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Ephraim's glory is like the firstling of his bullocks and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.
~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Mrs Laverna Mae Murphy

DEATH: The family was going to gather in at their folks later tonight (Dec 24, 2003). Laverna had been feeling pretty good and was making a pot of chili when she started feeling bad and decided to go upstairs, rest, and watch Gunsmoke. She had her oxygen on and Paul Wesley was laying there with her. She remarked: "Do you want me to tell you how this one ends?" He said he knew he had seen it before, but he couldn't remember. They had a laugh about that. She took a couple of deep sighs and was gone.