Smith/Anderson genealogy - including Smith, Foglesong, Dunlap, Crawford, Burton, Trueblood, James, Stagner, Anderson, Hunter, Johansen(Bjerkli), Kerr, Hardy, Weatherbee. Included also are pages for Lyda Trueblood/Mrs Bluebeard - The first Serial Killer and Descendants of Henrie and Maude Jaques 1535 of Wiltshire, England
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Family History for the House of Smith

The family of Stephen and Linda Smith came to be in 1994. Since that time they have spent many hours together tracing their family histories.
This page is the gateway to those family histories.

Stephen's families include:
Smith, Dunlap, Crawford, Burton,
Foglesong, Trueblood, James and Stagner .

Descendants of Anderson & Rebecca Thompson Smith
Pipe Photo - sons of Anderson & Rebecca Smith
Pipe Photo - Sons of Anderson & Rebecca Smith
Abt  1850 - DeKalb county, Missouri

Linda's families include:
Howland Crest Armstrong Crest   Kerr Crest

Johansen (Bjerkli), Kerr, Hardy, Weatherbee

Anderson, Hunter, Titus, Jakway

Jaques Crest
Descendants of Henrie & Maude Jaques, of Wiltshire, England

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