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Ephraim's glory is like the firstling of his bullocks and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.
~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Lois Alice Smith

Lois Smith graduated from Cameron High School, and was a reporter for the Merchants Credit Bureau, Kansas City, Missouri. Lois was a member of the Paseo Methodist Chruch, Kansas City, Missouri. Her husband John was a welder, and saw no military service.

Stories from tape September 19, 1991
    She broke her hip the first time, right after John & I were married. I remember they had been someplace, and my Dad ran over a culvert with the buggy and somehow Mama broke her hip - the first time. The reason I know it was not long after John and I were married, - in 1922, - Pappa would come out and help John on the farm, and I would go and take care of Mama, before we had any kids or anything. They made her stay in bed about a month, and I bathed her and took care of her. When she got over that, we had bare floors in the bedroom with just throw rugs on them, and she had gotten where she could walk with a cane, and she said, "surely I can get from my chair over to the dresser and get my comb and brush, with out having to call Lois," so she got up and one of the throw rugs slipped with her, and she broke the other leg.
    I was just a little girl, spoiled, and Paul helped with that. I didn't know Grandma Smith smoked. She usually smoked on the back porch, that was behind her room. I was just a "arnery" little kid, and I knew Grandma was in the outhouse. "You know what an outhouse is, don't you?" I saw smoke coming out, and I wondered what was going on, so I got a box, and climbed up where I could peek in through the "half moon," and there she sat, smoking a pipe.
    Mother's sister, Aunt Ellen's grand-daughter Debra and I were like sisters, growing up. Her daughter, Mary Ellen has the bone disease, that has ran in the family since way back. She is the only girl. It has always been passed down from the female, to at least one son. Not always, but that's the way it came down, and Mary Ellen is the only girl to have it. Aunt Ellen was Queenies' mother. aunt Ellen was my mother's sister. queenie's daughter Deborah was Mary Ellen's mother. so that is the way it was passed down to her. ANDERSON SMITH'S LOG CABIN - built in 1833
    It was about a mile north of where we lived. (The Old Homestead). The Redd's lived right on the corner, the cabin was across the road and back in the field from the Redds', and the Wamsley's lived down the road. It is gone now, but I have a picture of it, with Helen and Homer. (This picture is in the "Grand river Trail" history book.)
    I don't remember when all of Paul's children were born. I remember one christmas, this was after about the 6th or 7th child. We were packing a christmas box for the family. I said to John, "I don't remember if there is a baby or not," and John said, "put in a rattle anyway, if there isn't one now there will be." We always sent something at Christmas, we didn't have much, but thought we had a little more than paul. Never a day goes by here (the retirement home), that I don't mention Paul's wonderful family.
    My brothers, eddie and Eugene and one of Queenie's boys, I don't remember if it was Vince or Clyde, went to California in a model T. I don't remember when, but I was in high school. they stayed two or three years. I remember when Eddie came back, John and & were fixing to get married, this was 1923. I worked in the drug store, and knew everyone in Cameron, and I had just been given a wedding shower, and I think everyone in Camerson gave me a present. I remember Eddie looking at all the presents, and saying, "I've heard about things like this, but I don't think I ever saw anything like it."

William Bennett Burton

BIOGRAPHY:  Bill Burton graduated from Cameron High School, and received an A.B. degree in chemistry from Tarkio College, Tarkio, Atchison, Missouri in 1942 after attending four years. He also attended Ohio Stated University, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, and the University of Colorado, Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, where he recieved his master's degree.
    He entered the U.S. Navy in 1945 at Great Lakes, Illinois, and was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant, JG in about 1946 in California. He was a personnel officer and served about one year in Hollandia, New Guinea, and about one year at sidney, Australia.