*The Phillips Family Scrapbook*

The Phillips Family Scrapbook

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Modern day North Farnham Parish Church Visitors can see dents the minnie balls left when they hit the walls in the War of 1812.
Jehu Phillips and Millie Sexton.
I connected the family of Jehu through articles in the Cumberland Cronicle and research with Elza Cox, Indian Valley, VA. The family of John Phillips settled in North Farnham Parrish, Old Rappahonnack, Virginia, as early as the late 1600's.
Jehu Phillips, b. Sept. 14. 1821 in Bull Creek, Campbell County
Jerimiah Phillips - brother of Jehu.
Jerimiah (Jerr, or Jerry) Phillips, b. May 6, 1837. d. Mar. 28, 1918 (info from headstone). m. to Melinda (Lindy) Delk. She was b. Sept. 10, 1838, and d. Sept. 7, 1910 (info from headstone).
Jerimiah Phillips - son of Wiley Phillips - nephew of Jehu Phillips
Jerimiah Phillips, b. Aug. 31, 1870 in Springfield, Green Co. MO. d. May 24, 1953 in The Dalles, Wasco Co. OR. bur. at IOOF Cemetery. m. Alice Eva Roberts on May 11, 1897 in Fayetteville, AR. She was the dau. of Robert Roberts and Mary Burton.
Picture of Joseph Phillips grave.
Joseph m. 1st to Millie Lawson, dau. of Randolph Lawson and Susannah Cross.
Joseph's son's d.c. (Riley) verifies his parents. Millie was b. June 10, 1785 (info from her gravestone), and d. June 15, 1838 in Scott Co. TN. Census reports have Millie being born ca. 1803.
Joseph remarried to Elizabeth Hicks on July 25th, 1841, in Cambell Co. TN (s=Campbell Co, TN Marriages, 1838 to 1860). Licesnce dated July 14, 1841, by James P. Owens, J.P.
Millie Lawson, b. June 10, 1785 (info from her gravestone), and d. June 15, 1838 in Scott Co. TN. Census reports have Millie being born ca. 1803.
Another Picture of Millie Lawson's Grave
My Greatgrandparents
Riley Phillips, b. July 1843 in what is now Scott Co. TN. d. Mar. 1910 in Scott Co. TN. m. to Elzabeth (Bettie) Ann Chitwood.
More pictures of Bettie Chittwood Phillips and the Riley Phillips House in Helenwood
Brother of Joseph Phillips - Son of Tobias Phillips and Margret "Peggy" Jennings.
Robert Phillips, b. ca. 1782 in Pittsylvania Co. VA. d. ca. 1850 in Sumiton, Walker Co. AL. bur. at Phillips Freewell Cemetery.
Robert was in the War of 1812, 3rd. East TN Milita. m. to Abbie (Abigail) "Gill" Atkins, ca. 1804. She was b. ca. 1785 at Bledsoe Co. TN.
Daughter of Wiley Phillips - niece of Jehu Phillips
(Cymanta) Samantha Jane Phillips, b. Oct. 26, 1854 in TN. d. May 5, 1935 and Jesse Hale Miller who were married on June 18, 1893 in Bessewer, Pueblo Co. CO. Buried at Littleton Cemetery.
Another brother of Jehu Phillips.
Wiley Phillips, twin to Riley, b. July 29, 1829 in TN. m. to Nancy Atkins/Adkins
Spanish American War marker, erected by my father and Uncle Doug Wilson for Joseph Phillips in the Irish Memorial Cemetery, Tazewell, TN - Son of Riley Phillips and Bettie Chittwood Phillips. (My grandfather) You can see pictures of Joe Phillips during his time in the Phillipines by clicking here
Gravestone of Joseph Phillips and Birdie Mae Stone Phillips in the Irish Memorial Cemetery - Tazewell, TN (my grandmother and grandfather)

This picture is of several of the Riley Phillips family made in probably the late 1930's or early 1940's. I think it is Maude Phillips Goad and Lydia Phillips Chapman (wife of Lucius Marcellus Chapman and I know that is my grandfather in the middle. On his immediate left is Martha Phillips Shoopman but the taller lady I am unsure of. Click on the picture for a larger view.
William Q. Phillips,b Feb. 22, 1888, brother of Joseph Phillips, son of Riley Phillips. On back of picutre it says "This picture was made at Evansville, Miss. on May 30, 1941 by Dorthy's husband. From left to right - Frankie Phillips, Dorthy, Joe, Bill and his grandson". William Q. Phillips died August 26, 1944.
Rugby, Tennessee. The Thomas Hughes Public Library, with thousands of volumes donated by admirers and publishers, was the pride of the colony. Christ Church Episcopal painted it's original colors and contains all its early furnishings, light fixtures and rosewood organ.
William Q. Phillips
William Q. Phillips visiting my grandfather at a motel in Scott County. I had mistaken it earlier for Tobe's Motel but Tobe Phillips' Motel was never two story. I have pictures of Tobes' Motel HERE. Tobe Phillips was a distant cousin. From the looks of the picture was in the early 1940's. William Q. died in 1944 so this picture and others made of my grandfather staying at the motel was several years before his retirement in 1949.

Sayra Phillips Hill from Washington State has sent a picture of Jim Churndasher Phillips and family. To see the entire family please click on the picture of Jim above.

Joe Phillips
This picture is one of two that I have of the Phillips brothers. I am pretty sure this is of Fred Phillips or of my grandfather Joseph Phillips. I heard a story that his brother Fred, born Aug. 15, 1882, wanted to join in 1897, but was too young during the Spanish American War and that my grandfather re-enlisted and was ready to go in to the service with him. But because of malaria, that he contacted during his previous service, was unable to serve. I am almost positive since finding information that this is Dr. Fred Phillips. I am adding information HERE. No other pictures of Fred or John are available at this time.

Albert Burice Norrad,Sr., who was born Jan 12, 1876 and his wife Victoria (Tora Phillips) Norrad, born on Apr 27, 1880.


Albert Burice Norrod,Sr., and his wife Victoria (Tora Phillips) Norrod, Victoria Phillips was the sister of my grandfather Joseph Tucker Phillips. They had one son, Capt. A.B. Norrod, Jr. - Picture the compliments of Edith Norrod - [email protected]


Left to Right - Allie (Wife of Walter Phillips) Tora Norrod, Joseph Phillips (My Grandfather), Martha (Phillips) Shoopman, Joe Shoopman


John Crittenden8 PHILLIPS, (Riley7 PHILLIPS, Jehu6, Joseph5, Tobias4, George3, Tobias2, John1) was born Mar 16, 1892 in Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and on Apr 16, 1910 in Scott Co., Tennessee, married Una V. DAWSON who was born Mar 21, 1894 in Scott Co., Tennessee. John Crittenden died on Feb 24, 1970 in Scott Co., Tennessee. Una V. died on Nov 22, 1970.


I found among old papers of my grandfather Joseph Tucker Phillips a rental agreement of the property he had purchased around 1949 known as the Senator John Toomey Farm. He had rented the farm and house to John Crittenden (J.C.) Phillips and that agreement included the option to purchase. That agreement can be found HERE.

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