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~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Washington Smith Gilliam

BIOGRAPHY: 1847-1849-Went to California for the Gold Fields for two years.
1851-1852-Sheriff of Polk County.                      1852-1853-County Assesor for Polk County.                      1853-1854-Member of the Oregon Legislature.                      1859-Moved to Walla Walla, Washington, where he raised Cattle, later changing to growing fruit which he shipped to Portland.              1861-1862-Elected to Washington Territorial Legislature.             1863-First Sheriff of Walla Walla County.                      Resided at 315 Newell Street in Walla Walla.                      
Autobiography written by Wm. Smith Gilliam of immigration to Oregon.
Reportedly all of his children were 6 foot tall or more, including the girls.

BIOGRAPHY: Article in Seattle Post Intelligencer-June 14 1907-includes Photo.
Photo of Family in "Chronicles from PeDee, OR" by Lena Belle Tartar (Dec 1898)
Occupation-Turn Key at the Walla Walla Penitentiary.

DEATH: Obituary-Feb. 22, 1909 in Daughters Scrapbook. Listed as born "Near St. Joseph" and "Near Liberty" in MO.

BURIAL: Burial-Tombstone states W.S. Gilliam (24 Feb 1829-22 Feb 1909).

Esther Aldrich Taylor

Came to Oregon in 1852 with parents. Family Info-"Chronicles of PeDee OR" by Lena Belle Tartar.

DEATH: Obituary-WW Union Bulletin 29 Sep and 30 Sep 1909 (p. 5).

BURIAL:  Tombstone states Esther A. Gilliam (12 Feb 1831-28 Sep 1909)

Marriage Notes for Washington Smith Gilliam and Esther Aldrich Taylor-3719

Alta Californian 23 Mar 1854 listed Marriage in Polk Co. OR. 23 Feb. Anniv-Golden Wedding Anniversary Article in Daughters Scrapbook. (23 Feb 1904)