), Pennsylvania. Parents: Richard Thomas WILSON and Jessie Bertha KIFER.

She was married to Gerald Watson BALTZER on 1 Jul 1922. Children were: William Wilson BALTZER, Richard Robert BALTZER, Margaret Marie BALTZER, John Jay BALTZER.

bullet Eva Pearl WILSON(394) was born in 1874. Parents: Hon. John Harvey WILSON and Minerva Jane FRAMPTON.


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