William Elias Sykes is the first known resident of Smith County, Tennessee with the surname of Sykes who lived his entire life as a resident of Smith County. We have a family web site with all of the current information that we have been able to locate on any individual with the surname of Sykes or Sikes who resided in Smith County. This web site has been added to this location for the benefit of the descendants of all Sykes/Sikes family members with a connection to Smith County, Tennessee who might not otherwise be able to locate our family web site. We hope that the descendants of any member of our family who lived in, or passed through, Smith County will use our family web site as an opportunity to help each other learn more about our family history. The family web site can be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page. We hope to eventually include all information that we can locate in the Smith County records, or elsewhere, that relates to any Smith County resident with the surname of Sykes or Sikes. We invite anyone who is a descendant of these families to share their genealogical information. Together, we hope to develop one location where all of our family members can visit to learn about our ancestors and descendants who lived in Smith County, Tennessee.

It will not be possible to include all of the information about our family members on this web site but we hope to maintain our family web site to provide links to other related web sites. These other web sites are not within our control and some links may not always work. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but will do our best to keep all links updated. When you find one of these problems, please let us know so that corrective action may be taken. Please feel free to comment on the information listed here, especially if you find information which you believe to be incorrect. All genealogical material is subject to errors and we hope to make corrections as soon as possible after being notified. Your help and assistance is appreciated.

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