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Ephraim's glory is like the firstling of his bullocks and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.
~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


William A Willis


James B Crawford

James B. Crawford came to America with his brother Gardner, landing in New York in 1849. He married in New York, and went to Jackson county, Iowa, to the town of Preston, in the fall of 1864. There he bought a farm of 80 acres, with good improvements.

DEATH: OBITUARY - James Crawford Passes Away
    James Crawford was born in Coreen, Antrim Co., Ireland, August 10th 1832 and passed away in St. paul, Minnesota, March 15th 1926.
    He came to New York in 1849, crossing the Atlantic in a sailing vessel requiring seven weeks. In 1861 he was married to Miss Sarah Alpaugh in New York. to this union were born six children: Mrs. Jennie E. Robinson, of Fonda, Iowa; Robert J. of Owen, Wisconsin; Rutherford B., of St. Paul, Minn.; Rosa M., who passed away in Feb. 1903; Isabell, who died in May 1890 and Marshall, who died in 1911.
    In 1864 he moved to Jackson county, Iowa, and for nearly fifty-nine years was a highly respected citizen of this coummunity. The companion of his youth passed away in Nov. 1903.
    In the fall of 1926, he went to make his home with his son, Rutherford and family in St. Paul, where he spent the remainder of his days happy and contented. His Bible was a source of great comfort to him.
"I cannot say, and will not say
That he is dead. He is just away.
With a cheery smile and a wove of the hand
He has wandered into an unknown land.
And left us dreaming, how very fair
It needs must be, since he lingers there.
And you--O you, who the wildest yearn
For the old time step and the glad return,
Think of him faring on, as dear
In the love of There, as the love of here.
Think of him still, as the same, I say
He is not dead; he is just away.
    The funeral services were held in the M. E. church in Miles at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday, conducted by the pastor, Rev. Atkins. those of the immedite family rpesent at the funeral were Rutherford Crawford, wife and son, of St. Paul and Mrs. Herman Hass, a granddaughter, and family of Miles. A nephew f. P.
Crawford and wife were here from Chicago. The pall bearers were Will Carter, Frank Carter, John Frahm, Ernest Frahm, Theo. Erichson and Levi Wells.
    The floral offerings were many and beautiful.

Card of Thanks - We wish to take this opportunity to let our many friends know we apprciate how much they have aided us during our bereavement, the death of our father, James Crawford. To those who assisted in any way and to those who sent flowers we feel we are deeply indebted and assure you all your kindnesses will long be remembered as coming from true friends.
R. B. Crawford and family
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hass

William Crawford

William came to America in June 1846. He lived for several years in Livingston Co., New York, engaged as a farm hand. He came to Jackson Co., Iowa, in March 1855. In the fall of 1855, he went to Minnesota. Returned to Jackson Co., Iowa, in the spring of 1863. He located where he now lives in Iowa Twp. in March 1871. William was a farmer. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Mary Jane Crawford

Mary  never married, and was an invalid at the time of her death.

John Crawford

    Arklook of Crawfordland in Ayreshire, was the castellated seat of the great house of Crawford "which for centuries was associated with the chief events of Scottish History."
    Crawford is cupposed by antiquarian's to signify "The road, or passage, or crossing of blood," a bloody pass. It originated in the circumstances of the Old roman road passing through what is now the Villiage of Crawford, Ayreshire, Scotland, and crossing the Clyde below it towards the present location of the Crawford Castle, which stands on the right bank of the river where it is probable that many bloody conflicts took place, between the Romans and the Briton's. Crawford Castle was built in a remote period of Antiquity, that is to say the oldest part of the tower. It was the seat of the Crawfords of Crawfordland, and was the scene of one of the noble exploits of sir William Wallace.
    According to the deductions of Mr. George Crawford, geneologist and author of the Peerage of Scotland 1718, the Crawfords of Scotland derived their lineage from the old Earle of Richmond. This has been confirmed by a recent discovery in the British Museum. This find consists of an old illumiated manuscript of the Arms of Stephen, third Earl of Richmond, who died in 1104. Their close similtude to the Arms born by Crawford, coupled with the other corroborative evidence leaves hardly a doubt that these old earl's of Richmond and the ancient widely dispersed caledonian family of Crawford spring from the same common progenitors.
    Reginald, the youngest son of Alan, the 4th Earl of Richmond, and the great grandson of Galfridus of Brittany, who died in 1008, was the extreme ancestor of the Crawfords. this Reginald De Crawford was heritable Sheriff of Ayre, an office long held by his posterity. He married about 1200, Margaret, daughter of james Loudon. His son Sir Hugh De Crawford witnessed a charter 1226, and dying in 1246 was succeeded in 1288 and left by his wife Alicia, a son Reginald and a daughter Margaret, who married Sir Malcolm Wallace, laird of Ellerslie, and mother of the immortal patriot and upholder of the freedom of Scotland, Sir William Wallace.
    Wyntoun refers to the lineage of Wallace in these lines: He was cummyn of gentillmen
In symphill state set he was then
His fadyre was a manly knight
His modyre was a lady brycht.
    Sir Reginald De Crawford, also a distinguished patriot, was treacherously murdered at a banquet in 1297, leaving a son Reginald whose only daughter, Susan Crawford, married Sir Duncan Campbell, Knight of loudon, of this line was Captain thomas Crawford, who was commander of the King's forces, and on many occasions distinguished himself in battle. On the 2nd of April 1576, he took the castle of Dumbarton, then held by Lord James fleming, and deemed impregnable. The ancient family crest is the Dumbarton Castle, with the motto "Expugnaavi" as a distinction commemorating the event. The Castle and Kirk of Kilburne are ancient possessions of the Crawford family. the former was destroyed by fire in 1757. Under direction of one of the Earls of Crawford, it was reparied and splendidly ornamented iwth architectural decoration. On the front of the gallery there are emblazoned the armorial bearing of the twleve families with whom that of Crawford are allied.
    Kilbirnie Kird attracts the notice of tourists as well as the curious, in heraldry and antiquities, and is a fair specimen of the humble style of a Scottish Kirk. To the left of the engraving may be seen the tomb of Captain Thomas Crawford, above mentioned, who died Juanuary 3, 1603, and was buried in this mausoleum.
    This Kirk Yard contains the dust of the ancestors of some of the Crawford family in America. the chief modern residence of the family is Crawford Priory in fifeshire, lately the seat of Lady Mary Lidsay Crawford. Sir David Lindsay of the Mount if supposed to have been born here in 1490, whose writings furthered the Reformation of Scotland and who prepared the ground while John Knox sowed the seed.
    Dumbarton Castle has figured for  centuries in the history of the Crawford family. Here Wallace was imprisoned previous to his removal to London.
That portion of the Castle in which he was confined is still called "Wallace Tower," and his huge two handed sword was long kept within it as a relic. The capture of thomas Crawford was affected by means of scaling a precipitous side of rock. When about midway one of the party was sized with an epileptic fit and rendered insensible. To remove him was impossible, and so the ingenious expedient was adopted, of tying the man to the ladder, which was then turned over, and the rest of the party passed over his head. On reaching the top the sentinel was slain before he had time to give the alarm, and the slumbering garrison fell an easy prey to the daring assailants, excepting Lord James Fleming, governor of the Castle, and who with lady fleming affected his escape.

Chicago, Illinois, June 5, 1936, A group of the descendants of: William and Mary Crawford, Gardener and Eliza Crawford, James and Sarah Crawford, [sons of John and Margaret Karnahan Crawford] who settled in Jackson county, Iowa, in the sixties and early seventies of the Nineteenth century, met in reunion in Miles on Satruday and sunday, May 30th and 31st, 1936.
    From early evening of May 29th until the morning of the 31st visitors from the North, East, south and West continued to arrive and check in at the spacious homes of the Crawfords, Kochs, McDonalds and Hass'. The register at the Picnic on sunday afternoon indicated an attendance of fifty-one as follows:

1st gen 2nd gen 3rd gen
*Grace Crawford and *wife of J.W., Gardner's son Mary Crawford and [James Crawford]
Earle and Ethel Crawford - Emerson, Iowa
[*Margaret Jane Crawford] *daughter of Gardner
Frank C. and *Emma W. Koch and
Frances and Ethel Koch - Miles, Iowa

*William M. Crawford *son of William
Sabra Crawford,
Calvin and Irene Bryant and
Florence and Madge Bryant - Miles, Iowa
[Ralph Crawford]
Robert Crawford - Parker, S.D.

*Jennie and A.Y. McDonald - Miles, Iowa *wife of William James, Gardner's son Pearl and Ralph McIntosh and
Marilyn McIntosh - Riverside, Illinois
Rachel and G. Leo Gohlmann - Cuba City, Wis.
Ethel McDonald - Chicago, Ill

*James K and Allie Crawford *son of William
D. Lyle [Lisle] and Lulu Crawford - Miles, Iowa
Charles J. Crawford - Clinton, Iowa
Lucile Crawford - Los Angeles, California
James Crawford - Miles, Iowa

*Francis P. and Selma Crawford *son of Gardner
R. Dale and Irma Crawford and
June Elizabeth Crawford - Chicago, Illinois

*Samuel C. and Laura Crawford - Cameron, Missouri *son of Gardner

*Herman and Winifred Hass - Miles, Iowa *unknown relationship *Ruth Hass Weller - De Witt, Iowa *unknown relationship *Helen and Kenneth Hass - Miles, Iowa *unknown relationship *Mary Jean Hass *unknown relationship

*R. B. and Purl K. Crawford - St. Paul, Minn. *son of James *Ella Rogers *daughter of James

Guests of Honor:
Rev. and Mrs. Albert C. Schue and A. S. Schue - Miles, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Stephens - Cuba, City, Wis.

Other Friends Honoring with Personal Calls:
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Dines - Mt. Carroll, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McKinley - Chicago, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Kelly and Mary Kelly - Delhi, Iowa.

    Loving and wishful thoughts were wafted on the ether to absentees in Los Angeles and Oceanside, California; Denver, Colorado; Creston, Davis City, Emerson and Iowa City, Iowa; Minnesota; Keytsville and McCredie, Missouri; Billings and Broadview, Montana; Fargo, North Dakota; Parker, South Dakota; Harlingen Texas, and Honolulu, Hawaii.
    Perfect weather prevailed and at the beautiful Miles Cemetery on Saturday morning as well as in the City Park in the afternoon we were privileged to meet and greet many family friends, which was a delightful experience.
    The entertainment accorded visiting members by the "Home Folks" in their homes and culminating in the general Picnic was beyond adequate description, and we can only pronounce it fully up to the established high standard of Miles hospitality.
    As visiting members we desire to express our thankful appreciation, first to the Minister and Board of the Old Home Church for courtesies extended, and secondly tot eh Crawford, Koch, McDonald, Bryant and Hass families for their loving sacrifices and labor in our behalf, and to make this, our latest re-union, one long to be remembered. The "Grads" were glad, the "Seniors" satisfied, and the "Juniors" jubilant.
Contributed by Francis P. and Selma Crawford and Family.

Notes from Alvin Crawford's family bible; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford came to Hebert county, dublin, Ontario, Canada August 1861 and Thomas died 1864. Alvin's grandfather William married Dec. 20, 1882, and Alvin's father's name was William. Alvin told Wayne and Louise Smith that his great-great grandfather was John Crawford, and that he was born in county Antrim, Ireland. as of 1992 there has been no connection made.

Francis Marion Collins

Migrated from Missouri to California then to Oregon in 1846. [Polk County Pioneer Sketches, p. 73, Mrs. Elizabeth Collins' Story.
1860 Census-Polk Co. OR (Household 715)
1870 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR p. 281.
1880 Census-Luckamute, Polk Co. OR p. 504.
1900 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR (ED 173 SH 10)
1910 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR (ED 240 SH 5A)
1920 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR (ED 381 SH 5 L 50)

Martha Elizabeth Gilliam

1860 Census-Polk Co. OR (Household 715)
1870 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR p. 281.
1880 Census-Luckamute, Polk Co. OR p. 504. (Lillie Sebring & Henrietta Coad)
1900 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR (ED 173 SH 10)
1910 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR (ED 240 SH 5A)
1920 Census-Dallas, Polk Co. OR (ED 381 SH 5 L 50)
Raised Lillie (b. 1872), later Mrs. Joseph. (Foster Daughter)