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Descendants of Heinrich Christoff SHULTZ


853. William Franklin "Frank" SHULTZ

In the 1880 census of Denton Co, TX Frank was counted in the household of Albert Prior, 52, and his wife, Mollie, 42. Albert's occupation was 'sawyer' and Frank was a carpenter. Frank didn't marry Amanda until the following year (back in Claiborne Co, TN!) when he was almost 30 years old.

854. George C. SHULTZ

George came to Texas about 1878. After his marriage he and Mary apparently lived in Comanche County for a time, but then moved on to Roby, Fisher Co, TX sometime between 1880 and 1900. The children and their birthdates shown here are from the 1900 census of Fisher County. George's death certificate lists Mitchell, Fisher Co, TX as his place of death.

855. David Martin SHULTZ

Alice was the daughter of Isaac and Fanny Hurst. She and David left Claiborne County and moved to Texas around 1876, between the births of their first and second children. They appear in the 1880 census of Denton County, TX.

1968. Edna SHULTZ

Died young, buried near Lewisville, TX.

1969. Van Victor SHULTZ

Died young, is buried near Lewisville, TX.

856. Sarah Louise SHULTS

She was living with her grandfather, George, in the 1860 Claiborne Co census, was probably raised by him after her parents divorce. Boston was counted with his parents in Claiborne Co in the 1870 census (they don't appear there in the 1860 census!) and his occupation was listed as 'blacksmith'. He was a Confederate veteran of the Civil War, enlisting in Tazewell Co, Va on 1 Jun 1864 and serving in Companies I and H of the 22 Regiment of Virginia Cavalry (wonder if he came south into Claiborne Co, TN during the war and met Sarah then??? (jrs)). Sarah and Boston moved to Texas about 1876. They were in Denton County in the 1880 census and were in Montague County in the 1900 census.

857. Samuel J. SHULTZ

He was born AFTER the divorce of his parents and while he was given the SHULTZ name PROBABLY wasn't Martin's son. He was counted with his mother in the 1860 census, NOT with Martin and the other children. In 1880 he was in Union Co, TN, later moved on to Arkansas, eventually to Oklahoma. At the time of the 1900 census they were in Norman, OK and he was a 'merchant'. Samuel had a second marriage (unknown) after Lurana's death.

1994. Sarah C. SHULTZ

Her middle initial also appears as 'L'.

1995. Caleb N. SHULTZ

He appears in the census records with Samuel in Union Co, TN in 1880, is never heard of again. Apparently died young.

859. Jacob P. SHULTZ

He owned a drug store/pharmacy in Grapevinee, TX, later moved to Handley, TX where he also owned a pharmacy.


Her father, Capt. A.T. Ball, born near Lexington, KY in 1842, was a Confederate veteran of the Civil War, serving in Co B, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, a unit known as "Price's Escort". Capt. Ball was a distant relative of President George Washington, his great-grandmother was a cousin of George Washington's mother, Mary Ball.

After the Civil War Capt. Ball came to Texas and settled near Lebanon, Collin County, where he married his wife. He was a merchant and cotton buyer in Lebanon and later in Crooke County, TX.

869. Thomas Johnson SHULTS

Minnie is PROBABLY the daughter of John Alexander and Mary (Essary) Ferguson, also buried in Irish Cemetery in Tazewell, TN.

870. Elizabeth Norfleet "Lizzie" SHULTS

His name appears as ROBERTSON in the marraige records.

877. Walter Lucian NEIL

He graduated from the Chicago College of Dental Surgery in 1898. He moved to Deadwood, SD where he practised dentistry until his retirement. Josie was a very gifted musician and played the violin.

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