Malibu RV Park The first three weeks I spent here at Malibu Beach RV Park.  We were just a couple miles from the famed Malibu Inn, where I was told Jan Berry of Jan & Dean fame had left the night he had a near fatal crash.  I found out later that the Inn, which at that time was a small bar whose floor was filled from peanut hulls said to date back to the 1960's and a large ape hanging from the ceiling on a torpedo with surf boards hanging all around was not actually the place of legend.  More on the real facts of the Jan Berry crash can be found at Urban Legends', Dead Man Curve web site.
I was able to get to several of the local beaches, Venice Beach, Zuma Beach and I stumbled into Malibu's Nude Beach totally by mistake one day and even my Olympic Infinity Badge would not allow me in.

Malibu Beach and the Blimp I seemed to be preoccupied with the blimps that were there to cover the Olympics and took pictures of them at every opportunity.  I wish now I had pointed my camera at more worthwhile things such as Olympic athletes and events which I had many photo opportunities but missed.