Last updated 17 April 2001
Extracts from the Sheffield Catalogue of Deeds (Family History Library film No. 178 6066)

Grant, 19 May 1553
Christopher EYRE of Highlow Derbyshire and Robert EYRE his son to Thomas SKERGELL of Sheffeld - One messuage or burgage in Sheffeld between the Shambles on the west and common Bakhouse on east and one dole of land (½ acre) in the townfield of Sheffeld between Skergells land on west & Colston croft on east & also one third part on one Close in Sheffield lying next Crokesmore.  For £124 8d to hold of the Lord.  Appoints as attorneys John WILLSON & Robert MORE of Sheffeld.  [On dorse] Livery of Seisin 19 May 1553.  Witnesses Robert STRANGVEDGE, Robert HEPTONSTLL, John SAWOOD, Thomas HORNER, Thomas BYRLAY, Richard FORTH, Robert ATKYN, Thomas STRANWEDGE, Thomas CLARKE.

Covenant, 4 Sep 1562 
Thomas BRAY of Sheffeld to Thomas BARBER of Westend in Co. of Derbyshire.  Uses of a fine & agreement as to a quiet succession of heirs regarding all messuages, cottages, buildings, lands etc. in the town or fields of Sheffeld or Bridgehouses or Attercliffe sold by Thomas PARKER of Augley (Co. Notts.) to Bray & Barber 4 September 1562.  Witnesses Richard FENTON, Edward APPROBIN & Roger BARBER.

Grant, 29 Jan 1578/79
Robert EYRE of Edall co. Derby gent. To William SKARGELL of Sheffeld 'boocher' (in fullfillment of an agreement on 22 October 1577).  One messuage or burgage in Sheffeld in the occupation of Robert STANYFORTH between the common meat market called the Shamells west & the common Bakehouse east & a close called Stonyhirste (2 acres) in the tenancy of Dionise SKARGELL widow next to a parcell of waste land called Crokesmore & another parcell in the Townfeld to hold of the Lord[On dorse] Livery of Seisin 29 January1578/9 witnessed by John TRIPPITT, Arthur CLEATON, Robert SKARGELL, Nicholas SANDERSON, Robert STANYFORTH, William SHEMELD, Edward CROOKE, Francis HORNER, Gilbert BOWMAR & John BOWER.

Indenture of bargain and sale, 30 Dec 1603
Thomas CHALNOR of Blyth (Co. Notts) yeoman to Thomas SKARGELL of Sheffield, yeoman.  One messuage called Costnott Hall in Sheffield near the Yrish Cross & all the buildingscontaining 8 bays of housing slated with stone or slate; one house serving for a kitchen, one house called an outshoote containing one bay slated one barn of two bays one other barn containing three bays one other barn thatched with broom containing two bays & the outshoot to this barn, one fold or yard, one garden, 2 little tofts or crofts all now in Skargells occupation & they 'do lye to' another house of Chalnors & the lands of John CRESWICKE in Ann WARTERs holding south & Thomas ELLIOTs north & the High Street leading from Irish Cross towards Coston Croft - one other close in occupation of Jennet CHALNOR, widow, next to Skargells house with the High Street east & a close called the pitts on Westbarr.  For £135 saving only the right of dower of Anne, Chalnor's wife & of the lord of the fee.  30 December 1603.  Witnessed by Robert ROLLINSON, Robert SKARGELL, Hugh CHALNOR, William WRIGHT, George HANCOCKE, John HARRISON, Thomas WRIGHT, Matthew BLYTH, Thomas HOWSLEY & Peter RONKSLEY.

Feofment in Trust, 25 Jun 1622
Robert ROLLINSON of Sheffield, mercer, to James CRESWICK the elder of Sheffield, yeoman, and William SKARGELL of Sheffield, mercer.  A close now severed into fower partes called Lister Feild in Brightside byerley in the occupation of the said R.R. and a new house in the occupation of said Robert at the east end of the same and a cottage in the occupation of John STEVENSON at the west end, in trust to the use of the said Robert during his life and after his death the new house and the two partes of Listerfeild adjoining to the use of Jerome ROLLINSON son of Robert ROLLINSON of Heardinges, his nephew, and his heirs forever; and the cottage and the other two partes of Listerfeild to the use of Robert ROLLINSON son of Thomas ROLLINSON of Sheffield, his nephew, and heirs forever, each in default of issue the others share at his death.  Witnesses: John DALE, Anthony ROBERTS, William RAWSON, Gilbert OTES (x).  Amendment, 22 Dec 1630. '...with the proviso that the said Jerome and Robert shall at the age of 21 assign a recited lease of premises in the Market Place in Sheffield to William SKARGELL of Sheffield, mercer (who has married a kinswoman of the said Robert the elder) reciting previous settlements etc.'  Witnesses: William SKARGELL, Thomas SKARGELL, William JEPSON, William LEE.

Assignment, 11 Jan 1657/58
Thomas WOOD of Sheffield, mercer, and Elizabeth his wife, to George CRESWICK of Little Sheffield Bridge in the parish of Sheffield, cutler.  Their moeity of the messuage neare the Market Place in Sheffield in which the said Thomas now dwells which descended to the said Elizabeth, and Sara now wife of John RAWSON, of Walkley, tanner, from William SKARGELL the elder, late of Sheffield, mercer, decessaed, by recited deeds: for the remainder of the term of 800 years, for £30.  Witnesses: James LEE, Richard WRIGHT, Robert STANIFORTH.

Inventory of Goods, 2 Sep 1661
Of late John STANIFORTH of Darnall, yeoman, taken by Thomas SKARGELL, Thomas RAWSON, Edmund SWIFTE and Richard, stable, orchard, etc. £1058 3s 9d.

Lease, 4 Mar 1666/67
Joshua SKARGELL of Pyperhouse, Sheffield, tanner, to Nicholas CHOWE of Sheffield, filesmith.  A piece of ground lately staked out adjoining New street or Figtreelane...for 700 years at 10s per year.  Witnesses: Joseph NAYLOR, Malin STACY.

Lease, 10 Mar 1668/69
Joshua SKARGELL of Sheffield, tanner, to Elias TRICKETT of Sheffield, cutler.  A piece of land in West Bar Croft in Sheffield for 800 years at 7s a year.

Lease, 16 Aug 1676
Joshua SKARGELL of Sheffield, yeoman, to Thomas RAWSON of the same, gent.  Part of the croft called the Pitts in Sheffield for 800 years at a yearly rent of 13s 6d.  Witnesses: James HIILL & Henry HILL.

Assignment, 12 May 1679
Thomas RAWSON of Sheffield, gent. to William SIMPSON and Francis BARTON of the same, gents.  The close called the Pitts in New street for the remainder of Joshua SKARGELLs lease of 1676.  Witnesses: Richard BACON, W. WARDE.

Counterpart of Postnuptial Settlement, 30 Jun 1679
Richard ROBERTS of Sheffield, corvicer, to Joseph SHEMELD, tanner, and John BARBER snr., sheresmith, both of Sheffield.  Messuages and tenements in Sheffield and closes (named) in Tickhill to the use of R.R. and Mary his wife or the longer liver of them and after their death to the use of Mary COATES wife of John COATES of Nottingham, corvicer, and Hannah ROBERTS, their daughter.  Witnesses: John PEARCE, Martha ATKIN, James LEE.

Conveyance, 1 May 1710
Thomas SKARGELL of Sheffield, joiner, and Ruth his sister, to John BRIGHT of Cowpitt Lane, gent.  The Over and the Nether Gill Carrs in Ecclesall township for £155.  Witnesses: Joseph BATTIE, Christopher COWLEY and Samuel SKARGELL.

Bargain and Sale, 3 Jan 1710/11
John OATES of Little Sheffield in the parish of Sheffield, cutler, to Thomas RAWSON, of Sheffield, cutler.  Two seats in Sheffield church for 40s.  Witnesses: John WINTER, Benjamin BARNES, Nathaniel DRAKE, vicar, John BROOMHEAD and James CRAWSHAW, churchwardens.

Bond, 26 Jun 1736
John CROOKE of Sheffield, grocer, bound to Elkana ROBERTS, cutler, (his intended son) in £200 that his executors shall pay the said E.R. £100 within 3 months after the death of J.C., if Sarah daughter of J.C. and intened wife of E.R. or any child of them to be living.  Witnesses: John ROBERTS, Edward WATERHOUSE.

Inquisition, Court Baron of Owlerton, 17 May 1744
Elkanah ROBERTS, late of Sheffield, having died seized of two cottages in the Red Croft in Sheffield, held of Margaret BAMFORTH, lady of the manor of Owlerton, Samuel ROBERTS of Sheffield is declared to be his heir, on the oath of Samuel STANIFORTH, gent. & Gilbert ROBERTS, gent.

Mortgage, 7 Oct 1758
Elkanah ROBERTS, of Coalpit Lane in the parish of Sheffield, cutler, and Sarah his wife, to John HUSSEY of Sheffield, apothcary, a messuage in Coalpit Lane with Smithies, Workshops, gardens etc. for £18 5d.