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Wyatt Shely

(Column from "Anderson News"  Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., KY

(undated, but after 12/6/1973)

Chesser (Chesher-Cheshire)

   I ran across the name while doing research
on (the) Day after (the Battle of) Perryville.  On
October 9, 1862, following Perryville both armies pass-
ed through Anderson County, following the old Har-
rodsburg-Bardstown Road.  Though the trail did lead
past McCalls Spring, where there was quite a skirmish,
the main trail was considerably southwest of town and
followed the Old Delany (later Mitchell) Road over
what is now known as the Anderson City Road.

   The main fighting on that day occurred a mile or two
from Fox Creek and the occurence is recorded as
"Battle of Dog Walk".  Several bodies were later moved
by the U.D.C. to Lawrenceburg.

   Chesser's store was invaded by retreating soldiers,
who left his candy counter and cracker barrel empty,
and every other type of 'raw' food was either eaten
or carried away.  Heavy fighting, resulting in a
half-dozen or more deaths occurred nearby; near what
was for years known as the Wilson Farm.  This was not
far from the little settlement known as Dog Walk, now
covered by Beaver lake.  The Historical marker in
Fox Creek gives details.

   Wilfred Chesser, owner of the store, was married in
1833 to America Hackley, daughter of John (1782-1841) 
and Jane (1793-1874) Hackley, who lived just a short
distance south-west of Fox Creek.  The Hackley grave-
yard atop a steep hill can be seen from the main highway,
U.S.  62.  The Chesser graveyard on Anderson City
Road is long-neglected and hardly recognizable.
W. G. Chesser was the first of that name to appear
in Anderson County census (1840).  he was still listed in 1850.

   The 1850 census, the first to give much detailed infor-
mation, gives Wilford, 41, born in Virginia; America,
35 born in Kentucky, with children-Mary J. 16; Alice,
12; Sarah, 11; Robert, 7; James 4; and Frances, 4 months.

   The post office known as Chesser's Store was esta-
blished in May 1851 with Wilford G. Chesser as post-
master.  In 1854 the name was changed to Buckner's
Store with Albert C. Mullins as post master.  Later post
masters here were Andrew Cassidy and Benjamin F.
Wash.  The post office was discontinued in 1865. 

   Another Chesser family lived in the Pleasant Grove
neighborhood, where J. M. Chesser was several times
pastor of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (org. 1844).  
He was active in several Shelby County churches and
assisted in organizing the Friendship, Anderson coun-
ty, church in 1854.

   Though most Chesser graves of which I have a
record are in Washington County, particularly at
Rockbridge, Brush Grove, and Mount Zion, there are a
few in Anderson, and no doubt many in Nelson,
Spencer and Shelby where the Chesser family was
found at an early date.

   Names of James H., Isaish B., and Robert Chesser
appear in the Anderson County militia for the late
1860's.  These were all sons of Wilfred and America

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