Saturday August 27 1836

State of Indiana Clerks Office August 27, 1836

Floyd County

Be it remembered that on this day upon application of Sarah Baptist CHESHIRE and William P. CAMPBELL to me Henry W SMITH Clerk of the Court of Probate for the County of Floyd aforesaid. Administration of all and Singular the Goods Chatles rights Credits monies and affects which were of John Baptist CHESHIRE late of said County at the time of his Death is granted by me to him the said Sarah Baptist CHESHIRE and William S. CAMPBELL whereupon they together with Peter L HOEY their Security have entered into an acknowledged bond in the penalty of Six hundred Dollars conditioned according to law and taken the Oath prescribed by the Statute in such case made and provided

Henry W SMITH Clerk

A year later Sarah returned to court to swear as to the date of her husband's death and at this time another administrator was named.

Monday August 28 1937

At a Court of Probate for the county of Floyd in the State of Indiana begun and held at the Court House in New Albany on Monday the 28th day of August AD 1837 before the Honl Seth WOODRUFF Sole Judge ---- On motion of Robert A. MERCER It is ordered that he be appointed Administrator de bonis non of all the goods chattles rights credits monies & effects which were of John B. CHESHIRE at the time of his death. Upon his entering into an acknowledged bond in the final sum of $500. with Benjamin JACKSON as his security.

Sarah B. CHESHIRE appeareth in open court and made oath that her late Husband John CHESHIRE departed this life on the 10th day of August 1836, thirty-six

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